Photo: Biomechanimal at Slimelight Elektrowerkz London
Photo Credit: DJ PeeWee


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Invite us to your music event and we will review it online!

I have been traveling to industrial gigs and festivals for almost a decade now. With this reference knowledge and experience, Elektro Vox will attend your events, review it on the site and social media, and offer interviews with event organizers, bands, and artists also.


Let us interview you about your new album, on the road tours, and exciting news for fans.


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Are you a YouTube dancing star or a famous model cybergoth?
Do you have an important message, competition or post you think our community needs to see?
Whatever we can do to make our world feel a little closer, let us help.



Make your VOX heard

Our community is an incredible collection of people from all walks of life and sub genres who have one wonderful thing in common, acceptance.
Please help share the word of Elektro Vox and let us know if you would like you page shared here and partnered with us or want to be added to our alternative directory.

Have a random goth event of shopping, raving, or giving in to the pleasures of the night? Let us know and the beacons here will be lit to spread your message.
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Below is a link to the incredible Beat:Cancer who almost every Goth in the UK industrial scene will have heard of. Setting up amazing bands for one day festivals dedicated to raising money to fight cancer. Please support them and show them some love.

Finally, running a website is an expensive hobby financed entirely out of my own pocket. Any support is incredibly appreciated and donations will go towards being able to attend more shows, more content, and spreading the word of our wonderful community. The paypal link for our site is below.

Thank you!

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