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Album Review: Auger - Nighthawks

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Kyle and Kieran return once more, and so too does Imogen; The band even bring Chris Harms of Lord Of The Lost to the track 'Holding On'. This album covers a lot of different sound influences, at least to my ear and it is by far one of the most impressive dark rock albums I've heard. Nighthawks flows in and out of melodies, energies, and sound styles with a timeless grace that few but Auger could accomplish. Melt into a blissful void with us as we listen to Nighthawks.


Welcome to Nighthawks, the fourth studio album from Auger and yet, in many ways, the first. After three albums, a plethora of collaborations, covers and singles, Auger have cultivated, carved and solidified their sound. This new album, with inspiration from global art, is the embodiment of that, the piece de resistance.

From fluorescent busy cityscapes to distant romance, this album, combined with melodic, driving guitars and deep, natural vocals is Auger's most proud creation yet.


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