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Album Review: Dav Dralleon - FALL OV MEN

Dav Dralleon returns with his fourth full length dark synth onslaught of an album. Dav's tracks are some of the most intense and heavy maelstroms of retro, synth, and -dark as all hell- beats that you may ever stomp to.

This is one of those albums you put on when one of your 'normal' music friends says to you..

"Oh I'll listen to anything" and because it absolutely slams and you want them to enjoy it, you put FALL OV MEN on; Only to turn around a shortly after and observe that the music has unfortunately 'Kicked their teeth in'... They weren't expecting to be slapped that hard by the firestorm that is Dav Dralleon, and who can blame them?


† 💀 F A L L O V M E N 💀 †

Man corrupted by his infernal doctrine causes the massive extinction of life on earth, bringing irreversible consequences to the world.

War, barbarism, savagery becomes the daily life of peoples, only myths and beliefs once again become fundamental in the hearts of men, costing them a heavy sacrifice.

The malediction is devouring the Earth and this is the last revelation of mankind:

"And I saw the angels of death falling down from heaven in a celestial fire, crashing to Earth like meteorites, slaughtering everything in their path, saying: This is the end of God's creation. We are the Alpha and the Omega, no human on Earth is worthy to exist. All thrones will be destroyed, all kings will be slaughtered, man will suffer for centuries, his carcass will rot in oceans of blood and his soul will fall into the depths of the Hades"



The first two tracks open on a flurry of rhythm and powerful melodies that can drop your jaw just as hard as it drops the beat. The sinister overtones and fast passed chaos makes for some incredible modernisation of the darker side of synthwave; Followed closely by the action packed horror movie action theme that is 'VAMPYR GOLGOTHA'. This album couldn't have had a stronger trinity to introduce the album.

If that track didn't have you thinking something along the likes of Cyberpunk Castlevania or Dracula 2077 then 'HYDRABOMINATION' certainly will. A truly skull-crushing track of fast tempo action, and archaic piano melodies. Almost like piloting a fighter through a Warhammer 40k space battle.

There is a tsunami of guitar and drums spewing forth from 'VULKANDEATH' and a parade of pure Chaos pilling from 'METATRON'

This whole album feels like war of the worst kind. A futuristic hell scape of high tech weaponry, blood cheaper than munitions, and demons everywhere. I envision the battlefield of man vs hell before Doom slayer arrives. Each track playing out a separate struggle on a vast theatre of war.

'DARK SHEPARD' brings the unrelenting mid tempo stomp and 'FALL OV MEN' is a real treat to end the album upon. The Gothic overtones and powerful depth of the track plays out with morbid fascination. The 3.49 sample of "Forgive me Father for I AM SIN" descends on one hell of a drop that leaves your spine chilled to the core with the ever present guitar and piano playing out their final swan song..



Gothic science fiction amongst an unholy war. What an incredible beast of an album. Never before has the fall of civilisation sounded so epic. Dav has continued to put out amazing album after amazing album and this really is something special. The dark synths, mid tempos, and corrupted synthwave mix of styles is Gothic artistry at its finest.


Technicality: 9/10

Dance factor: 8/10

Energy: 9/10

Vocals / Samples: N.A Most instrumentals

Re-play value: 9/10

Overall score: 8.8 / 10


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