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EP Review: Muta-scuM - How I Spent My Summer Apocalypse

If there has been a recurring theme not just for myself but for quite a lot of us, it is the internal chaos of noise and unceasing white noise of not just our on thoughts but the constant bombardment of everything and everyone around us as we sit trapped in so many ways thanks to the way the world has been the last two years.


That kind of feeling is hard to put in to words but what Muta-scuM seems to have managed here is to put that unspoken feeling in to an audio format that keeps you nodding along the whole time thinking to yourself 'Yep.. I feel that.'

There's a lot of noise in this EP, and it makes for an unexpectedly zap to the senses to try and wake you from miasma. If you like your industrial messy, loud, yet unashamedly pure. Then you're in the right place with this release.

New EP How I Spent My Summer Apocalypse out January 6th 2022 on Furnace Records.



If there is something other than the particular style of sound that makes Muta-scuM stand out, it is his choice of samples from movies that are fully poignant in meaning and often refer to the deeper meaning and bigger picture of the message; Which dependant upon the listener, can have wildly varying interpretations of relatability and therefore the opening track very much follows this philosophical formulae complimented by atmospheric beats.

'Other Viruses Are Available' brings a sense of desperation, time stretching in to the infinite, and the repetition of days turned audio. It has a thought provoking aspect that I can't put my finger on but the fellow neuro divergent among us will understand what I mean with the comfort of the replaying loops that help to process thought.

'We Eat Our Own' uses some of the famous speech by Heath Ledger's Joker to Batman in the holding cell and never before with our recent times has this particular sample held more meaning. A great addition to the gravitas of the electronic apocalypse. This leads in to the next track being a real game changer with a more relaxed chill flowing in and out of drum and bass similar to the industrial stage sounds of STOMP made electronic.