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Interview/Review: Menschdefekt - Empty world

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Menschdefekt (roughly translated as Broken man or sick man) is one of three bands that got me in to industrial /EBM in the first place. When the Human Parasite was released in 2010 I was blown away by the dance rhythms, the film samples, the harsh distortion vocals, and the completely different sound to anything I had heard before then (Having been in to Metal for the most part back then)

Plague (video below) remains my favourite industrial track to this day. So when I heard they were releasing a new album for the first time in six years, I had to get my hands on it as soon as possible!

I have not been disappointed, it is a nostalgia trip for me in a way, but it is also an album full of future club hits (I hope). 'Empty World' returns to their 2010 roots in their sound and song formula and I really do hope this album sees success far and wide. We spoke to Nik about the new release.


Q. For those who don’t know, who are the members of Menschdefekt and what is the theme your band’s music and message?


Menschdefekt are Fredrik Croona (Cynical Existence) on vocals, Tandrin (Mechanical Moth, Novastorm) on guitar and me, Nik, who does all the music, programming and mixing.

The music can‘t be put in to one 'drawer'. I‘m influenced by various genres such as Electro, Industrial, Trance or even metal which is why I always wanted to have a guitarist in the band. The lyrics by Fredrik are all about the fall of humanity/society and the depravity of humans. We were always socially critical and unpleasant. We do our own thing. Fortunately, with Infacted Recordings, we have a label that allows us complete freedom in what we do.