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Resistanz Festival 2023 - All the Info!

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Everything you need to know, want to know, and had no idea about for Resistanz 2023 in one place!

(Best viewed on PC or Tablet)

As you may know, this is the second time Elektro Vox has been allowed backstage at Corporation Sheffield to cover the festival in full and get more video interviews. However this year, I was invited to be an official sponsor for the festival. So, much love to Leighton for that! Everyone, remember to tell Leighton how amazing he is because although he hates compliments, we need to keep reminding him how grateful we are and how special his hard work with Tanz means to us all!

Also much love to the other festivals I have worked with officially since such as Infest, Zero day, and of course the wonderful legends of Beat:Cancer!

I have reached out to many of the artists and asked for any juicy extras they would like me to include in this, some are still getting back to me so check back regularly for updates in the 'extra' parts!

If you don't have a weekend or day ticket for Resistanz yet, click the above banner for tickets!

What you can find here:

  1. Set List times

  2. Band + DJ info (As well as exclusive news, preview and release info, and some pre-show words from some of the artists)

  3. Elektro Vox Resistanz 2023 Spotify playlist (Just below this)

  4. Pure love for everyone attending Resistanz 2023!

Almost 9 hours worth of great tunes!

Set Times




Seraphim System


Pretty Addicted




Randolph & Mortimer


Assemblage 23





Lexx Vs M@gs







Blink 242


Mechanical Vein




Cenotype (Stage 2)











Her Noise Is Violence




Hybrid Records presents:




​Ratio Strain




Dark Machine Nation


Iszoloscope (Stage 2)


Master Boot Record









Yassi Puls4ra


Dancefloor Gladiatorz


Victoria Fenbane & Simon Briggs

(Stage 2)


Next up:

Band info (In order of play) and some extra goodies



Please consider donating or fundraising for Beyond Reflections who are a charity run by friends of Elektro Vox and they supply an essential service to so many.

Their support really does save lives!




Elektro Vox's Friday MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (1 of 2)

Biomechanimal are a genre-smashing act from London, UK, mixing harsh vocals with massive bass design, euphoric leads, and pounding kick drums. The brainchild of Matt Simpson, and active since 2013, the act have toured the UK multiple times, but are most often found in Slimelight, their home stomping ground, and have played shows with Covenant, Hocico, Aesthetic Perfection, and many more.

2021 has seen the band push harder than they've ever done before, with festivals like Infest (UK) & Helsinki Industrial Festival (Finland), playing main support to Grendel & Alien Vampires in London, and releasing tracks featuring Zardonic, Dawn of Ashes, and Moris Blak. For 2022, the band are working on an EP, due for release in June.

Biomechanimal are:

Matthew L. Simpson (vocals, synths, production)

Keith Kamholz (Live synths, post production)

Kekko Stefano (Drums)

Šarūnas Brazionis (Guitars)


Biomechanimal have been covered many times on Elektro Vox and I will always, always rave about how fantastic the band is. Through every evolution Bio improves beyond measure. Make sure you catch their set because don't be fooled by them being the opening band - They kick ass harder than most of the line-up COMBINED.


Bio are finally releasing a collaboration with Jamie Blacker of ESA the day before Tanz.

UK-based band Biomechanimal is set to release their latest single, "The Age of the Abyss" on April 6th, on the HYBRID BLAK label, in time for the Resistanz Festival. The new track promises to be a unique symphonic black metal/industrial hybrid that will undoubtedly captivate listeners with its powerful sound and lyrics.

"The Age of the Abyss" is not just another Biomechanimal track, but an ambitious one, featuring a guest verse by Jamie Blacker of the band ESA:Electronic Substance Abuse. The inclusion of Blacker adds an extra layer of depth to the already dark and ominous track. With his commanding vocals, Blacker delivers a haunting verse that fits perfectly with the song's bleak and apocalyptic lyrics.

The track begins with an ominous symphonic intro, setting the mood for the dark journey that is about to unfold. The song then explodes into a driving, pounding rhythm, powered by aggressive guitars, thunderous drums, and Matt Simpson's signature guttural screams. The combination of symphonic black metal and industrial music creates a unique and intense atmosphere, with a cinematic feel.

Lyrically, "The Age of the Abyss" deals with the impending doom that society faces as it continues to ignore the warnings of corruption, greed, and apathy. The lyrics paint a bleak picture of a world on the brink of collapse, with an uncertain future.

Overall, "The Age of the Abyss" is an impressive and ambitious track from Biomechanimal, showcasing their growth as musicians and songwriters. The addition of Jamie Blacker's guest verse only adds to the intensity of the song, making it a must-listen for fans of heavy music and dark atmospheres.

As the Resistanz Festival approaches, this track is sure to be a standout addition to Biomechanimal's live set, leaving the audience in awe with its powerful sound and thought-provoking lyrics. It's no wonder that the band continues to be one of the most exciting and innovative acts on the UK music scene.

Seraphim System

Elektro Vox's Friday (and overall for Tanz'23) MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (2 of 2)

Seraphim System has made it a point to meld and merge types of different music with Industrial since its inception in 2013.

John Stancil is no stranger to controversy and experimentation; he has mingled midtempo, metal, rap, EBM, hardcore, drumstep, drum n bass, dubstep, hard house, trance, and anything else that hammers sub speakers and eardrums.

With his long-running MUTANT MTHRFKR series (that he has categorized as CYBER BODY MUSIC) Seraphim System has transitioned between periods of traditional industrial, all-out metal, and now finally returns home to aggressive industrial bass music.


If you look around Elektro Vox, you will find many articles on this amazing artist. He has a master craft skill at pumping out incredible new tracks or remixes for other artists that blow them away, often in just the space of a day or two!

This man's musical talent really cannot be stated enough in my professional opinion.


I asked John about his thoughts on returning to Tanz and about his step back from the scene in recent years..

John: "There's really not much to say I guess. This isn't my job. It's a hobby I get paid for (and very little). I make about a grand a week at my job now and work around 50 hours, so I try and keep making music just to be creative. But the biggest thing is that initially I just cared about the money. I wanted to make music so I didn't have to work. I got bummed out because that didn't happen when I saw friends around me doing it while making rap or dubstep or trap or just being the "beat man".

Now at 35, I can google my band's name and see people talking about it and enjoying it. people I've never met and never spoken to. I've made their lives better. I've made their experience on this Earth better by making something they like and relate to, which is what I should have been focusing on all along instead of money. - Like, well, you for example.. I had no idea who you were or what you were about, but you liked my stuff and it made your life better, and that's all that really matters.

When I was in Finland in 2017, I was playing my metal shit and a guy shouted out "PLAY HEARTLESS", from my first album. When I talked to him after the show, he took trains from Russia to come to Finland to watch me play.

That show bombed. There were like nine people in the crowd for my set, I was honestly kinda bummed but talking with him, knowing he came all that way, knew my music, and just wanted to meet me.. Man you can't put a price on that I'm working on my last song of the set I want to do which is a cover

and I'm so excited maybe people will know the song. Maybe they wont.. I think they will."

For Seraphim System's best music in my opinion check out his MUTANT MTHRFKR and Cyberpunk and chill releases, only available on Bandcamp.

Pretty Addicted

(Replacing Advance)

We are stoked to announce Pretty Addicted will be making their long overdue Resistanz debut!

Pretty Addicted are an evil funfair at a dark rave in hell. Lady Lucifer herself, Vicious Precious, brings you the heaviest, hardest DARK Dance-Punk that makes you want to rave and SIN!

Come join us on April 7th at the Corporation venue in Sheffield.

Bangers guaranteed!


A good friend of mine - Vicious Precious is one of the most badass and arguably one of the hardest working artists on the scene. Vish is an instrumental part of the alternative scene, always fighting for the rights of others and breaking down boundaries of what is and is not acceptable with pure, undiluted FUN!


Pretty Addicted have recently released the singles 'Heather', 'Trauma' and 'Child of the Devil' from the new album currently in the works - Name not yet revealed, due out later this year (TBA)

Pretty Addicted are doing a Summer Goths Tour! Check their link tree: for tickets, music, and videos.


Sheffield's Gameboy terrorizer, HarleyLikesMusic, will be rattling rib cages with frequencies never intended to be produced from the Nintendo console. Expect a range of influences from dub, bassline and drum n bass.

Randolph & Mortimer

Industrial-Synth-New Beat-EBM

"‘Trading Places’ is the name of a 1980’s American comedic film and in it, there are two brothers called Randolph and Mortimer who own a commodities brokerage firm. They each hold opposing views on the issue of nature vs nurture, so they make a wager and agree to conduct an experiment - switching the lives of two people on opposite sides of the social hierarchy and observing the results. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens.

For UK-based DJ and producer Sam Evans aka Randolph & Mortimer, his main interest in life is to produce music of an EBM and post-punk tip and read about economics, so it makes sense that his moniker holds a reference to socio-economics of the 80s. Influenced in equal measures by the industrial and EBM movements of the same era, the rave sounds of the early 90s and the documentaries of Adam Curtis, Randolph & Mortimer productions are an amalgam of grungy atmospheres that fizz into exuberance over 4/4 beats."

-Quarantune Nov 2021


R&M would like to let you know the brand new album 'The Incomplete Truth' is out now! (Released 27th of March)

Assemblage 23

Assemblage 23 and Tom Shear –there’s no need to introduce the man behind this figurehead of electronic music. For more than 20years, he has provided the scene with a string of hits. After it was founded in 1998 the project exploded onto the scene with the release of it’s debut album “Contempt” and became one of the most famous acts in the genre.

After two decades Tom Shear and Assemblage 23 are still able to maintain their status in the EBM / Future-Pop Scene. All the while he is continually developing and reinventing himself in his artistic creation. Every release abounds in creativity and confidence and presents with its enormous musical spectrum exactly what fans love about Assemblage 23: electronic music of the highest quality with touching lyrics that never lose their actuality.



DJ Gillywoo is delighted to be returning to Tanz, after recent guest slots sets at Dollclub, BeatCancer S_EX_CLU_B and stayInfest.

Gillywoo is known for her bangers and curveballs, all aimed squarely at the dancefloor and intended to blow the roof off!


Gillywoo will also be DJing at the Church of Madness, Face Bar Reading on 3rd June.

M@gs and Lexx

Elektro Vox's Friday MUST WATCH DJ set recommendation! (1 of 2)

M@gs and Lexx are joining forces this year for a b2b session demonstrating the best in mixing and hard, industrial techno.

M@gs skill and ability to captivate the dance floor has lead her to infamous clubs and festivals such as UNFOLD, Monster Queen, Slimelight, Hidden Senses, Ismus Berlin, Inqlusive Festival and many more.

Lexx is no stranger to the stage as a musician having played Infest, Resistanz, StrangeDNA, Technodrome and other venues in addition to guest sets for renowned MASS and Interchange Events

This set will be intense and get your adrenaline pumping, we'll let the music speak for itself. Not one to miss.


Some of you may know that Lexx released music previously under the name GOHMA which is fantastic. Lexx absolutely destroys dancefloors with the hardest, filthiest dark techno sets of which I have danced myself nearly to death twice previously. M@gs has performed on an Elektro Vox charity stream previously and also has an incredible ear for selecting the finest of electronic cuisine.


Elektro Vox's Friday MUST WATCH DJ set recommendation! (2 of 2)

Many of you will recognise X from Straftanz who kept us entertained throughout lockdown with their great music streams on Twitch, and of course, who ended Tanz 2022 with an insanely massive bang!

Growing up between river Schelde, where the drunkards are brought to a cold & bitter end by the neighbourhood demon, and river Ruhr, where industrial music is traditionally deconstructed like the rusting blast furnaces of the time of the ancients, X learned that the paths worth travelling usually aren’t well lit boulevards through the centre. X takes us to the fringes. Where magic is still common, where playfulness is central, she laid out tunnels and corridors through the techno soundscapes of abandoned warehouses and enchanted glades all painted in an ambush-décor of neon black.

Like any good raver, she knows that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the trip, and she’s made sure the trip is going to be one to remember.

Extra: X shares some thoughts with us.

"For years now I’ve been into techno because it brings me pure, unadulterated joy. My main goal for Tanz is to share that joy with others. I’m especially excited because it’s the first time I’m doing this all by myself, and because I intend to play some new material that we’ve been working on. I can’t wait to get in there and fuck shit up."

DJ DeadDancer

'Hey Cuties!'

DD's back and this time we're getting S P I C Y ! Known for his versatility and pleasurable aural surprises, having successfully delivered multiple genre fusion DJ sets at previous Resistanz parties, this year DD brings the deep, dirty and downright Dionysiac. The blood will flow, the steam will rise and the breathing will intensify. The safe word is "Dorothy".


DD offers a hint of what's to come..

"I've got a bag full of sexy techno and hard trance/Psy, 140ish BPM. Cheeky remixes. Fun guaranteed!"



Blink 242

Work sucks, we know. Blink 242 have an active MySpace account, and deliver electro industrial reworkings of the best pop punk classics. The best band you didn't know you needed to hear?

For the first time and possibly the only time. See you at Resistanz 2023!


"What the Fuuu?" I hear you ask. Well..

Those boys from Cyferdyne need their on stage fix again after last year by the looks of it; And I have a sickening feeling that they will be the 'VoIcE iNsIdE oUr HeAdS' for a long while afterward..

Also Brian (Moris Blak) said what we were all thinking in the FB announcement comments..

Idk what I want more... Industrial covers of pop punk songs.. Or pop punk covers of industrial songs....

Mechanical Vein

Mechanical Vein's vibe flexes a truly unique take on bass music... a drum & bass core, with a furious blend of industrial / midtempo / hip-hop / metal influences. With visceral lyrical themes ranging from political unrest to deep human connection, his music is equally suited to the heart, the fist, and the dance floor.

Over the last 2 years Mechanical Vein has dropped an absolute barrage of releases… a debut EP (Emotion Blur: Selections), collab singles with Biomechanimal / Sinister Souls / Saltee, and remix work for ESA / MORIS BLAK x Moaan Exis / Biomechanimal / Panic Lift. This body of work has seen great support from DJs/press alike, and sets the stage for a full album release coming up soon.

The man behind Mechanical Vein is Keith Kamholz, an American expat living in the UK. He’s always been passionate about performing electronic music in a visually-engaging way, which led to him building a unique custom instrument to bring the noise live. He’s performing at Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2022, and can’t wait to bring his style of industrial bass to Resistanz 2023!


Keith gave us an exclusive insight in to M.V's next album release, also released the day before Tanz.

"'The Storm You Can't Contain' is the big full length debut for Mechanical Vein, and features a barrage of collaborators... Biomechanimal, MORIS BLAK, Sinister Souls, Saltee, Alicia Mayhem, Faderhead, Caustic, ER4SE, & Lecture.

The album showcases my signature drum & bass core, with a furious blend of midtempo / industrial / hip-hop / metal influences. With visceral lyrical themes ranging from political unrest to deep human connection, it's equally suited to the heart, the fist, and the dance floor. I truly can't wait to bring it to Tanz in its live form.

It's released on HYBRID BLAK Records, and the label focuses primarily on fusing modern bass music with industrial/metal influences, curating a very forward-thinking collection of dark bass music."


Musician Tom Shear [Assemblage 23, Nerve Filter, Surveillance] and vocalist Mari Kattman [Day Twelve, Mari and the Ghost, Mari Kattman] are no strangers to collaboration, having worked together several times over the past five years. So it seemed to be a natural conclusion that the duo embark on a project all their own.

The result is Helix – a genre-defying sonic tapestry mixing electronics and organic elements with Kattman’s haunting vocal harmonies. Elements of trip-hop, dub, dream pop, synth-pop, and lofi combine into a mélange of seductive beats, found sounds, eerie textures, and distant melodies cutting through the fog like a distant lighthouse. Beats for sleepwalkers and insomniacs. Cinema for your ears at 2 AM.


Existing in the undefined region of sound known as Industrial music, Cenotype is the personal expression of a single individual- Lenny B. Also known as DJ Wintermute, Lenny is a long-standing member of the NYC/ New Jersey-area Industrial scene. Lenny cut his teeth as a dancefloor DJ at several venues around the region, and was inspired by acts, such as SPK, KLINIK, Skinny Puppy, DIVE, Synapscape & Psychic TV.

Influenced by the 1st & 2nd Power Noise waves of the mid-late 1990s, Cenotype seeks to create an identity all its own, incorporating elements of Death Industrial & Power Electronics while staying true to his origins. This project centres around themes of morality, justice, sanity, depression and, at times, redemption.


Elektro Vox's Saturday MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (1 of 2)

It's been more than 7 years since they last blew up our main stage. 2023 see's a very welcome return for US industrial noise titans,


W.A.S.T.E. is often defined as Underground Experimental Rhythmic Noise. Heavy like metal, yet no guitars. Loud, angry, and aggressive only scratch the surface; thankfully, you can't sit still due to the Catchy and Unique beats mixed with sound design from the 7th level of hell. Their form of music is not welcoming, but once you dive in, you're never the same. The envelope has been pushed, and they have left an undeniable mark on you.

UPDATE! Resistanz 2023 Band Update:

Unfortunetly Shane Saw of WASTE and Vuxnut fame is not able to make it across the pond for this years event. As you can imagine Shane is gutted with not being able to attend and we will miss him being part of this years festival. Both he and our team have done everything in our power to make this work. We have both held out as long as possible, clinging on to hope that we could still make this happen, but time really has got the better of us all and so we have to unlock a plan B (and a plan C).

So.... We are lucky enough that Vanessa, the other half of WASTE, is still able to make it across for Resistanz and WASTE will still perform with a little help from some familiar faces. Joining WASTE on stage at Resistanz 2023 we have the privilege of announcing Jamie Blacker of ESA and Yann Faussurier of Iszoloscope.

And... Because there will be no Vuxnux show on the second stage on Sunday, Yann has very kindly stepped up and will be performing what promises to be a very in your face Iszoloscope set instead.

Please show some love to Shane and props to Vanessa, Jamie and Yann for coming together to make this all happen for you guys.


Elektro Vox's Saturday MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (2 of 2) First ever U.K show

MORIS BLAK’s debut release The Irregularity of Being redefined the sound of dark electronics when it was unleashed on the dark club scene in 2019. The project’s unique blending of cold industrial soundscapes with the beat-driven precision of modern electronic dance music was delivered with a gut-punch of a stage performance, complete with self-programmed visuals sweeping the room in a vivid blood-red.

The project’s pioneering "industrial bass music" means massive, destructive sound undergirded by an addictive, grooving beat and brutal aggression that drives club-goers to the dance floor. Cultivated over formative years spent in industrial clubs across New England, MORIS BLAK, now based in Boston, MA, fuses influences from the bass-heavy EDM of the late 2000s with an ominous post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Since the release of his debut EP Dead Summer, MORIS BLAK has gained a cult following from his collection of viral remixes and haunting live performances, sharing the stage with legendary artists including Perturbator, Danger, Das Ich, Leæther Strip, and Diary of Dreams. After signing to Negative Gain Productions, MORIS BLAK’s much-anticipated first release through the label further defined the hybrid sound of industrial bass music.


Not only is this MORIS BLAK's first ever U.K show, but the machine himself wanted me to advise you, if you haven't already, to listen to his latest EP Burial + Void.

The track 'Malevolent' and 'Procession' tingle my brain in places I didn't even know I had in the best of ways!


Having already earned an impressive reputation around the globe for her anthemic danceable tracks and energetic live performances, the Canadian singer-songwriter AYRIA is bringing her expertly blended beats to fans everywhere. Formed in 2003 by Jennifer Parkin, AYRIA combines layers of synth-pop with electro and dark dance. For almost two decades now, listeners have been hooked on her driving bass synths, addictive stompy beats and melancholic vocals. Unapologetically feminine in aesthetic, AYRIA is gearing up for an exciting 2022!

In 2020 the singer-songwriter announced her signing to Toronto-based label Artoffact Records, signalling the beginning of a brand new era. Now in 2022, AYRIA is set to release her sixth full-length album and Artoffact Records debut, This is my Battle Cry later this year. Showcasing a slick-more mature sound, the album features 10 new tracks including the addictively catchy songs “Stranger Danger” and “No One Asked You”. Although, the album is a nod to AYRIA’s previous ear-candy laced works, it’s also a reflection on past few years’ experiences, giving the album a darker tone. Inspired by her personal struggles and rage, the album title track “Battle Cry”, and “Why Aren’t You Dead Yet?” spotlight Parkin’s, “tongue in cheek sassy attitude,” showcasing that not everything made with sugar and spice is always as nice as it seems. Infectious, anthemic and harrowingly therapeutic, This is my Battle Cry is one for the ages.

AYRIA has five previous albums under her belt and has toured the USA, Europe and the UK multiple times, both as a headlining and supporting act over her long career. Along with her multiple tours, she has also headlined performances in Japan, Russia and Mexico showing that the appeal of AYRIA has stood the test of time, far and wide.


DJ emanon

Don't call yourself cyberpunk, if you've never driven an eScooter to a mosh pit!

DJ emanon is the founding member of Club Infektio in Helsinki Finland and has played his eclectic sets of dark electronic music since 2007. You might have seen the Tronface man on stage with The Gothsicles or bouncing to the beats at the festival dance floor.

This Natural Skenetor will get your Terrorbanana vibrating to some Goblin Trance classics and EBM (Electronic Black Metal) until you lose your hair to the old school future pop, all the while there's that annoying sound of your rivet gear in the washing machine (which some call rhythmic noise).


Just make sure that you mention Forklift certification to him..

He loves that.

Also, if you wish to see the types of music that he plays, check out his previous setlists Here:


Elektro Vox's Saturday MUST WATCH DJ set recommendation! (1 of 2)

HER NOISE IS VIOLENCE (H.N.I.V) has been assaulting dancefloors up and down the East coast of the USA since 2009 and on Twitch since 2021 as resident DJ for Kulture Shock (Philadelphia, PA) & Interference Radio (Twitch) - She has also played at various events, festivals, raves, and club nights such as: Diabolique Fetish Ball (Philadelphia, PA), The Castle (Tampa, FL), Plague (Portland, ME), Freq (Providence, RI), Electroshock (Baltimore, MD), Ceremony (Boston, MA), Stimulate (NYC, NY), Hard Vibez Radio (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), QXTs (Newark, NJ), Hard Rave Collective (Washington, D.C), The Raverglades (Orlando, FL), EBM Worldwide (Twitch), with many more to note...

She has released original music on several labels under various names, most recently, physical releases with Detriti Records and Brutal Resonance Records.

One of her tracks, Into The Void, has been featured on and it is currently the 2nd best-selling track in Bandcamp's dark techno section.

From harder BPMs to hypnotic rhythms, H.N.I.V will take you to on a journey like no other. Expect energy, originality, and unparalleled passion - EXPECT A VIOLENT EXPERIENCE. Expect the unexpected.

H.N.I.V is not only a DJ, but a hard & dark techno producer, harsh noise / experimental artist & vocalist. She is also a member of dark ambient / experimental industrial band FUNERAL PYRE based in Hungary & USA.


An electronic project formed in lockdown by Manchester's techno body duo. A collaborative effort between of the two artists love of Techno (Berlin club culture) and old school EBM, with only handful of tracks Vindimøde were requested to remix Hatari of Eurovision fame resulting in a the hard hitting Hatari - Hatrið mun sigra (VINDIMØDE Remix)

Cooked up by DJ Katalamøde and string slinger Addz Vindicare who has been performing since the early 2000's as The Ladder and later as solo electronic act Vindicare, as a live musician Addz has been known as touring guitarist for Grendel having travelled internationally with the band in the 2010's and more recently covering guitar duties at Wave Gotik Treffen and UK tours.

Katalamøde is a electronic music & techno producer, DJ, Twitch Streamer and veteran with over 20 years of DJ & Performance experience. Holding past residencies at a multiple of UK alternative venues and founding resident of PΛRΛLLELS club night and Manchester's well known Industrial Techno Body club night, DELETE YOURSELF. Katalamøde has a long and varied history of performing world wide, across the UK, Danish, East & West European underground club scenes. Entering the Club scene at 16, Kat was introduced to the world of mixing and adds a cherry on top with a platform that’s on a mission to influence the scene with her grasp of production elements across the entire spectrum of hard hitting electronic music to door-slamming techno beats.


Elektro Vox's Saturday MUST WATCH DJ set recommendation! (2 of 2)



Biomechanimal b2b Mechanical Vein b2b Moris Blak. For one night only, for a unique international DJ experience, 3 of the hardest musicians in underground industrial bass will bring Resistanz the phattest, dirtiest, wobbliest dark bass music this side of Lost Lands. Expect DnB, Midtempo, Psytrance, Bass House, exclusive mashups, remixes, and absolute filth.


"This will be an illegal amount of bass."



Ratio Strain

Ratio Strain is the brain child of W.A.S.T.E. drummer Vanessa Saw. Vanessa is a one woman powerhouse of industrial noise who aims to put women at the forefront of industrial. The music is raw with 90s industrial influences and heavy samples. The first ep, Century of the Self was released in 2020 and brought gritty beats and unapologetic themes. In 2022 she released a split EP, Ultra/Filth with Damascus Knives which is a balance of unrelenting beats and dancefloor favourites. Ratio Strain is unrelenting, unapologetic up and coming artist.

Antibody Elektro Vox's Sunday MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (1 of 3)

This is a first for Resistanz, booking the same artist 2 years in a row.

Antibody played his first ever live show at Resistanz 2022 on the small stage during the main room interval. He impressed us (and the crowd) so much that we have decided to invite him back to perform again, this time on the main stage!

Antibody is a solo powernoise project based in Germany.

At the Age of 12(!!!), in the year 2013, Jan Antibody thought "Hey! Lets make some Industrial!".

From 2013 to 2015 Antibody went through some changes, hunting down and seeking out their true identity/image. Then came the expert crafting of several remixes, amongst them were remixes for the Canadian noise act Displacer and for the German dark-elektro act Binary Division. In 2015 Antibody successfully submitted a track to the infamous Alfa Matrix Industrial Compilation Endzeit Bunkertracks (Volume 7). Unsurprisingly, Alfa Matrix Records immediately agreed to sign the original track "Shrimps" to their world renowned Compilation.

Antibody is here to infect the world with heavy beats, thundering basslines, catchy melodies and a bestial mixture of Industrial, Power Noise and Hardstyle/Hardcore. In 2016 he released the first single of the new album: "Desperation". 2017 finally his debut album "Opera Of Death" came out successfully.

Following that Success, 2018 saw the Release of his second Album "Revolution Dance" with Remixes from the mighty Grendel, Kant Kino and many more. After almost 2 years of wait a new Ep is on the horizon, named "I Don't Understand" with remixes from Xotox, C/A/T/, FabrikC and MATT HART!

He also finally debuted live at the mighty Resistanz Festival in Sheffield, UK in 2022, following up with gigs supporting Nachtmahr, the European Dark Dance Treffen and Hellsinki Industrial Fest in 2022!

Extra: An exclusive peak in to what he has panned and some extra words from Jan..

"I'm releasing a new single on the 21.04 and a new album later this year. The single is called 'F.Society' and the album doesn't have a name yet.

Also I have some surprises planned for my set and I'm going to play loads of new stuff. I will have at least one guest appearance by someone not on the line up

My dream of playing the Tanz Mainstage is finally coming true... That was one of my main goals since starting Antibody! :)"

Dark Machine Nation

First ever show outside of the USA!

Dark Machine Nation is intense vocal Power Noise/Industrial Hardcore from Dayton, OH; the brainchild of Therion Major, specializing in adept-level audio assault.

Inspired by the noise of manufacturing and the sounds of Gabber/Hardcore Techno and Electro-Industrial, Dark Machine Nation aims to become the truest, hardest sound in industrial. Distorted bass drums march over an atmosphere of metallic percussion, as harsh vocals speak prophecies of wrath, determination and megalomania.

Coming to you live, DMN will throw a relentless pulse of noise, bass and pestilence to shock your senses, and distort your reality.

Extra: Therion has a couple of things to let you know.

"I'm working on a couple albums, and this is my first time off the continent; So it will also be my first U.K show or show outside of the U.S, which is surreal!"


(Replacing Vuxnut) Elektro Vox's Sunday MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (2 of 3)

Yann Faussurier has been making music under the moniker Iszoloscope since 1999, crafting pulsing, pounding soundscapes with a core of industrial, hard-core, break-core and rhythmic noise layered with intelligent and often surprising details, such as melodic percussions and carefully placed breaks, rich, orchestral textures and dark, cinematic distortions. Experimental in nature and charged with energy, the music evokes a darkness, tension and atmosphere which immediately carries the listener away on an immersive, complex journey of introspection. Founded as a collaboration in 1999, Iszoloscope became Faussurier’s solo project in 2001. Since then, the project has amassed an impressive oeuvre: 7 full-length albums on European labels Ant-Zen and Spectre, 8 successful tours in Europe and North America, several EPs and collaborations, a long list of remixes and compilations, and appearances at shows and festivals around the world, including a regular spot on the lineup at Germany’s Maschinenfest. In recent years, Iszoloscope's live and studio lineup has also included Shane Whitbread, Guillaume Nadon and Frédéric Scarfone.


Yann Faussurier is an industrial legend. He has made a name for himself not only as Iszoloscope but playing in Memmaker and iVardensphere to name just some of the musical powerhouses you may know him for.

Yann produces some of the heaviest, mind and reality distorting industrial mosh rave I've ever experienced and I am so, so glad I finally get to see him play live having missed an opportunity at Elektrowerkz many years ago due to my time restrictive transport.

Yann absolutely stunned everyone with his incredible set from home during lockdown for Cyber EVM 2.0 to raise money for Slimelight and in memory of Mak. Check that incredible set below:

Master Boot Record Elektro Vox's Sunday MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (3 of 3)

Italy-based electronic metal maven Master Boot Record (MBR) recrudesces on striking new full-length album, PERSONAL COMPUTER. Helmed solely by technologist/songwriter Victor Love, Master Boot Record is, if anything, creatively prolific. The follow-up to FLOPPY DISK OVERDRIVE (2020), Personal Computer is Love's eighth full-length album since emerging - as an 8-bit ghost - from the bulletin board system (BBS) scene in 2016. Now, he's returned (like a carriage) to right-click on devotees with yet another Easter egg and symbolism-rich mélange of intensely ornate yet driving digital orchestrations. Just don't call Personal Computer synthwave, or whatever new-fangled term is being used to describe Master Boot Record's masterful video game-like scoring. To put it simply: this is metal done with a synth.

"I live stream from my desktop," says Love, who composes Master Boot Record songs on his YouTube channel. "When I have enough material to bundle an album together, I finish it off and prepare it for release. So, it's a continuous song writing process. My approach is familiar to me and my audience, and I really enjoy working in an interactive environment. As far as what I listen to, it's the same stuff as always - from classical music (especially Beethoven and Bach) and thrash/death metal to chiptune music and crack intro/keygen music. I also listen to retro game music. So, in a way, the starting point is still the same. I've been growing musically."

Love's background is different from most of his musical colleagues. He got his start in tech by working at his father's computer business in Rome. He went head-first into CPUs, motherboards, RAM, and peripherals. From there, the Master Boot Record madman got even more involved, first as a sysadmin for a local university and then as a new-frontier marketer and bellman. Naturally, Love got into software and its verboten counterparts - namely Warez - to quell his ceaseless curiosity of all things cyber. That's when his interest in synth-originated music came into view. See, pirated software often had clever musical tricks called 'cracktros,' short musical pieces that hackers/crackers added to show off smarts and enterprise. A scene naturally formed out around that called the demoscene. Master Boot Record (and side project Keygen Church) was born as a result of Love funnelling his technological predilections into a musical expression.

"I think of myself more of a hacker in the music field," Love says. "Hacking is essentially the art of bypassing boundaries and limitations to achieve something better to improve. All that is

driven essentially by curiosity. In my process as an artist, I've always been very focused on this aspect. Look at Master Boot Record. It's a hack in the music field because, for example, the guitars aren't actual guitars - they're synth. So, essentially what I did was hack the sound of metal guitars, making a synthesized version of it. I did this because I wanted to have a faster way to compose. That is what I would call musical hacking."

With Master Boot Record, Love's compositional process relies on no physical instruments. Personal Computer finds the Italian smithing with Cubase 11 Pro, a popular music production software suite made by endorser Steinberg. The upgrade (from Cubase allowed for a complete re-build of the synth guitar and bass, while another improvement in the form of Superior Drummer 3 had a direct impact on the his on-the-fly mixing efforts. The software modernization squarely differentiates Personal Computer from any in Master Boot Record's history. This is not only obvious but welcome on the album's three singles, "80486DX," "80386," and "8086," where the frenetic and ornate collide in orgiastic musical pixels. This is like Double Dragon (by Kazunaka Yamane) and Darkness Descends (by Dark Angel) getting into a fierce PvP match of DOOM.

"I still kept a lot of the sounds that define the fingerprint of the MBR sound," says Love. "The same lead synth, the same pads, and, in general, the same kind of sound, even though it's definitely improved. This time I tried to get a more dynamic and warm sound (compared to previous albums) to give it more punch and depth. For example, the lead sounds aren't so harsh and full of high frequencies. They are much softer and less aggressive than before, leaving more space for the synth guitars MIDIs. In general, I think Personal Computer sounds more metal and more powerful than my previous albums."

While most bands - even synthwave artists - tie lyrical themes to their music, the absence of vocals on Personal Computer hasn't derailed its conceptual import. Think of the way floppy

disk drives hum and printers whirr. The mechanical aesthetic, combined with conspicuously retro audioscapes, creates a uniform visual. Indeed, rather than textual tethering via lyrics, Master Boot Record connects (serially) to images, largely ASCII interpretations of magical staves associated, in Love's case, to Icelandic wayfinders. Interestingly enough, he designed most of Personal Computer's art, but outsourced the ASCII part - the sigil - to crucial members of the BBS and demoscene segments. The integration of silicon and magic is purposeful and has its roots in debut album, C:\FIXMBR (2016).

"The main iconography is a mix of retro computing and Norse imagery," Love says. "The initial concept was that of 'spellware,' a sort of mix between magic and software that is cast through

the digital media. The idea was that the music made by a 486DX became sentient after being enchanted by Icelandic Norse magic. Most of the symbols on my albums are Icelandic magical staves with specific meanings. For example, my main logo is called a 'Vegvìsir' and is a compass that helps sailors find their way out of storms - which is how I felt when I started this project. I can't really say why I decided to use these symbols, and it's more as if they called me to use them. Symbols are really powerful and can convey powerful energies, and I feel it worked out for me. This album represents everything this project is, wanted to be, and wants to be in the future. It's kind of the final upgraded version of all that I've done before."


(Elektro Vox: I've always gone on about how industrial and Nordic folk music has incredibly strong ties, especially with the feeling of community, tribal rhythm, and a sense of magic at the wider universe so it's great to see MBR's explanation here!)


Like everything else in Master Boot Record, Love's time isn't traditionally occupied in a studio proper. Personal Computer was conceived and written ad hoc via his YouTube live stream

events. The songs were honed after. The songwriting sessions started at the end of 2020 and were completed almost a year later. The production process - literally Love's computer - didn't

differ too much from predecessors FLOPPY DISK OVERDRIVE and INTERNET PROTOCOL (2019). It was time and space that separated Personal Computer from its ancestors. The maestro needed to take breaks and parlay that time off from Master Boot Record to realign his operating methods. Even the mix changed dramatically from its original state to what Love considered the final version.

"I don't really have a studio," says Love. "I often have to state: 'All I Have Is My Computer.' That's pretty much the truth. I use my computer and software to produce my music. I have a simple audio card, a couple of monitors, and good headphones. That's it. As for how much time it took for this new album, I can't say exactly how much, but most of the material was written over the last few years, and it all happened in live streams - around 120 hours of live streams, actually." From "80286" and "80386SX" to "8086" and album closer "80686," Master Boot Record continues to innovate and stupefy on Personal Computer. Though the genre of electronic metal is still in its infancy, the man behind it all proves yet again why he's the genre's Kevin Mitnick. Guess it's time we all updated our passwords.


BLACKBOOK was founded by two well established artists of whom one part of the duo is responsible for many radio hits as well as for the title song to a successful Netflix series and the other one keeps busy as a musician with projects that have been claiming the top of the charts in Europe. Their influences reach from indie pop, electropop, jungle, darkwave and EDM over to the worldwide celebrated band DEPECHE MODE which gives their music a very special flavour that will leave you wanting more!

A fence battle between emotions and melody. In their new debut album 'Confessions of the innocent', the Swiss-Dutch Duo BLACKBOOK creates sound worlds full of emotions and intensity by combining the heart of 80s new wave with a modern synthpop soul, a fusion so intriguing that it keeps you hitting repeat over and over again!

The album holds catchy songs tackling topics from all aspects of life, such as the internal struggles of the mind palace to the ineffable truths of society! Love, shame, rebellion, change. This album showcases every topic with its perfect 80s/90s wave soundtrack.

The many layers and facets of their music, have the power of bringing you back to your sweetest memories with songs such as 'My Beautiful Witch' as well as challenge you intellectually with 'Love Is A Crime', a song about the current topics and struggles of equality in love.

Uncross your sabres and let down your guard for the unparalleled duo BLACKBOOK!


The members remain incognito. There is no information about the band members or their origins. There is really no story to tell, no long list of previous bands the members have been part of.

Wulfband, like the wolf, sneaks out from the dark and attacks you. But instead of fangs that pierce you their weapon is crushing beats and driving bass lines with aggressive and deranged vocals. Music that rushes, strikes and thrusts until you submit totally. Wulfband is here to own the EBM-scene.

When the wolf emerges, you have nowhere to hide. A must for fans of Nitzer Ebb, DAF and the likes - true Electronic Body Music with attitude.


Officially formed in 2000 by JD Tucker, Grendel was quickly picked up by the legendary German label NoiTekk (a subdivision of Black Rain Records), upon hearing their first promo CD. This promo included the club hit “Strangers” and, after additional production & mastering, would become their 2001 debut studio album, “Inhumane Amusement”.After a year of touring & studio work, the “End Of Ages” EP was released and soon became a staple track for DJs world wide. This was shortly followed up in 2003, by the second full length album “Prescription Medicide” album, which saw the band truly entering the limelight, becoming album of the month in many magazines such as Orkus & Zillo, reach top 5 positions in prominent underground charts, including Deutsch Alternative Charts and number 1 for several months in the Dutch Underground Charts. With the success of this album, the band did extensive touring throughout Europe & North America.

In 2005 Grendel released their now classic “Soilbleed” EP, of which the title track is to this day an unmissable club hit worldwide. This release marked a true milestone in the band’s career and saw them touring larger stages throughout Europe, reaching a far greater audience, and topping alternative & sales charts. The EP was re-released in 2006 as “Soilbleed Redux” and featured additional material, such as a cover of LeaetherStrip’s “Don’t Tame Your Soul”, “One.Eight.Zero” and a remix by New York artists Life Cried. In the meantime, Grendel started working on their third full length album, entitled “Harsh Generation”. This was to become one of the most important & influential albums for the contemporary industrial & Electronic Body Music movement, marking new territory and a more matured sound & style. After it’s release in 2007, it remained on top positions of alternative charts, such as the DAC, GEWC, DUC for maximum periods of time. To this day, this is also an unmissable part of any industrial/ebm DJs arsenal. Due to the success of this album, Grendel spent the following years touring extensively & intensively worldwide, drawing increasingly larger audiences.

Eventually, in 2009, the "Chemicals + Circuitry" EP was written & recorded. This turned out to be a slight diversion from the band's familiar sound, but received much praise and again reached top positions in the charts (DAC, GEWC, DUC, etc.), with the title track quickly becoming a favourite amongst DJ’s and listens alike. This success would prompt a rework of the song on their following album, “Timewave Zero”, in 2012. Although returning to a more familiar sound, it would take on influences from a variety of contemporary dance music, such as trance, electro and house. This, again, would mark a big milestone in the band’s progress, branching out from familiar ground and reaching a wider audience. Much praise was given for this and it would gain not only top chart positions, but also high sales and in 2012, Grendel released the "Timewave : Zero" album. This album is both a return to their signature sound and taking on various influences from contemporary EDM styles, such as Trance, Complex Electro and House. All of this together has created the most mature Grendel sound to date and has gained highly positive feedback from both fans and media, scoring top positions in the DAC, GEWC, mail order sales charts and more.

In the years that followed, Grendel toured extensively on the success of this album in both Europe & North America. During this period, JD moved to the UK in order to pursue various endeavours & career moves, where he became heavily influenced by the rich music, art and fashion culture of London. This resulted in a more refined and mature style, both musically and visually, incorporating his love for both contemporary and old school music of various genres.

After much hard work, October 2017 marked the release of the eagerly awaited album, “Age Of The Disposable Body”. Not only did this album offer a rich pallet of sounds & styles, but also a huge step forward vocally and lyrically, marking a new chapter in Grendel’s evolution. This album focussed on the contemporary political situation in both Europe & North America, regarding populist politics & the cult of personality. It also saw guitarist Emanuelle Trinci involved in the creative process and guest appearance by Seamus Bradd of The.Invalid. The album received critical acclaim & praise from both fans and press alike and reached top 5 positions in both sales & DJ charts. To promote the album, Grendel embarked on an extensive 34 date tour of North America and played major festivals across Europe. This tour would see both Neal Read & Erik Gustafson join the band and Grendel taking on the form of a full creative line up. During the time after the North American tour, JD continued working on his music, exploring new musical avenues, and spent time reflecting on recent events in his life, which resulted in the 2019 release of the “Ascending The Abyss” album. The title of the album refers to facing challenges in life as a rite of passage. Erik Gustafson became involved in the recording process, with guitar taking on a more prominent role. Musically it showed Grendel taking a more mature approach to their music and expanding on the new direction set by “Age Of The Disposable Body”

Extra: JD tells us what he's been up to and what sort of show you can expect at Tanz.

"We just got off the road touring with Combichrist, doing an old school tour. For Resistanz we will have the full band so we will be doing a mix of old and new to make use of the whole band!"


Yassi Puls4ra

Yassi Puls4ra (formerly known as DJ Pink Foamy)

Pick up the crazy heart and give it one more try.

your mind holds the key - wake up, let's fly!

No compromises ,no sugarcoating.

No reason to prove yourself, stop asking why!

I'll pull you from the dark - these eyes don't lie.

Won't ask for much! RAVE by my side.

Sacrifice this moment - lets get high!

Inhale! BOOM boom, close your eyes!

Embrace heartbeats synchronize, obey!

Pumping beats for ever and ever.

Oh we will be heroes....when I press play

Dancefloor Gladiatorz

Elektro Vox's Sunday MUST WATCH DJ set recommendation! (1 of 2)

Raphael and Yannick are the minds behind the DJ project "Dancefloor Gladiatorz".

After being active in the German Dark Electro scene for many years, they made their debut as a DJ team back in 2017.

Their musical interest is mainly focussed on dark electro, however they are also known to incorporate many other styles into their high energy sets.

Having gained experience DJing at events such as M'era Luna Festival, Subkultur Hannover, Matrix Bochum, Bassphaze Dortmund, multiple Twitch stream collaborations and performing live on stage with Faderhead in 2022 they are a SOLID choice for Resitanz Festival 2023!

Victoria Fenbane

Elektro Vox's Sunday MUST WATCH DJ set recommendation! (2 of 2)

Victoria is a goth, EBM, industrial and darkwave DJ with over 20 years of experience. Past residencies include Nightmare (Nottingham) and Slimelight (London). Highlights of her numerous guest bookings include Infest Festival (UK), Club 666 (Vienna), Dark Infection (Munich), Death Guild (San Francisco), The Black Rose Ball (York), Intrusion (Oxford) and many more! In 2017 she founded ‘Exit the Grey’ a London/Manchester based club night which focuses on the best in new and classic EBM, dark-electro and synthpop.

Extra: Victoria runs Exit The Grey (EBM/synthpop events)

On Sunday night from midnight to 3am, London/Manchester club night Exit the Grey will be taking over the second stage for Synthpop Sunday. Victoria Fenbane and Simon Briggs will be bringing their distinctive EtG mix of synthpop, dark electro and EBM to Sheffield. Resistanz takes place a short walk from the location of Cabaret Voltaire's legendary Western Works studio, and The Beehive and The Washington pubs, which were favourite hangouts of The Human League, Clock DVA, and other local bands in the 70s and 80s. In tribute to the local history Victoria and Simon will be playing sets with a Yorkshire flavour. See you on the dance floor!

Simon Briggs

DJ Simon Briggs: Resident DJ Exit the Grey(London)& Strange Crewe * Ex-Resident DJ at the world famous Slimelight(London) * Founder of the famous Deadstars(Bradford,UK) * Ex-resident DJ BEATNATION(Ghent,BE) * Blitzark(Brussels,BE) Having guested at Infest festival UK & clubs from Düsseldorf, NY to Tokyo ... Simon has forgot more scene bands than you have likely heard !!


There you have it!

The full list of acts for Tanz 2023, as mentioned before this will be updated regularly as artists may get back to us with more extras to include.

Be sure to bookmark this page for easy set time referencing and to get that playlist stomping.

As always, expect many Elektro Vox video interviews with a lot of the acts after the event too, as well as a review and lots of great pictures; This time we will have the incredible Kevin Stevens helping us out once again(Musique Non-Stop) - doing a lot of photography at the festival.

Thank you!


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