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Single Review: Against I - SCUM

I do love a good electronic tempo and a shouted word in my industrial and this offering provides just that from Fredrik of MENSCHDEFEKT (One of my all time favourite Industrial acts) So this new project certainly has a lot of that familiar feel.


FREDRIK CROONA Condemns The Vain With New Project & Debut Single, "Scum"

January 14, 2022 - Fredrik Croona whose projects have included the likes of MENSCHDEFEKT, CROONA & CYNICAL EXISTENCE has announced a new project, AGAINST I and debut single, "Scum."

"Scum" is a dedication to all the lowlifes who treat other people like shit and care for nothing but themselves. People who are so full of themselves that they don't see or care about anything else. This is the first song that opens the door into a carnival of the obscene, deranged & faulty people and to the darkness of human psyche." - Fredrik Croona

"Scum" will be available on all digital platforms on February 11 courtesy of Insane Records.



(Bandcamp stream not yet available)

A rather deceptive start opens up with an almost Retrowave feel about it only to then be strategically complemented by the guitar riffs, and vocals growls that show there's a lost of promise on it's way. When the beat finally drops and the tempo kicks up a notch, the drums and electronics complement the vocal style nicely.

The message of the track gets it's emotional vitriol out as the vocals are sharpened on the grinding wheel of the riffs and beats which make for a dangerously enjoyable track if it were to ever be played as loud as it deserves to be!

There are moments where the track takes itself back a notch to that retro wave synth string that doesn't quite sit right with me but I appreciate how it breaks the track up in to sections none the less. I guess when a song has a sick beat and the electronics are pounding out a solid dance rhythm I don't like it to be interrupted if that makes sense? And regardless of that, this is still a SOLID track that stands out nicely whilst still retaining that signature feel that Fredrick has brought to other musical projects.

Score: 8/10


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