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Spotlight: Xentrifuge

Updated: May 7, 2020

In our first spotlight where we will regularly bring bands in to focus deserving of more love and listeners, we present Xentrifuge!

In their own words: From the NYC's Underground Music scene Xentrifuge is a brutal assault of Harsh Industrial/Dark Electro, constructed by the collectively innovative minds of Chris X and Lisa Hellen.

Xentrifuge brings a groundbreaking blend of Industrial-based sound, fused with noise, and a touch of heavy guitar work to create a hauntingly melodic, yet raw and unforgiving product.

Their high energy and ravenous presence on the stage infects the crowd with a relentless and unique live experience not to be missed.

The 3rd album "Desensitized Parallels" is available now via Cleopatra Records, with a 4th underway.

The band run the industrial music international Facebook group which is where I became familiar with their works. They will be playing Wave-Gotik Treffen this year and rightfully so having put out some great material in their previous albums and with their devilishly good sense of style. Not only that but they recently supported Combichrist during their tour solidifying their place as one of this year's bands to look out for and discover for yourself

Desensitized Parallels is a must listen album on Spotify right now which will be well suited to for fans of bands such Psyclon 9, ESA, and the harsher noisier side of industrial and hellektro. It is wonderfully atmospheric putting me in the mind set of having a dark rave aboard the Nostromo (The ship in the origin Alien film) or the ship in 'Event Horizion' it is a wonderful addition to the terror catalogue of music should you be on the look out for more.

I asked the band a few questions in the run up to WGT: Q. First of all, your music reminds me of Psyclon Nine in that wonderful harsh noise way and the visceral lyrics, would you say they influence Xentrifuge?

A. Chris X: Yes Psyclon 9 is one of our all time favorites. We were label mates in the early 2000's- both on NoiTekk Records. We managed to keep a long distant relationship, so to speak. Nero mastered our first single from "Desensitized Parallels" and in fact, he then mastered our latest Xentrifuge release on Cleopatra Records. Nero does some great work and he understands the sound of Xentrifuge: noisy, gritty, distorted, etc. We have so many layers of vocals, sound, & music, yet he really knows where the focus should be in whole.

Q. I was lucky enough to pick up on some of your tracks a year or so a go but for those that have not heard of Xentrifuge, how would you describe your sound and vocals?

A. Chris X: Xentrifuge is an industrial project started in 2005. After our 2009 release of 'Converting Infinity', the band went under a major revamping and upgrade. Lisa Hellen joined me in 2012 and by 2014 she was taking the stage bringing an entrire new element and a new force of energy that Xentrifuge never had. Our sound and style still has some of the earlier feel to it, but has evolved drastically. In short, Xentrifuge has a heavy, electronic sound with brutal guitar work integrated throughout; and a bit of the goth vibe without over stirring the pot, lol.

Q. Where did the inspiration and naming of Xentrifuge come from? Also is there a concept or theme to it all?

A. Chris X: As our sound is electronic and mechanical, we wanted to have a name that fits with the music- a centrifuge is a machine used in many scientific facets both destructive and constructive. Our concept is simple- each song has personal meaning, but written in such a way that listeners can attach their own meaning, feelings, or perspectives.

Q. As an American based band playing the ultimate destination for all things goth and industrial: Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Germany this year, how does that feel and what can the fans at WGT expect from your show? Have you both been to WGT before?

A. Chris X: WGT was a long term goal we have been working towards for many years. This will be our first performance at WGT, but Xentrifuge's second venture to Germany. It's an absolute honor to be brought out to Leipzig for such a significant event known worldwide.

Festival-goers can expect a very high energy performance without compromise- a barrage of heavy vocal work from us both, combined with an assault of electronic mayhem. We also bring a visual aspect to accompany the music- can't say much more, you've got to come and see for yourselves! We are performing Friday June 7th at Haus Leipzig.

Q. Are there any plans in the work for another album soon? 2018’s release of ‘Desensitized Parallels’ was a breath of fresh air in to an often underappreciated sub genre with is dark and gritty atmosphere which I listen to fairly regularly now. If so, what direction will your new works be heading in?

A. Chris X: Yes, we are in the process of writing the next album, aiming for an early 2020 release. It will maintain the signature Xentrifuge sound with some new additions. Listeners will enjoy more guitar presence throughout the entire album. There will also be a broader range of vocal styles by us both. As we are living in this digital age, we find it very important to keep evolving, as will be seen again on the next album and all future Xentrifuge works.

Thank you for your time! We will be speaking to Xentrifuge again in future about WGT and their next album.

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