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  • Chamaeleon


Chamaeleon were formed by Alex and Nico in 2009. The band is of Russian/Greek origins now based in the UK and Cyprus.
In 2013 the band released their first album "Sick | perVerTed" with Artificial Sun Records.

In 2015 the band signed with Insane Records and released an EP called "Suppression" (See their raunchy video in the comments below, you'll recognise the tune straight away!) and their 2nd album "Evil Is Good" followed the same year.

In 2019 the band released and EP called "Fear" and is currently working on their 3rd album. The band has been included in dozens of compilations with exclusive tracks, covers, remixes or being remixed by other bands. Most notable compilations were 'Endzeit Bunkertracks act VII' and 'Endzeit Bunkertracks act VIII' as well as on various compilations of the "Terror Night" series. You can often find them on DJ Wintermute's Electro-Ebm amazing Youtube mixes.

Bandcamp: HERE   Facebook: HERE

Chamaelon's fist ever UK show!

Chamaeleon's fist ever UK show!


  • Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand (AKA Bein-E)



(Photos by OhShi! photography)
Bein-E are an ambient, industrial, noise three piece whose music speaks passionately and truthfully of heartbreak, friendship and change. Bein-E harnesses personal conflict and an unabashed tendency for brutally honest reflection to explore powerful emotional issues through dark and unsettling electronic soundscapes, often inviting comparisons to the likes of Coil.

Their singular and inimitable live shows combine rolling walls of noise interposed with stillness and delicate whispered vocals. Percussion both electronic and brutally physical combine with synths, noise boxes, mangled bass guitar and spoken word drive, ebb and flow for a truly memorable experience; for band and audience alike!

Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand, German Noun: The thing that is almost the thing you want… but not quite.

Bandcamp: HERE   Facebook: HERE


  • Biomechanimal


'BIOMECHANIMAL /// LONDØN INDUSTRIAL KIDS /// Not taking your sh*t since 2013.. probably.'

Started in 2013, and self-releasing the self-titled debut album in 2015, Bio has been a staple of the underground London alternative and industrial scene for about 5 years.

If you have seen Grendel, Aesthetic Perfection, The Birthday Massacre, Covenant, Faderhead, or any of the industrial big hitters in London, Biomechanimal was probably on the bill at some point in time.


With an aggressive, physical live show, they have often been touted as ‘one to watch’ of the UK dark electronic scene.

After teasing new material for some time, the Biomechanimal of 2020 is the strongest the band has ever been. With frontman and producer Matthew Simpson leading the charge, supported by Keith Kamholz (Mechanical Vein) of electro-axe fame, and Lex Liebert on live guitars, the band has numerous releases planned to drop this year, starting with a single at the end of February.

Drawing from a diverse pool of genres, Biomechanimal’s eclectic sound is dangerously catchy, and by Granfalloon, you will be raising your fist with them too.

Bandcamp: HERE   Facebook: HERE

Elektro Vox Music Festival


Matt Hart is a industrial musician and DJ from London, UK. He cites early industrial as influences while incorporating modern production alongside edgy electronica and industrial metal.

One of the most active and talented members of the gothic community involved in multiple musical projects. Matt has supported some of the greats such as God Module, Grendel, and 3TEETH (DJ set). He was also a main stage act at Static Darkness Festival.
Having solidified his sound and style with the recent release of TERRA 3808, (Detailed review HERE) Matt continues to become an ever growing power house in the world of industrial music.


Facebook: HERE   Bandcamp: HERE

Elektro Vox Music Festival

Power noise

  • ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse)


ESA was born in 2002 in order to cross the threshold from one genre of extreme music to another. Engineer of this electronic inferno, Jamie Blacker, up until this point had been writing music semi-professionally for years in the UK Black / Death metal circle, touring and recording alongside some of the genres elite.

Having decided to experiment in dark electronics, ESA’s heavy, rhythmic style has since become rooted at the forefront of the harsh industrial / power electronics scene, predominantly owing to slews of powerful and engaging live shows all over the globe and 10 well received, critically acclaimed albums.

Taking influences initially from rhythmical noise acts, Blacker’s sound structures have developed and integrated countless influences from the broad spectrum of alternative and extreme music. The tone of ESA is harsh and oppressive, dripping with destructive and corroded grooves whilst still emanating deep melody and a strong sense of spirituality. ESA’s compositions are undoubtedly threatening and offensive floor stomping club tunes but also twist and churn enough to reward more attentive listening.

ESA is Electronic Substance Abuse!


  • Analogue Blood


Analogue Blood is a band from Darlington, in the north-east of England, officially made up of two members, 38-year-old Ian Hanratty (guitars, programming, synths) and 42-year-old Lee Teasdale (live drums).
Influenced by artists such as Front Line Assembly and Ministry, Orbital, Chemical Brothers, and obviously Prodigy, this band creates a very personal hybridization of industrial electronic music. Here, thanks in part to the presence of heavy guitars, the aggressiveness and power of punk and metal find their place alongside enthralling and involving danceable rhythms, merging Analogue Blood's favourite genres and styles.

Analogue Blood started making their music in the winter of 2018. By January 2019 they had written and recorded 6 songs that went on to form their debut EP, 'Advanced Weapon Systems Activated'. Feverish and visceral, and at times psychedelic, this release showcases the band's heterogeneous and adrenaline-rich style, ranging with creativity within the confines of EDM with techno and acid nuances.
After 'Advanced Weapon Systems Activated', Analogue Blood is released their next EP 'Kill Those Beats', In November 2020.

Bandcamp:  HERE   Facebook:  HERE



DEF NEON are a two-piece electro band based on the North Wales border.

Describing their sound as 'Daft Punk crossed with Siouxsie Sioux', their music is an eclectic and energetic mix of Rock, Dirty Electro, and Bass Music. The band signed to independent, Manchester-based Label Analoguetrash in early 2016, with their self-titled debut album released in November of that year.

As well as receiving airplay across the globe, Def Neon have garnered the attention of BBC Introducing, who awarded the track ‘Nightvision’ as their Big Thing Record of the Week in February 2018.


The band’s infectious sound and engaging performances across the UK have proved popular with live event organisers, industry-professionals and fans alike, leading to a number of high-profile support slots for acts such as The Birthday Massacre, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Orb, Death in Vegas and 65daysofstatic.

DEF NEON released their second album War Beats at the tail-end of 2020, through Analoguetrash.

Bandcamp:  HERE   Facebook:  HERE

Twitter:   HERE   YouYube:   HERE
Spotify:   HERE   Instagram: HERE

  • Ember Twin


Ember Twin is an Swedish alternative band from Gävle that consists of William E, Mikael and Malin. Three multi-instrumentalists that handle everything from writing to recording to production.

The band released their debut album, In Shapes, in 2018. The first single, God In The Radio, got featured as the intro theme to a Youtube show as well as played on the Swedish radio channel DistFM.

During 2018 they also released the energetic and synth-heavy EP “Nothing”. The first release where the band started getting more into blending punk with synth pop. They also made a music video for the single “I Can’t Turn You On”, that showed the band’s new direction and look.

In 2020 their second album “Let Us In” got released, featuring artwork by the Swedish artist Sandra Lundberg. The album saw the band take on genres like synth pop, dark wave and alternative rock. Mixing it all together into what a reviewer called "Diabolically Dancey Darkwave".
The first single “Fur” debuted on the radio show Metal Meyhem in England. In February the band played at the Local Heroes awards in Gävle and they were also nominated in the category “Best Music Video” for their single “I Can’t Turn You On”.

Bandcamp: HERE
Facebook: HERE


Dark Electro

  • Corlyx


Dark Electro/Grunge duo Corlyx was formed in Los Angles in 2015, with the meeting of singer songwriter Caitlin Stokes and Producer/Guitarist Brandon Ashley, also the front man for dark rock sensation “The Dark”. The two began writing music together that was inspired by their love of 90’s Industrial Rock/Grunge and modern Dark Electro.


The duo released their first EP “One Of Us” the following year of Corlyx’s inception, then moved to Berlin Germany to work on their first full length album “Music 2F2”. Berlin brought so much inspiration to their music and songwriting, the grotesque landscape of the inner city allowed the Duo to fully express their darker inclination. The Album was released February 2017 with stunning reviews.


A recent collaboration with Berlin based Director and Videographer Fabz Black brought the release of a music video for “Reptile - NIN cover” premiered on Sonic Seducer Magazine. Corlyx has recently relocated to the UK, working on their second studio Album “In2 The Skin” (released August 16th 2019 on Spill Magazine), and have begun developing their live show, touring in both countries, Germany and England, perfecting a live show that showcases the intensity of the music they put out.

Bandcamp: HERE   Facebook: HERE

Twitter: HERE   Spotify: HERE

Instagram: HERE

  • Menschdefekt

Originally formed as a solo project by Nik in 2004 influenced by different genres such as Trance, FuturePop and others, the band’s sound is a fusion of Electro, Industrial and Goth with aggressive vocals that reflect their socially critical and provocative lyrics. As their namesake implies, their music focuses on topics of war, nationalism/ fascism, murder, consumer consumption and our wasteful society.

Their success brought them to the attention of Infacted Recordings in Europe and Metropolis Records in North America who signed them to release their first full album, "The Human Parasite" in 2010.

In the beginning of 2019 guitarist Tandrin (Mechanical Moth/Novastorm) joined the line-up and Menschdefekt started working on their third album.

On May 8, 2020 Menschdefekt released their new digital single featuring a single version of the Song "Cursed" with remixes by Ruined Conflict, Frame Of Mind, Reichsfeind and more. And finally releasing their 3rd album 'Empty World' on June 20th.


Bandcamp:HERE   Facebook:HERE

Website: HERE   Spotify: HERE

Dark Synth

  • Dav Dralleon


Dav Dralleon is a composer of darksynth electronic music, from Nevers (58) France.

Always having an ear interested in electro synth music, he is inspired by cyberpunk culture by bringing his dark touch and released his first Darksynth EP 'D E P T H S' on November 11, 2017 under PLAYMAKER label. In September 2019 he released the E.P entitled. 'H O L Y W R A T H'.
Elektro Vox review of H O L Y W R A T H: HERE


Bandcamp: HERE   Spotify: HERE

itunes: HERE      Amazon: HERE


  • Still Forever


Self taught producer and solo artist Still Forever, more usually known as Amy, debuted her performance of intimate, dark-wave electronica at Manchester’s Foundations Festival in 2018, and hasn’t stopped for long ever since with 2019 clocking up a healthy 15 shows across multiple cities, as well as an album and two single releases.

The sound of Still Forever is a continuous evolution, but can be broadly described as elements of eighties post-punk, electro-indie, synthesised soundscape and modern gothic intertwined beneath atmospheric, bipolar vocals.


Bandcamp: HERE   Facebook: HERE

Twitter: HERE   Instagram: HERE

Elektro Vox Music Festival


  • Karkasaurus


DJ Kark and DJ Peewee, residents of Beat:Cancer and the alt. & LGTBTQ+ friendly Cosmic Hard Dance, joined forces to form this tyrannosaurus wreck of an act. For their dino-mite sets expect terrible costumes, too much energy to safely handle and plenty of high octane tunes; ranging from Industrial Techno, Hardstyle, Hardcore and Frenchcore.

The Jurassic Duo bring to the decks liberal lashings of off the wall covers, remixes and bootlegs along with live mashups, idiotic sampling and exclusives! They hold a host of Industrial and Hard Dance residencies alongside guest sets at Ministry of Sound, XOYO, Infest, Slimelight, and Resistanz.

Between them they have played on lineups with some of the best including Headhunterz, Keltek (ex Pskyo Punkz), Darren Styles, Kutski, Hixxy, Scott Brown, Zardonic, Lab4, Dougal, Frisky, Andy Farley, Mark Breeze, Ravine, Cally, Mark EG, Organ Donors, Sicknarf, Rob Da Rhythm and many more.

Elektro Vox Music Festival


  • Promenade Cinema


With reviewers citing nods to Abba, Editors, Gaga, John Foxx, and Vangelis - Promenade Cinema have a sound which can only be described as uniquely their own. Captivating audiences with 'danceable darkwave' and striking multi-layered synthpop vocals. Their memorable hooks and opulent melodies strike a perfect balance between euphoric electro and emotional synthetic orchestration.

Recent shows throughout 2019 included: London, Manchester (UK), Malmö & Gothenburg (Sweden) with the duo set to appear at Resistanz Festival 2020 in April (Sheffield, UK).

New single 'Cold Fashion' (Feb 20) follows 'The Arch House' (Oct 19) as the second single from eagerly anticipated second album 'EXIT GUIDES' due in March 2020. Debut album 'LIVING GHOSTS' (2018) received a glowing reception from critics and reviewers worldwide.

For booking enquiries, please contact:
See you on the Promenade...

Bandcamp: HERE   Facebook: HERE



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