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Planet Magica

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Accessories / Jewelry

  • PopScotch Designs


PopScotch Designs creates badass, industrial-inspired jewelry (and soon home goods) for people of all genders wanting a unique, bold look for everyday. 


Alternative E-stores

  • Occult trash


Aiden is an illustrator and comic artist based in London, living with his hamster Cinnamon. Aiden works in a range of styles, blending Japanese fashion and pop culture with a gothic edge.

Best known for his trans* comic ‘Bunny’, award winning fetish series ‘Secret London’, and the best-selling gift-book ‘Nihilist Bunnies’; most of Aiden’s work follows themes of sexuality, identity, and the occult. His merchandise covers everything from books, zines, prints, apparel, enamel pins, badges, stickers and much more!

Exclusive 10% Discount Code for Etsy: ELEKTROVOX10

Social Media: @occulttrash

Aiden GD Moore The Alternative Directory
  • Planet Magica



Planet Magica created by Krista Magica is a UK based Kawaii Harajuku street fashion, accessory, and art brand.

Creating magical pieces of handmade jewelry, accessories, and clothing suitable for many alternative fashions.

This shop also offers fun art prints, stickers, and occasionally original pieces of artwork to make your space more magical. 

Planet magica pieces often include inspirations from fashions such as pastel goth, uchuu-kei, menhera & yami kawaii, and creepy cute / pastel gore themes; as well as more soft pastel, cutesy items suitable for fairy kei & sweet lolita. 

Etsy store: HERE
Instagram:  HERE @PlanetMagica

Facebook:   HERE


  • Ailith Art


Ailith Art started as an emotional outlet whilst dealing with an extreme period of my life, and within this has unintentionally become a childhood dream come true.

My work is predominantly abstract-geometric multimedia, but every day I am expanding. I’m constantly looking for new styles to experiment with.

Original art is very expensive and I am proud to be an affordable artist. I am happy to provide unique work at prices that don’t break banks. Custom works are fully negotiable and I am honoured to create something truly special for my clients.

Find me on social media: FB: @AilithArtInst: @Ailith_Art
Check out my store: Etsy and nuMONDAY: Ailith Art. 

Etsy page: HERE

  • The Alternative Type


The Alternative Type creates one-of-a-kind hand lettered artworks and limited edition prints and cards that celebrate alternative communities and goth culture.

Custom pieces featuring a quote, message or song lyrics of your choice are also available via Etsy or direct message on Facebook.




  • Queen Cordite


C. Bowen is a digital artist from England, UK. She has been writing since she was first literate and digitally painting since 2002.
Available to take commissions! Message for details! is currently her only webcomic, although more of her various artistic goings-on can be found at Her Deviantart Page.

Comic: HERE
Patreon: HERE
Deviantart: HERE
Ko-fi: HERE
Redbubble: HERE



  • SaveThePoisoned


Savethepoisoned is a sustainable, eco friendly slow fashion shop for the alternative market. We upcycle material to make tie dye, bleach designs and jewellery.

All dye used is fibre reactive and better for the environment; material used for clothing is always second hand.


I produce Up-cycled clothing, accessories and jewellery modified for punk, grunge, alternative wear and ravers. I do commissions but on the main store I never make the same item twice so they are all entirely unique and one of a kind.

Etsy store: HERE

Instagram: @Savethepoisoned

savetheposioned. the alternative directory

Custom Creations

  • Cold Dead Creations



Cold dead creations makes custom made mouthpieces, crowns with led thorns, art prints, costume and weapon props, and much more so if you have something in mind, get in touch.
Instagram: cold_dead_creations
Link: HERE

Dreads + Hair

  • Dreads n' Decora


Dreads n' Decora is an online store that sells handmade dreadwigs beaming whimsically with colour, as well as Japanese inspired decora jewellery and accessories crafted to be boundless with creativity to brighten people’s aesthetic and be outstandingly bold with their fashion.
Check out my website to make a custom order or find out more in my FAQ's about the different types of dreads: crocheted, steamheat + woolen. Now with Made to Order Options available!~!~
instagram: dreadsndecora
Facebook page: HERE

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