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  • Ailith Art

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FB: @AilithArtInst: @Ailith_ArtnuMONDAY: Ailith Art.  Etsy page: HERE


Ailith Art started as an emotional outlet whilst dealing with an extreme period of my life, and within this has unintentionally become a childhood dream come true.

My work is predominantly abstract-geometric multimedia, but every day I am expanding. I’m constantly looking for new styles to experiment with.

Original art is very expensive and I am proud to be an affordable artist. I am happy to provide unique work at prices that don’t break banks. Custom works are fully negotiable and I am honoured to create something truly special for my clients.

  • The Alternative Type

The Alternative Type creates one-of-a-kind hand lettered artworks and limited edition prints and cards that celebrate alternative communities and goth culture.

Custom pieces featuring a quote, message or song lyrics of your choice are also available via Etsy or direct message on Facebook.

Facebook: HERE

Etsy: HERE

  • Queen Cordite

C. Bowen is a digital artist from England, UK. She has been writing since she was first literate and digitally painting since 2002.
Available to take commissions! Message for details! is currently her only webcomic, although more of her various artistic goings-on can be found at Her Deviantart Page.

Comic: HERE

Patreon: HERE

Deviantart: HERE

Ko-fi: HERE

Redbubble: HERE

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