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  • Just one payment for a permanent listing, no monthly charges or surprises!

  • Be seen by the most relevant alternative market for your listing!

  • All listings will be shared on the Alternative Directory's Facebook and Instagram.

  • You'll be sent a preview of your listing for approval before publishing.

  • Choose exactly which section or sub section you want to be seen in.

  • Be a part of the fastest growing UK website for Gothic and Industrial culture.

  • All money goes back in to expanding the website to help build our community!

In an attempt to help alternative culture throughout the U.K and beyond, we intend for this to be the best place for alternative culture listings available. Let's make this the best go to for all things dark!

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If you would like to have a banner or advertisement on each of our articles or front page of Elektro Vox then please email us at:

And we will be happy to discuss pricing and listing options 

Terms and conditions.

By signing up you agree to being billed the specified amount through PayPal unless another payment plan is arranged with us.


Elektro Vox reserves the right to take down any listing for any reason deemed necessary, or should the directory have any unforeseen technical issues, or issues beyond our control. This also applies to our content standards below but we will try our best to work with you and help keep your listing successful!

Content standards: 
Elektro vox is a site for quality content and is a site that supports people of all colours, cultures, sexualities, genders, and identities etc. If your content is of poor quality, unsuitable subject material, or offensive in any way we will not be able to upload your listing but will refund you if possible in this case with a short explanation why in good faith.
If you are later found to be in breach of these standards or are found to be portraying Elektro Vox or the directory in a negative way online then we will have to cancel your listing immediately and without a refund unfortunately although we hope no such instances will occur as our community is one of co-operation and friendship to all.

This is especially important as wherever possible we will share you listing to Facebook and Instagram where possible.


If your content is found to be unsuitable for The Alternative Directory your listing will not be uploaded and we will refund you if possible with an explanation in good faith.
We reserve the right to decide what is and is not suitable for the directory in regards to alternative culture and our target audiences.
(E.G a listing for a clothing store or band that is in no way considered 'alternative' would probably not be added to the directory.)
However we do not wish to discriminate in any case and offer the directory service in good faith that you respect the audience this site caters towards and if the listing is a worthy investment for yourself.

Proof of purchase and cancellation:

Payments through PayPal will still be recorded by PayPal for you, if another method is agreed upon, we will do our best to provide a proof of purchase.
If you have any problems, want to take down you listing, or need any advice on the site, please feel free to let us know and we will be happy to help!


We also reserve the right to run promotions that will be outside of the usual pricing structure for new listings. These promotions will not affect existing listings. 


Any queries or if you are unsure about anything please contact us at: 

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