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Dark Electro

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Dark Electro
  • Corlyx

Dark Electro/Grunge duo Corlyx was formed in Los Angles in 2015, with the meeting of singer songwriter Caitlin Stokes and Producer/Guitarist Brandon Ashley, also the front man for dark rock sensation “The Dark”. The two began writing music together that was inspired by their love of 90’s Industrial Rock/Grunge and modern Dark Electro.


The duo released their first EP “One Of Us” the following year of Corlyx’s inception, then moved to Berlin Germany to work on their first full length album “Music 2F2”. Berlin brought so much inspiration to their music and songwriting, the grotesque landscape of the inner city allowed the Duo to fully express their darker inclination. The Album was released February 2017 with stunning reviews.


A recent collaboration with Berlin based Director and Videographer Fabz Black brought the release of a music video for “Reptile - NIN cover” premiered on Sonic Seducer Magazine. Corlyx has recently relocated to the UK, working on their second studio Album “In2 The Skin” (released August 16th 2019 on Spill Magazine), and have begun developing their live show, touring in both countries, Germany and England, perfecting a live show that showcases the intensity of the music they put out.

Bandcamp: HERE   Facebook: HERE

Twitter: HERE   Spotify: HERE

Instagram: HERE

  • Massive Ego

Massive Ego

Massive Ego are a UK based dark electro industrial pop outfit formed originally in 1996. Singer Marc Massive has been the constant in the line-up since forming the band, and several line-up changes have ensued over the years. Signing to German label Out Of Line Music in 2015 saw the band reach a bigger audience, releasing an EP featuring their huge club hit ‘I Idolize You’ followed by two critically well received albums ‘Beautiful Suicide’ which featured guest vocal contributions from Chris Pohl (Blutengel) and a track specifically written for the band by Boy George, and the harder sounding album ‘Church for the Malfunctioned’ which featured collaborations from the likes of Chris L from Agonoize/ Funker Vogt.

The band have toured successfully across Germany as support on two tours for label mates Blutengel, alongside performing at all the biggest German festivals including M’era Luna, Wave Gotik Treffen and Amphi Festival. 2020 saw the band go out on their first German joint headline tour alongside Ashbury Heights. 


Facebook: HERE   Twitter: HERE

Instagram: HERE   YouTube: HERE

  • Menschdefekt

Menschdefekt. The alternative directory. Elektro vox01661753193_7931814848883

Originally formed as a solo project by Nik in 2004 influenced by different genres such as Trance, FuturePop and others, the band’s sound is a fusion of Electro, Industrial and Goth with aggressive vocals that reflect their socially critical and provocative lyrics. As their namesake implies, their music focuses on topics of war, nationalism/ fascism, murder, consumer consumption and our wasteful society.

Their success brought them to the attention of Infacted Recordings in Europe and Metropolis Records in North America who signed them to release their first full album, "The Human Parasite" in 2010.

In the beginning of 2019 guitarist Tandrin (Mechanical Moth/Novastorm) joined the line-up and Menschdefekt started working on their third album.

On May 8, 2020 Menschdefekt released their new digital single featuring a single version of the Song "Cursed" with remixes by Ruined Conflict, Frame Of Mind, Reichsfeind and more. And finally releasing their 3rd album 'Empty World' on June 20th.


Bandcamp:HERE   Facebook:HERE

Website: HERE   Spotify: HERE

  • Unquiet Dead

Unquiet dead

Down the wooden hill of Bedfordshire spawned the industrial gothic rock duo Unquiet Dead. Blending down tuned pounding licks with multi layered compelling vocals the duo enchant their audience with their enthralling live performances.

Released in October 2019 the second album ‘ANIMA IGNIS’ revolves around the theme of fire. Where they reduced the grunge thrash guitars from the debut, they have ramped up the industrial soundscapes while still keeping it strange. Who doesn’t like a gothic waltz just after a spine thumping industrial head smash?

"...Lora Maze provides the vocals, and boy can she sing. She has “the” voice, it stands proud with any great female vocalist... Jason has a gift that stamps itself hard on the Unquiet Dead sound. Think the love child of NINE INCH NAILS and SKELTAL FAMILY, with the genes of punk and new wave - and you’ll still not come close to imagining their sound..." - Reflections of Darkness


Bandcamp: HERE
Facebook: HERE

Instagram: HERE



XENOBEAT is a dark electro band formed in the UK. Originally founded in 2019 by frontman Andrew 'Aro' Owen and producer Thomas Yorkshire, XENOBEAT began new life in 2020 as a darker and more aggressive musical element than the duo's previous projects, now heavily influenced by harsh industrial and aggrotech themes.

The name 'XENOBEAT' refers to a sound or beat of unknown origin. Prior to the groups current formation, they have produced music in the past, most notably as the experimental futurepop group named 'Tankard Haus', but opted to pursue XENOBEAT full time due-to musical preferences.

The first official XENOBEAT release was their single 'On The Edge' released in October 2020, shortly followed two EP releases, one in November 2020 named 'Manipulator' & the other in March 2021 called 'Dis'. All of XENOBEAT's current catalogue are samples of their upcoming album titled 'Unrepentant', which is scheduled for release in 2021.”


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