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Charity work and good causes

Elektro Vox is about helping the community, not just giving fans band content, showcasing the amazing work of both well-known artists and those that deserve more attention, or promoting people's hard work. 

It is also about bringing the community together and helping where we can. 

Elektro Vox has raised money for some important causes and hopes to continue to do so in future.


Please consider donating or fundraising for Beyond Reflections who supply an essential service to so many.


Their support really does save lives!


We also support our good friends at Beat:Cancer, you can click the logo to donate and also keep up to date with their awesome music events on the B:C website!


When Lockdown happened, EVM Festival was postponed. 
At the time the wonderful Karkasaurus duo of Beat:Cancer offered to put on an Elektro Vox live stream to make up for the postponement. This led to many more live streams from them, myself, and other bands involved such as Biomechanimal. 

Over £200 was raised for Beat:Cancer via that stream.


elektro vox charity fundraising electrowerk slimelight mak

Off the back of the initial success, Cyber EVM 2.0 was organised, again showcasing first ever streams from many of the artists. This was again in aid of Electrowerkz and Slimelight, just two days before however, we tragically heard the news of Mak's (The owner) passing.

The community connected over this and our ending tribute to Mak and raised £1k once more.

elektro vox charity fundraising Beat Cancer

Elektro Vox was approached by iVardensphere for a UK show, and having been focused on EVM Fest, handed the option over to Beat:Cancer who did a three UK date tour as Karkasaurus alongside iVardensphere. 

Beat:Cancer were kind enough to reach out and make the London leg of the tour, a joint Elektro Vox and B:C venture. After expenses, their tour raised £1350 for Beat:Cancer!


Elektro Vox first good cause started off with a Star Wars inspired narrative music live stream which was in aid of a friend's Top Surgery.

This stream at the start of first lockdown laid the groundwork to start working on Cyber EVM in order to start raising money for another good cause.


elektro vox charity fundraising

After second lockdown, the availability or even desire for band and fans to watch live stream began to fizzle out.
So EV put on a smaller stream in order to raise money for the same friend's top surgery (Which has since gone ahead!)

And also in aid of the great guys over at Beat:Cancer


Our first great event was Cyber EVM to help Mak and Electrowerkz through the difficulties of Lockdown. We had exclusive first ever streams from God Module, iVardensphere, and Modulate as well as other great bands contributing. 
We raised over £1k for the venue via stream donations and direct linking to the Electrowerkz Slimelight fund page.

elektro vox charity fundraising beat cancer

Our first ever live festival, EVM Fest (Or Elektro Vox Music Festival to give it the full name) brought you great bands including Biomechanimal, Karkasaurus, Matt Hart, and Chamaeleon's debut UK show. The later two bands filming music videos at EVM Fest too!

After expenses, we raised £600 for Beat:Cancer!

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