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  • Nenedhel Absynthium

- Neo burlesque and circus performer

  • Queen Cordite

Nenedhel Absynthium is a U.K. based dark circus, neo-burlesque performer and model . Since 2010 she has toured around the U.K. performing in clubs, festivals, traditional circuses and theatres alike, renowned for combining aerial acrobatics, fire, or striptease with darker aesthetics.

She specialises in aerial circus such as silks, chains, net, chandelier as well as aerial striptease acts. When flying is not possible her ground skills are available such as fire, stilt-walking, led, cage dance and burlesque are a spectacle for any event. Available for bookings. Nenedhel’s acts can be customised to fit any theme, style, music and situation.
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  • Dark Motions

- Graphic design

  • Queen Cordite

Dark Motions is a freelance digital graphics business ran by Andrew 'Aro' Owen, a passionate graphics designer with over 15 years experience in Adobe's Creative Suite, most notably with extensive knowledge in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.


Dark Motions is not limited to alternative, dark or gothic artwork, but is most definitely his preferred area of work, particularly in the realm of music orientated artwork, such as album covers and social media promotion. Dark Motions provides clients with extra layers of visual polish, professionalism, and distinctive design tailored to their brand and personality. In today's market, no matter your business, these values are essential to transcend and stand out among the competition.


Some services that are offered by Dark Motions include, but are not limited to: Photo & Video editing, promotional artwork, album covers, motion graphics, logo design, visualisers and music video production. Andrew is very friendly and approachable, happy to discuss your ideas and provide quotes at any given time, competitive rates guaranteed.

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