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  • Sirus

SIRUS is a high amplitude Cyberpunk music project based in Melbourne, Australia.
Long regarded as one of Melbourne’s leading Electro-Industrial acts, SIRUS have established themselves internationally as a force to be reckoned with, thanks to their uncompromising efforts in production and experimentation with hybrid electronica. With influences spanning
World Music, EDM and Glitch, and with each live performance including unique elements
not present in any recorded material, they now reach out to conquer even more sonic
territory- by incorporating Progressive Metal influence into their already packed arsenal of audio weapons.


Signed to international powerhouse ‘Digital World Audio’, a boutique label with a
reputation for identifying and nurturing emerging talent across the Industrial music scene, SIRUS have enjoyed notable success on the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts), charting at position #6 for two solid weeks in 2016, with their second label-released album ‘Satellite Empire’. 2018 saw SIRUS embark on their first European tour, as well as the release of their most recent LP, ‘Apocrypha’, a concept album with “an incredibly rich and deep narrative of high-concept science fiction that’s absolutely mind-blowing…”- EoE (Epitome of Epic)


Sharing the stage with scene heavyweights such as Suicide Commando, Combichrist, 3Teeth, Aesthetic Perfection, Hocico, Grendel, and Savant, to name only a few, SIRUS have proven themselves a formidable ally in alternative electronic music.

Facebook: HERE
Bandcamp: HERE

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