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  • Occult trash


Aiden is an illustrator and comic artist based in London, living with his hamster Cinnamon. Aiden works in a range of styles, blending Japanese fashion and pop culture with a gothic edge.

Best known for his trans* comic ‘Bunny’, award winning fetish series ‘Secret London’, and the best-selling gift-book ‘Nihilist Bunnies’; most of Aiden’s work follows themes of sexuality, identity, and the occult. His merchandise covers everything from books, zines, prints, apparel, enamel pins, badges, stickers and much more!

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Shop: www.occulttrash.etsy.comPatreon: Media: @occulttrash

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  • Planet Magica



Planet Magica created by Krista Magica is a UK based Kawaii Harajuku street fashion, accessory, and art brand.

Creating magical pieces of handmade jewelry, accessories, and clothing suitable for many alternative fashions.

This shop also offers fun art prints, stickers, and occasionally original pieces of artwork to make your space more magical. 

Planet magica pieces often include inspirations from fashions such as pastel goth, uchuu-kei, menhera & yami kawaii, and creepy cute / pastel gore themes; as well as more soft pastel, cutesy items suitable for fairy kei & sweet lolita. 

Etsy store: HERE
Instagram:  HERE @PlanetMagica

Facebook:   HERE

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