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Darkwave anchor
  • Coloring Electric Like

A beautiful noise in a world gone mad.
Portland-based Coloring Electric Like lives simultaneously in the worlds of darkwave, industrial, shoegaze, and triphop. The duo create a sound that is surprisingly big - a sonic landscape of layered guitar and synthesizer, moving from dark and dreamy to searing and corrosive, with haunting vocals that get under your skin.

"..scope Portland’s Coloring Electric Like, who rampage beautifully, like a Northwestern My Bloody Valentine." - Dave Segal, Seattle Stranger


"...dreamy yet heavy sounds with strong rhythms and unforgettable vocals. Where industrial meets dreampop, shoegaze and darkwave, you will find Coloring Electric Like." - Dark Noise Radio


"...meticulously blended layers of sonic of shoegaze and industrial should find a lot to like..." - 100 Bands in 100 Days

Facebook: HERE

Instagram: @SuperBlaster

Twitter: HERE

  • Still Forever

Self taught producer and solo artist Still Forever, more usually known as Amy, debuted her performance of intimate, dark-wave electronica at Manchester’s Foundations Festival in 2018, and hasn’t stopped for long ever since with 2019 clocking up a healthy 15 shows across multiple cities, as well as an album and two single releases.

The sound of Still Forever is a continuous evolution, but can be broadly described as elements of eighties post-punk, electro-indie, synthesised soundscape and modern gothic intertwined beneath atmospheric, bipolar vocals.


Bandcamp: HERE   Facebook: HERE

Twitter: HERE   Instagram: HERE

Elektro Vox Music Festival
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