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Electro sub genres:

  • Electro-punk


  • Analogue Blood

Analogue Blood is a band from Darlington, in the north-east of England, officially made up of two members, 38-year-old Ian Hanratty (guitars, programming, synths) and 42-year-old Lee Teasdale (live drums).
Influenced by artists such as Front Line Assembly and Ministry, Orbital, Chemical Brothers, and obviously Prodigy, this band creates a very personal hybridization of industrial electronic music. Here, thanks in part to the presence of heavy guitars, the aggressiveness and power of punk and metal find their place alongside enthralling and involving danceable rhythms, merging Analogue Blood's favourite genres and styles.

Analogue Blood started making their music in the winter of 2018. By January 2019 they had written and recorded 6 songs that went on to form their debut EP, 'Advanced Weapon Systems Activated'. Feverish and visceral, and at times psychedelic, this release showcases the band's heterogeneous and adrenaline-rich style, ranging with creativity within the confines of EDM with techno and acid nuances.
After 'Advanced Weapon Systems Activated', Analogue Blood is released their next EP 'Kill Those Beats', In November 2020.

Bandcamp:  HERE   Facebook:  HERE


DEF NEON are a two-piece electro band based on the North Wales border.

Describing their sound as 'Daft Punk crossed with Siouxsie Sioux', their music is an eclectic and energetic mix of Rock, Dirty Electro, and Bass Music. The band signed to independent, Manchester-based Label Analoguetrash in early 2016, with their self-titled debut album released in November of that year.

As well as receiving airplay across the globe, Def Neon have garnered the attention of BBC Introducing, who awarded the track ‘Nightvision’ as their Big Thing Record of the Week in February 2018.


The band’s infectious sound and engaging performances across the UK have proved popular with live event organisers, industry-professionals and fans alike, leading to a number of high-profile support slots for acts such as The Birthday Massacre, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Orb, Death in Vegas and 65daysofstatic.

DEF NEON released their second album War Beats at the tail-end of 2020, through Analoguetrash.

Bandcamp:  HERE   Facebook:  HERE

Twitter:   HERE   YouYube:   HERE
Spotify:   HERE   Instagram: HERE

  • Ember Twin

Ember Twin is an Swedish alternative band from Gävle that consists of William E, Mikael and Malin. Three multi-instrumentalists that handle everything from writing to recording to production.

The band released their debut album, In Shapes, in 2018. The first single, God In The Radio, got featured as the intro theme to a Youtube show as well as played on the Swedish radio channel DistFM.

During 2018 they also released the energetic and synth-heavy EP “Nothing”. The first release where the band started getting more into blending punk with synth pop. They also made a music video for the single “I Can’t Turn You On”, that showed the band’s new direction and look.

In 2020 their second album “Let Us In” got released, featuring artwork by the Swedish artist Sandra Lundberg. The album saw the band take on genres like synth pop, dark wave and alternative rock. Mixing it all together into what a reviewer called "Diabolically Dancey Darkwave".
The first single “Fur” debuted on the radio show Metal Meyhem in England. In February the band played at the Local Heroes awards in Gävle and they were also nominated in the category “Best Music Video” for their single “I Can’t Turn You On”.

Bandcamp: HERE
Facebook: HERE


  • Pretty Addicted


Pretty Addicted is the loopy brainchild of Vicious Precious. 

Getting out her childhood issues by screamin' obscenities & makin' bangin' beats!

Mixing many genres and conforming to none, Pretty Addicted is like nothing you've ever heard before. It's dark, it's visual, it's animated, it's heavy, it's weird and it's HARD!

Lyric-heavy songs mean it's not just about the raving. Mental health is a big subject here & you get the raw emotions with Pretty Addicted.

It's like a manic depressive, demonic clown took you down a rabbit hole while you're fucked out of your head and looking for hell to find that hell is FUN!


If you like dance music, punk attitude, metal screams, creepy aesthetic, meaningful lyrics & hard beats, this is your new fave.


& the PA motto is: We come. We fuck shit up. We leave.

Facebook: HERE

Instagram: HERE

Spotify: HERE

Bandcamp: HERE

  • The Gothsicles


It’s star-born sounds off the starboard bow with the electric concoction what now hails from Boston! Witness the squidness with these globetrotting gamer-goth electronaut animal-enthusiasts who play a high-impact mix of dance beats and geek speak!

One time we were playing the illustrious Slimelight in London and our backing tracks got knocked out and so we were just kind of standing there, but the audience stayed with us until everything got sorted out and I thought that was really awesome.

Catch the electronic body magic!


An evil concoction of Punk Rock, Industrial Electronics, Pop Culture and Urban Decay. Siouxsie Suicide wear sunglasses after dark, drink too much sambuca, watch too much TV and play 3 chord punk songs on 5 string guitars over a backdrop of sampled beats, synths and police sirens. Debut digital single "Cheaper Than Suicide" is coming in December 2022.


Fusing the DIY spirit and attitude of ’77 with 21st century technology: guitars, synthesisers, samplers and fx racks. The distorted vocals and chugging guitars draw comparisons to Ministry, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, but SIOUXSIE'S range of influences include the Dead Kennedys, Fuzzgun Sniper, Sheep on Drugs, The Prodigy, The Cramps, Sex Pistols and Sisters of Mercy. In the studio SIOUXSIE is DJ Deadguy, assisted by a revolving lineup for live performances. Located on the border of Northants / Cambs / Bucks in the UK, SIOUXSIE is looking for support slots in 2023.

Digital single "Cheaper Than Suicide" coming 16th December!


Facebook: HERE

YouTube: HERE

Bandcamp: HERE

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