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Video interviews: Aesthetic perfection, PRIEST, and Amelia Arsenic.

Updated: May 7, 2019

Elektro Vox was luck enough to interview the acts palying at the 02 Islington 14/4/19

Elektro vox spoke to Daniel Graves and Joey of Aesthetic Perfection during the 'Into the Black' world tour.

Another interview with Daniel Graves can be found here

VIP package trailer

Ever the man of mystery, we spoke to the singer of PRIEST for the band's first ever video interview. On stage he is known as Mercury 1.2 and is known for his Hellraiser inspired spiked Gimp mask. Behind the scenes he wears a fellow band member's plague mask and is referred to only as Puppet master.

(Mentioned E-tropolis festival review can be found here.)

The wonderful Amelia speaks to us about her music and fashion line, as well as her musical past, and the pros and cons of being on tour.

A big thank you to Aesthetic Perfection, PRIEST, and Amelia, flag productions, and the 02 Islington.

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