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Album review: Auger - Insurgence

In the this third album we find a veritable artistic résumé that sparks multitudes of musical tastes, emotions, and nostalgia throughout. Kyle J Wilson has an immensely deep and powerful voice one would not expect from his frame. When he speaks, he is a happy and lightly spoken gentleman. When he sings it is as if drawn up and rumbled out from a possession; yet not in the 'exorcist' sort of fashion, more that of a wise and ancient spirit using his body as a mouthpiece. That is genuinely the only way I can put across this voice too heavy for honey and too light for Evil.

In many ways Auger could be described as 'Gateway-Goth' in reference to how alcohol can be a gateway to harder stuff, this is indeed the magical music path Auger could take anyone on. Too often we have heard people push all alternative music under an umbrella of 'It's too heavy' and 'I cant understand what they're saying.' This album destroys all of those petty comments. Here there is amalgamation of Goth, rock, metal, and several sub genres in between thanks to the instrumental talent of Kieran Thornton with guitar riffs that blend genres with ease.

Set in a post apocalyptic world in which Auger seeks to rebuild through their Insurgency, the title track of the album is by far the most energetic and dance floor suitable track we have heard from the band thus far. Although Auger are very much their own self contained style of sound, there are aspects about them that tweak that nostalgia factor I mention. Whether it be 'Insurgence' giving you a modern day energetic Depeche Mode or 'Hit the lights' giving you 90's Nu-metal vibes whilst still layering modern Synthpop on top. 'Who can help me now' reminds you of the golden days of The Editors mixed with Muse, or even the odd twinge of Woodkid’s vocal twang that occasionally appears throughout. Either way, this album as I said could be described as gateway Goth; appealing to not only long term or 'traditional' Goth and alternative listeners but to those who are more inclined towards pop but want to dip their toes in the shallow end of the alternative 'pool.'

It is wonderful to hear such differences between each track whilst still maintaining their signature sound and the wonderful addition of the odd bit of German here and there. It offers something for everyone and the concept of the world the album seeks to build adds beautiful layers of relatability and connection with the songs as you listen, trying to decipher where the story is going with each track.

'Tell me I'm wrong' features Imogen Evans (only thirteen years old!) and further adds to the feast of taste selections in the album as she lends a very beautiful Hayley Williams-esque voice to the song followed by an interlude titled 'Moments too soon' which has to be one of the most emotional and heart wrenching tracks of the year so far. I was in a very happy mind set having received some good news to suddenly be brought down to harrowing emotion in the space of a minute listening to this track. It is a testament to the talent Auger offer and the power they wield.


Welcome 01:16

INSURGENCE 04:23 Nothing Left 04:06


My Death 04:22


It seems that Auger have finally hit the magical album that will bring them in to the spotlight they deserve. Having a lot of success so far in the German alternative scene, I hope that translates more so in the U.K. I will confess their two previous albums haven't been a regular listen for me even though there were some incredible tracks such as 'Burn' and 'My Guardian'; yet now I believe this album or at least a fair few songs in it will now be in my regular listening rotation.

Just as superheroes walk amongst the public in regular clothes, Auger appear to me much the same, hiding supreme musical powers in their day to day life until they grab a mic, a guitar, and let loose, stunning us all. Auger were meant to co-headline Elektro Vox music festival in March (see below) but sadly we still need to reschedule it when everything is calmer. This album fits our world perfectly right now and I hope Auger will find many more 'Miners' for their insurgency when they do finally grace our stage.

Top 3 tracks:

Tell me I'm wrong

INSURGENCE Who can help me now?


Technicality: 8

Dance factor: 6

Energy: 7

singing: 9.5

Re-playability: 8

Overall score: 7.7 / 10


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