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Album Review: BLACKBOOK - Radio Strange

Album cover of Radio Strange BLACKBOOK Radio Strange Elketro Vox Review

BLACKBOOK have released their second album Radio Strange, an album that I have longed for since they first made a HUGE impression on my partner and I at Resistanz Festival 2023. Review HERE We had not heard of them before then and every word sung live was crystal clear. Their music was a dopamine goldmine for our brains and we have pretty much listened to them every day since, eagerly consuming their first album 'Confessions Of The Innocent.' (We are still really sad we didn't get to meet or interview them at the festival!) Having released 7 singles from the album before It's release, I already felt like I knew this album inside out when released but the extra 5 songs that were new to me were wonderful additions to the catalogue.

I hope this album impresses you all as much as it has impressed me!


BLACKBOOK is a duo from Switzerland.

One half of the duo is responsible for various radio hits which are still among the most played Swiss songs, as well as the title song of a successful international Netflix series.

The other half is a musician of several of the best-known acts in Switzerland. His history as a songwriter and producer includes numerous chart successes and number 1 hits.


Ladies and gentlemen, tune your radios to a frequency that defies the ordinary, for you are about to embark on a journey like no other. Welcome to "Radio Strange," the clandestine radio station that dares to celebrate the art of being different.

In a world that often insists on conformity, "Radio Strange" emerges as a hidden gem for those who walk to the beat of their own synthpop rhythm. BLACKBOOK's forthcoming second album, "Radio Strange," is your exclusive invitation to a realm where feeling like an outcast is an exquisite privilege.

With a modern blend of futurepop, darkwave, synthwave, and darkpop, BLACKBOOK crafts a sound that is nothing short of extraordinary. This isn't just an album; it's a manifesto for those who revel in their uniqueness, a secret society of musical aficionados who know that being an outsider is a badge of honor.

"Radio Strange" is a refuge, a sanctuary for those who have always felt a little out of step with the world. It's a journey through time and sound, an invitation to join the enigmatic world of BLACKBOOK. Tune in where secrets are shared, differences are cherished, and join the ranks of the mysteriously extraordinary where we dance in the moonlight of non conformity.

The band BLACKBOOK from Sweden. Elektro Vox



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I'm going to start with the five new tracks that those familiar to BLACKBOOK already may not yet have heard on this release, starting with 'Under The Radar'. BLACKBOOK have this brilliant lyrical genius that can verbalise a lot of emotion and life experiences - frustrations even, that most artists couldn't even hope to express. With this track talking about disappearing off grid and wanting to leave everything behind, it really hits home for - I imagine - a lot of us in the work yourself to death lives we find ourselves in. This poignant lyrical content in 'Under The Radar' set against a satisfyingly positive and upbeat vibe of music is a brilliant contrast that even bring out a sense of hope as you listen, rather than despair.

'Out With A Bang' builds that soothing electro tension that only synthpop can provide then pumps out the feel good energy with the chorus to a resounding 'LET'S GO OUT!' and I can already imagine a crowd chanting along to that. This is grade A pure electronic serotonin. In fact I'd say it's a perfect anthem for getting ready to go out, for slamming down shots at a bar, or dancing mad on the floor with your closest friends. An absolute tune!

A little slower, a little more retro, and an emotional edge sharpens 'The City Sleeps'. This tracks throws in those brilliant and genre defining synthpop drum bursts. Which actually leads real nice in to 'Beautiful Lies' as those drums and the music in general becomes far more synthwave in style; Even more gentle in place, and even more emotional in the chorus. This is a ballad of regret, difficult decisions, and self belief. It's quite beautiful. 'Here In The Night' has had me singing the lyrics..

"And if I could do it all again, I guess I'd make the same mistake. If I could do it all again, you know I'd make the same mistake.."

This track is about finding the beauty of night life. The music washes over you like a moment of clarity and hope. Bravo.


ECHOES AND SHADOWS The band BLACKBOOK from Sweden. Elektro Vox

'Echoes And Shadows' explores personal growth, the changes within we all go through and the fading memory of different versions of our self. It is a well paced, good energy bop along.

I LOVE 'You Are Strange', yet another track that has me singing the chorus at least once a day to myself or at my partner.

(And often sung at me - or the cat - at least once a day too!) This track has fantastic drums, a joyful melody, and a perfect earworm chorus that makes this one of my regular favourites. And check out the dances! Brilliant!

The problem with BLACKBOOK (Which actually isn't a problem at all) is that most of their songs are just as catchy and good for a sing-along as the last. So once again 'Normal' is something that get's sung all the time in our house. This middle ground tempo synth track lives rent free in my head, which is a testament to just how great this track is! The video (and most of their videos) seems to have the most amazing Bisexual lighting as well right?..

"How does it feel to be normal? How does it feel to fit in? How does it feel to be normal? Do you feel anything at all?"

Fall in love with any nice ghosts recently? Well that seems to be the premise of 'Haunted Love'. The melody has a non stop dose of pure bliss energy, a bit of spooky distortion, and a chorus and electro drum beast that once again ooze that signature excellence of sound that BLACKBOOK have perfected.

'Painkiller' has a nostalgic brilliance to it as well as a retro sense of the best the 80's had to offer in terms of up tempo wonder tracks. The lyrics are relatable in the search for the great escape to the pains of life. Full of energy - Full of fun!

Add yet another to the tracks you'll be singing to yourself in no time with 'Everybody Is A Nobody'. This feels great, sounds great, and makes you move! (I mean check out the dancing astronaut, he gets it!) This should be played on every alternative dancefloor across the globe because it is an absolute BANGER! It has that brilliant mix of high energy beats and rhythm with a perfected moment of slowing down and building back up again, giving you just enough time to appreciate the way it makes you feel before throwing you back in to the bliss of dance!

Finally we come to 'No Way Out' and this ends the album with the sense of the philosophical. Talking about leaving others anger and hate behind, whilst living in the inescapable world we live in. It is a beat by beat foot tapper that really gets you thinking and wanting more.


With perfect clarity of sound in every word and note, BLACKBOOK have once again produced a masterpiece album that compliments their previous master work with outstanding track after outstanding track!

'Radio Strange' is what I would call a perfect sing-along album and even in the world of synthpop, I can't name any band that I personally can say the same about. At home or away, we always have them playing on Alexa, on our phones, or as part of the driving playlist.

BLACKBOOK have very much solidified themselves as one of our most cherished artists. 'Radio Strange' feels like a turning point in history that proves Synthpop is here to stay, and here to make us all feel so damn good!

Thank you!


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