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Album Review: Bow Ever Down - Let It Burn

First of all.. If that isn't one of the coolest album covers I have ever seen then I don't know what is! It is such a refreshing change to have an album full of female vocals to come out of the industrial world and I always get excited when discovering new vocalists that I haven't heard before. Kimberly's voice dances a perfect balance between raw and aggressive emotion with soothing and uplifting melody in and out of each track. In fact she VERY much reminds me of Emilie Autumn in vocal style making for a unique and fantastical twist to industrial / Gothic styled synthpop that I thoroughly enjoy.


Bow Ever Down was started in 1998 by singer song writer Kimberly Kornmeier.

Bow Ever Down has played some great clubs including Dracula's Ball at club shampoo in Philly, the Trocadero Theatre in Philly, and CBGB in N.Y.

Bow Ever Down also has performed with some great national acts including The Cruxshadows and Iris. As of 2021 Kimberly has joined forced with John Ruszin III from Carfax Abbey.