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Album review: 'Church for the malfunctioned' by Massive Ego.

Church for the Malfunctioned is one of those albums that grabs a hold of you and throws your heart down a whole new path of Gothic sub genre music to fall in love with whilst also digging deep at that nostalgia factor from similar music. Half of the music in my upbringing was that of Human League, Eurythmics, and Kraftwerk which is where that nostalgia factor takes root when I listen to the wonderful synth sound of Massive Ego’s music. Not only that but it also has the edge of more traditional industrial bands such as VNV Nation, Blutengel, and Gary Numan’s more recent works. Hailing from the UK, Massive Ego are experienced performers who find a lot of love in Germany.

Marc Massive’s voice is wonderfully soothing to listen to in it’s ideal balance between depth and that of someone compassionate. He is therefore suited well to the slightly different style that flow in and out of one another with each song; from the very emotionally heavy and meaningful ‘The Wolf’ to the energetic power singing of ‘Malfunctioning Me.’

There is a lot of talent in this album and the talent of Oliver Frost and Scott Collins is just as evident throughout each song just as much as Marc’s vocals. It feels like this is Massive Ego’s true form and I hope this Is the album that makes them huge headway this year. This is a 2 CD album with the second CD being home to remixes by other industrial acts. Some are remixed by giants of the scene also on the same music label of ‘Out of line music' such as Solar Fake and Blutengel; Some are from closer to home and well loved bands such as DKAG who have turned the track ‘Digital Heroin’ in to one hell of a bass heavy track.