Album review: Exit Guides - Promenade Cinema

Elektro Vox reviews the recently released second album by the self styled cinema-dramatic synthpop band, Promenade Cinema. Emma and Dorian of Promenade Cinema would have been playing Resistanz 2020 soon had it not been for the Covid-19 Crisis. So for your viewing pleasure, here is a quick review of 'Exit Guides'.

1. The arch house

The first single for the album released last year was well met with its deep and atmospheric feel complimenting the previous album. The strings played throughout are a real preview to the dramatic cinema-scape that the band attests to with their music.

Mainly accompanied by drums and little synths in this track, there is a bit of reverb when listened to with headphones. Emma's voice however more than makes up for this small flaw and presents a well rounded opening track for this release.

2. Cold fashion

A more upbeat track that breathes energy in to the listener with it's sense of urgency to tell the story behind the lyrics. This was the second single released before the album was launched. The layers of synths, drums, and vocals are well mixed that brings a crisp and unique feel to this song.

3. Nothing Nouveau

Now here is a very clever song that has really impressed me. At just over 7 minutes long, it almost sounds like three tracks in one.

At the 2 minute mark my jaw slipped open a fair way at the beautiful honey being poured in to my ears!

The wonderful thing about Promenade Cinema is that their music very well could be synthwave by itself if the drums were heavier and the singing was cut back, and yet they create their own style with their pop mix and dramatic tension. This truly is a wonderfully done piece with lyrics further adding to their cinematic theme which becomes rather relatable the longer you listen to them. This song touches a level of satisfaction that you wernt quite sure you even had.

4. Passions in the back room

A somewhat different offering to the previous three tracks with Dorian's vocals warming the audience up for some powerful pipes from Emma. There is a lot going on in this one and can seem a bit overwhelming in some places with its experimental mixing of styles.

5. Memoirs in glass

Straight away I was grabbed by the gripping power of the piano keys and the much slower and touching emotional content they play out alongside the serene vocals. I truly wasn't expecting such a sorrowful piece from P.C and it hit me right in the chest. This is reminiscent of Evanescence in some aspects, and even Madonna in others. Strangely I felt uplifted by the end of the melody. Impressive, very impressive.