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Album review: God Module 'The Unsound'

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

The king of Hellektro / Terror EBM returns

Ask someone to explain what the genre definition of Hellektro or terror and how it fits in to industrial music and for sure God Module would be the first two syllables on practically everyone's lips. In 2017 'Does this stuff freak you out? A retrospective' was released; a greatest hits if you will with some brilliant remixes thrown in too that is a throw back to the sample in the song 'Victims among friends.' God Module was solidified early in the pantheon of Industrial Gods with their albums 'Viscera' in 2005 and 'Let's go dark' in 2007. With this latest offering, that signature sound of dark tech and synthesized growls returns in top form for what could be another album that proves once again that God Module more than deserves that pantheon seat.

'The Unsound' will be released on July 12th.

As is to be expected, the lyrical content is very deep and emotional, often directed at those who have hurt, betrayed, or abused another. I feel that a lot of people are going to relate to the pain in those words and connect with the album as an experience that ties in with the life experiences of the listener as is often the case with music; few however touch quite the same deep nerves as God Module does. This brings a cathartic healing factor to the music which is in direct contrast to the initial sound of harsh hellektro and Aggrotech and yet there you are, Jasyn has ever worked wonders balancing the visceral noise of his music with the powerful message and deep seated emotion hidden just beneath the surface. As is well known, the best art comes from an artist who has known, or is, suffering.

Top 3 favourite tracks from 'The Unsound'....

Number 1: Cross my heart.

Already three singles have their own music videos and 'Cross my heart' is the opening track to the new album and I can say this for sure, on every God Module album, there is at least one track that will be played regularly in industrial night clubs for many, many years to come and this track is for sure going to be this album's contribution to that classic dance floor filling list.

The track is fairly true to the more rave style of industrial music with one hell of a catchy beat that is at a perfect tempo to dance to. It is classic God module.. Harsh vocals with a beat that is damn good fun.

"God Module, please check your brakes. This track is comin' in too hot." -Fishfins in the video comments.

Number 2: Grey Forces

This is the signature sound personified. Reminiscent of many of their classic tracks and samples style. I love how upbeat and vocal this track is. It has that nostalgia factor whilst still being brand new and I hope to see this one played live in future.

Number 3: Deja Vu Another track with a good dance vibe that keeps with the more horror-like feel God Mod is known for with a dark sample thrown in which this album seems to lack in comparison to previous offerings.

As previous mentioned there are two more videos from the album already, both found below...


'Unsound' Unsound has an ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) and Finite Automata remix to be released which can be found here

Overall the album puts me in the mind of H.P. Lovecraft or perhaps Edgar Alan Poe. I say that because this album could be a good soundtrack to a steampunk horror with its touch of classic madness in the midst of high tech industrial. It is an album that verges on a descent in to despair which is pulled off in a superb story novel fashion, to myself at least. It will be one of the most interesting and definitive industrial releases this year to be sure and I look forward to seeing where God Module go from here.

Pre order the new album on their bandcamp here Elektro Vox will be interviewing Jasyn of God Module on July 20th at Slimelight Elektrowerkz London where I shall ask Jasyn about the album and its meaning in person.

Find all of God Module's tour dates and venues here 18th - Glasgow Scotland – Ivory Blacks 19th - Manchester England – Night People God Module is Jasyn Bangert, assisted by Andrew Pearson.

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