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Interview+Album Review: Hexheart - Funeral Flowers

There is something truly magic in the way Jasyn weaves his dark electronics, like a hypnotising illusion or charm that inserts itself in to your mind and unlocks little dopamine doors that have you sinking deep beneath the musical waves flowing within your mind. This was ever the case when the brief, quieter and more melodic moments that would crop up in his God Module tracks, before heading back in to aggrotech fury. In essence, with Hexheart, what we get is that non stop brain massaging reprieve music that makes for the ultimate Gothic chillout; Sometimes that is exactly what you need!


Hexheart is the Darkwave / Synth-Pop project of Seattle WA based musician/producer Jasyn Bangert.

The music is a mix of retro New Wave vibes and modern Synth-Pop electronics with the occasional Darkwave inspired guitar melody making an appearance. Dark emotional lyrics dealing with life, love and loss and are presented through slightly vocoded effects contributing to the "modern" nostalgic aesthetic.

"Writing this record is one of the few things that kept me even remotely sane during the last couple years. I felt I had to create something beautiful myself because it was hard to find much beauty anywhere in the world at the time. in doing so I feel that I found what Hexheart was supposed to be. This collection of songs is extremely personal to me. Some of the truths I found during this time were inspirational in some ways and many others were much darker. For better or worse this release was built upon these same questions, feelings, thoughts and fears".



Q. Hi Jasyn! It’s over three years since our God Module video interview, and almost two since you debuted an online stream for me with Cyber EVM. How have things been with you and has the last couple of years of life in this bizarre world kept you busy?

A. I guess we should start with the obvious, Covid basically fucked every part of my life that didn’t around being at home. I had a hard time with the lockdown situation. For over two years life looked nothing like anything that even resembled normal for me and for everyone. I’m a bit on the pessimistic side normally but I felt very close to just giving up any hope of normalcy ever returning. The pandemic wasn’t really the entire reason but more how people and our “leaders” reacted to it, especially in the US. It was a pretty creepy time in the world and in my head, which is where I spent far to much time during all of this. Luckily no one I was close with died, so that was a good thing. But other than watch a lot of films and play a lot of video games I basically just wrote this Hexheart record and attempted to not lose my mind.

Q. Speaking of Cyber EVM, the room you played in seemed covered from head to toe in cult horror memorabilia. I take it you’re a big horror fan, so what are some of your top favourite media of both past and present that you’d recommend for people to see?

A. Yea, I have a little bit of a horror addiction. At this point what I keep out in studio is my Friday the 13th stuff. Posters, art, collectibles, masks etc. I just don’t have enough room to display all the other stuff I have in my collection. As for films or books, there are quite a few things I have liked recently. I’ll just give you a little movie list. Crimes of the Future The Deep House The Black Phone X You Are Not My Mother Antlers Last Night in Soho As for other media, I’ve been listening to too many podcasts and not reading enough. But I highly recorded The Cryptonaut Podcast. Tons of awesome stories and discussions of strange, unexplainable events and happenings throughout the world.

Q. Hexheart is both very different but also similar to God Module, for those who still aren’t aware of your Hexheart project could you please describe what its all about?

A. It has no choice but to be somewhat similar to God Module because I am the person creating the music for both projects in the studio. I think the new Hexheart record does a really good job of separating itself from my other work. Both projects are just me making music I like. Hexheart gives me a place to get out the more melodic, 80’s Darkwave / Synth Pop aspects of my musical tastes.

Q. This is the second Hexheart album. For you, what are the main changes and differences there from the Midnight on a moonless night?

A. The first record was built upon songs I had written for God Module and they just didn’t feel right for that project at the time. They changed a lot as they were turned into what they became, but not really enough to give the project its own identity. Also the new record is just me, as opposed to last one including guitars by Patrick Hogan and some programming from Andrew Pearson. I’m very proud of what we did with the first record, we completed two North American tours, played at Wave Goth Treffen etc. Yet I feel I have found what I wanted the project to be with the new record.

Q. Which song are most emotionally important to you on this album and could you give us a breakdown of some of the lyrics which you most connect with?

A. Almost all the lyrics in the songs are in stark contrast to the music. I felt I needed to create music that to me felt happy, beautiful and optimistic. All these songs were written during the worst parts of the pandemic and it was hard for me to find those things anywhere in the world at the time.

When it came to writing the lyrics, the same thing did not happen. These songs are very personal, in that most of them are in some way about me and what was in my head at the time. There are some apocalyptic themes through out because that’s where my thoughts were. But at the same time they deal with the people who are very important to my life. My wife Courtney, my family and the few close friends I have. These themes are most obviously heard in the songs RED, (bottom of) BELOW and Erase Yesterday.

Q. What artists have you been listening to most lately?

A. Right now I listen to Kanga more than any other artist and have for a while. She is so fucking talented and her work just keeps getting better. I also really like the band Korine. I do find myself listening to a lot of older 80’s/90’s Alternative, Synth Pop and Darkwave these days. I think that is just part of growing old sadly. Falling back on the music you first strongly connected to.

Q. For you, what are some of the best parts of the alternative scene that you want to see continue and grow; and what are some of the not so great parts of the alternative scene that you’d like to see change?

A. I think one of the best parts is that the majority of the people making the music are or at least started off as fans themselves. I think this shows most of the time in how approachable and grounded most bands are with their fans. Sadly that’s not always the case. There are a few people who seem to believe they have all the answers for everyone and every situation regarding the music scene. Sadly this probably won’t change and seems to be spreading now that everyone is on social media pretending to be whatever they want to tell people they are.

Q. What life advice can you share from your experience over the years in the music and alternative scene?

A. It's hard to give any overall advice because everyone’s situation is different, even within the same scene. But stay humble, to an extent. All art is subjective and everyone has opinions on everything. But if you believe in your art and enjoy doing it then if it ever seems like you are the only one who does at times you are still good.

Q. Is there anything any of you would like to say to your fans?

A. Well it’s been a long time since we were on tour so I hope to see as many of them as possible, as soon as possible!


Funeral Flowers is a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end. It follows that rather wonderful formula of beautiful sounding melody with - what on first listen, are equally beautiful vocals. In true Gothic style though, once you process the lyrics that you're hearing and the theme they follow, you realise how sinister the lyrics truly are; The impressively sharp thorns amongst the roses.

There is always a very fine line between signature sound and having track sound too similar from one to the next. What Jasyn has crafted here however is nine songs that alone are all unique from one another but conceptually back to back, they flow so well together and so free that most of the way through the album, you hardly realise the tracks have been changing. In essence, it feels like one long beautiful story that seamlessly bridges from chapter to chapter with pure delight.

We start off with a joyously upbeat and somewhat retro 'Erase Yesterday' and Jasyn was certainly right when describing Hexheart as nostalgic because that's what this track brings to the fore; It reminds me of childhood gameshows on the TV but strikingly, some of the memories I really wish I didn't have as well, you know, those intrusive ones that suddenly pop up and make you cringe? Not the song's fault of course, but it's amazing how a piece of music can take you on little journeys you weren't expecting at all.

'RED' feels like a sci-fi adventure, 'OV ME' feels like a thriller set in an arcade, and '(bottom of) BELOW' has you exploring some quite interesting corners of your mind as the music and distorted vocals weave their way through your skull.

'The Funeral Party' kicks in a little of that 80's themed chillstep mixed with a helping of 90's rave nostalgic.

It's quite an upbeat and dance friendly track even as the tone feels like the music is stuck beneath the surface of some invisible barrier, like the music is under your skin, inside your skull, or inside the coffin, thumping to be released from it's confinements and make some more 'treble'. A great piece.

'See in the Dark' is a slower but no less enjoyable track, as this one really did tickle my brain and satisfy something in my core that just absolutely loves this chilled out synth style. Again, It's a track that sounds lovely, but the lyrics are far darker, which is perfect!

Everything's wrong with the world tonight

Strangers falling from the sky

Make me feel so alive

Don't look for answers

You might not like what you find

I want to make this last forever

Or until were sure everyone else has died

'Psychic Friends' brings another interesting bounce about session of rhythm followed by 'After This' which is by far my favourite track on the album. It's like Depeche mode on LSD and stimulants, and It seems to be able to touch every part of your body and mind - From the electronic shivers of a sudden urge to dance running up your spine, to the clearing of brain fog from the deepest corners of your brain. I adore 'After This' and I'm sure you will too!

Lastly we have '(so far) BELOW' which lowers the tempo back down to the melancholic with the power of intense piano notes and heavy percussion and bass. This track is another rendition of the previous '(bottom of) BELOW' and it makes for a tragically beautiful twist to end upon and mellow out to.

Track List

Erase Yesterday RED OV ME (bottom of) BELOW The Funeral Party See in the Dark Psychic Friends After This (so far) BELOW


Hexheart is a fantastic project by Jasyn Bangert and one that I hope continues to grow in recognition and appreciation because this is the ideal music for any Gothic occasion. Feeling, happy, sad, or indifferent? Put Hexheart on! Hosting a house party, a date night, a family dinner, getting ready to go out, or just a night in with friends? Put Hexheart on!

A beautifully melancholic ensemble from start to finish, Funeral flowers is an album that finds its home in the deepest crevices of your mind and fill them with a healing balm of acceptance, vindication, and acknowledged pain in order to make way for joy and recovery. Funeral Flowers is a must hear album for any Goth electronic fan.


Technicality: 8/10

Soul factor: 9/10

Energy: 8/10

Vocals/Samples: 9/10

Re-play value: 9/10

Overall score: 8.6/10


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