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Interview+Album Review: Hexheart - Funeral Flowers

There is something truly magic in the way Jasyn weaves his dark electronics, like a hypnotising illusion or charm that inserts itself in to your mind and unlocks little dopamine doors that have you sinking deep beneath the musical waves flowing within your mind. This was ever the case when the brief, quieter and more melodic moments that would crop up in his God Module tracks, before heading back in to aggrotech fury. In essence, with Hexheart, what we get is that non stop brain massaging reprieve music that makes for the ultimate Gothic chillout; Sometimes that is exactly what you need!


Hexheart is the Darkwave / Synth-Pop project of Seattle WA based musician/producer Jasyn Bangert.

The music is a mix of retro New Wave vibes and modern Synth-Pop electronics with the occasional Darkwave inspired guitar melody making an appearance. Dark emotional lyrics dealing with life, love and loss and are presented through slightly vocoded effects contributing to the "modern" nostalgic aesthetic.

"Writing this record is one of the few things that kept me even remotely sane during the last couple years. I felt I had to create something beautiful myself because it was hard to find much beauty anywhere in the world at the time. in doing so I feel that I found what Hexheart was supposed to be. This collection of songs is extremely personal to me. Some of the truths I found during this time were inspirational in some ways and many others were much darker. For better or worse this release was built upon these same questions, feelings, thoughts and fears".