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Album review: Redemption by Introspect.

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Here we bring you another dark synthetic offering for those who are fans of the likes of Perturbator, Gunship, and Dav Dralleon who we reviewed recently as well. Introspect hail from France and In their own words Intospect are: 'Dark room, unreal lights, sexy silhouettes dancing to a powerful, dangerous, and thrilling music: Introspect aims at provoking deep emotions, repressed desires, and forsaken memories. Mixing funky basses and metal guitars with techno drums and retro synths, his music—sometimes epic, sometimes menacing, always punchy, always funky—lends itself equally to neon-lit dance-floors and solitary night rides.'

Track list: 1. Unmake my love 2. Breathing strobe 3. The Flayed dancer 4. Alien sex (pt.1)

5. No turning back 6. Come up 7. Dance with me 8. Soumets-Toi 9. Delirium 10. The Agent


'Unmake my love' has a bass drop after a short intro that opens the door on a promise of satisfaction for the rest of the tracks to come. A sense of futuristic wonder and fantasy play out in the melody as a great tension builder and introduction to the album.

'Breathing Strobe' opens your eyes as wide as it drops your jaw once it kicks in. There is a real sense of atmosphere and even additions of some dub step style influences to the dark synth norm. This makes for a quite unique sound with an increase of variety with the twang of a bass guitar. A sinister slow down half way through is brought back up swiftly by uplifitng retro feelings; Only for you to be slammed with the bass drop once again in quite the eclectic mix that this track continues to provide from start to finish.

'The flayed dancer' begins as if you were standing outside a club with the sound of the music being muffled behind the walls of the club. As the track continues, it conjures the visual imagery of walking through the doors and in to the club as the music comes in to full clarity and intensity as if being led around an awesome piece of science fiction. When the track slows, it is at this point that the image of the flayed dancer is easy to picture. Ony three tracks in and already this album has an incredible ability to open the imagination up as if it were an interpretive art piece, able to tell entire stories simply through a few synthetic tones and notes alone. A whispered and sinister sample rounds off this offerring in a nicely darkened twist.

'Alien sex (Pt. 1)' Is a real foot stomper with unforgiving waves of bass and a beat so good that anyone could dance to it. The music and intensity levels flow in and out seemlesly in to a sound that can easily make you drift away in to dance fuelled joy.

'No turning back.' There is an almost solem intro with a hint of rain; Followed closely by a powerful and inspiring tune as one might expect in a montage or the hero of a film deciding to stand up and fight back. The synthetic keyboards send flushes of emotion in equal parts motivation and retro nostalgia. 'Come up.' So far this album has made me imagine it being played in the nightclubs of the 'Mass Effect' games and other similar dark sci fi futures with their mysterious dancefloors filled with danger, lust, and intrigue in equal amounts, and this track provides that imagery and atmosphere fully. I suppose this song is apptly named.. I can see how it would soundtrack that well. The pulse and rhythm of this track are unstoppable and undeniable as your feet impulsivley tap away along with your bobbing head. In fact I'm at a coffee shop with headphones on trying immensley hard not to start dancing away in public!

'Dance with me' is self explanitory and further supports my previous point. This track however feels far closer to the industrial sound of synthetic music, you may even compare it to some Modulate style of 'rave' industrial; or you might also say it has a Daft Punk when they worked on the Tron remake. It's a more faithful and alluring take on dark synth as a whole. Even so there is an element of experimenting with 'trap' music as it never quite goes where you think it's going to go throughout. It's a nice and heavy offering which I love. 'Soumets-Toi' has a strong and constant beat that now puts me in the mindset of the dark synth artist 'Gunship' with it's take on the truly darker side of synth. It is a much deeper offering for the senses and much needed to vent that pent up dance energy that the album has been building.

'Delirium' is a fast paced and somewhat experimental piece, one that may need a full night club set up with a great light show and cranked up surround sound volume to be fully appreciated, especially during it's slightly trance like come down section. However in headphones it doesn't quite seem to be heard effectivley. It feels out of place in regards to the rest of the album but has a rather unique take on the senses that I can't quite put my finger on but it is a fascinating listen and just as entertaining as the other tracks. 'The Agent.' This is another track that provides a playground for the imagination as it flows from aspect to aspect. This time I am put more in the mind set of a John Wick movie shootout scene. It rounds the album off well with a good balance of added interpritation for the mind.

Conclusion: With all the different styles flowing in and out of this album, Introspect has made himself stand out impressivley with 'Redemption' in a scene already overflowing with talent. Redemption is experimental, often thought provoking, and wholly satisfying throughout. Top three tracks: 1. 'Dance with me' 2. 'Come up' 3. 'Soumets-Toi'


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