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Covid-19 survival guide, with Syd.31

We spoke to Syd.31, about Covid-19. Although the interview is tongue in cheek, the subject is serious. Please scroll down to the bottom for links to websites able to help artists, people in debt, where to get advice, and many other seriously important help sites for you all. Please support each other and do what you can to keep artists going.

DM - Dr Madge KM - Kara Wolf Q. As a lover of all things apocalyptic, are you loving it right now?? KW- No! I hate it. This is not the apocalypse I wanted. I wanted to be a warlord stealing guzzaline, but instead we get a plague like thing. On the plus side, I get to play video games constantly. DM - Ha, I’ve been asked this loads recently. Mad Max and Fallout has always been a form of escapism for me, but mixed with real world fascination. In the real apocalypse, I’d rather be drab and dull and not stand out, although aggressive peacocking is defo a defensive measure to scare people off.

Q. People are asking when should we start dressing like Mad Max villains, what’s your take? Personally I say until the washing machine gives out which actually seems to be any day now.

KW - People should always dress like Mad Max villains - it looks cooler. Also - turn your washing machine into a War Rig DM- Pffft. If you aren't doing it already, you're a poser. Only joking. Most of the aesthetic for our apocalypse will be more like The Road or Threads. Just anything to try and keep us warm and dry and not stand out too much. Also, something with lots of pockets too. In modern collapsing societies, in places we often call ‘Failed States’ there is an element of people dressing utterly over the top and ridiculous, bright pink wigs, with army boots and Kalashnkovs.  Its a way of saying ‘I fucking dare you to say something, becasue I’m crazy and dont give a fuck! Please, give me ANY excuse to just fucking kill you’. The battles in Liberia in the early 2000s was a good example of that. Look at the soldiers in pink wigs, or wedding dresses turning up to attack. Terrifying and Mad Max for real.

Q. How is the lock down affecting you? KW - Not much has changed as I’m not out much unless its at gigs or day-to-day things. I was surviving before due to benefits and mental health. This is just another page in life that we are all going to have to deal with and get through. DM - Quite a mixed feeling to be honest. I’ve planned for this for years, so I'm confident in the steps I’ve taken, even if people took the piss at the time. It started for real in 2016 when populists took hold - I knew they would strip away all our ‘spare’ capacity to help and cope with system shocks and mixed in with a refusal to see whats actually happening. I’ve got quite a good stockpile for several months of food and goods I’ve built it up over the years. Its made me quite calm; But I’m feeling devastated about the impact its going to have on all our long term health, including mine. No one is going to come out of this without being affected; But now is the time for us to talk more about it, and its important to ask, so I really appreciate you doing that.

Q. Any tips for mental health in these difficult times? KW - Try and stay around your close ones, if thats possible. Finish projects that you hadn't, take, up a new hobby and try and keep your