Cyber EVM: Rewatch the band sets! £1k+ Raised In aid of the Slimelights survival fund! 9/10/20

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Cyber E.V.M (Elektro Vox Music) ended up being a great success raising well over £1000 for the Slimelight London (Elektrowerkz) survival fund. Here

A huge thank you to the performers, to the viewers, and to the donators!

Below are the bands available to rewatch in order:

DJ Elektro Vox

First industrial set

Set list:

Pretty Addicted - Filthy whore mouth

Binary Division - Midnight crisis Priest - Vaudeville

ES23 - Sweetmeat Seraphim System - Militant

Hatari - Spillingardens (E.S.A remix)

E.S.A (Electronic substance abuse) - I remember

GOHMA - Bone monitor

Grausame Töchter - Ich darf das!

Aesthetic Perfection - The dark half (Seraphim System remix) Menschdefekt - Plague (The human parasite)

Synapsyche - Meds (Placebo cover)

Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix (REMOVED DUE TO COPYRIGHT))


Exclusive full band show


First performance since Resistanz 2016

Set list:

Citizens (Schwefelgelb remix) - Randolph & Mortimer

Zero Ground - Fractions

Under Marble - Phase Fatale

2nd Limit - Cleric

Mort Vivant - Stonith

Death By Techno - Io

Killer Queen - Joyhauser

Wir Leben Fur Die Nacht - Dax J

Slamming - Rendered

Do You Read Me (Thomas P Heckmann remix) - Niereich/Hackler & Kuch

Zurig (Thomas P Heckmann remix) - Acid Junkies

What Time Is Love? - Antidote