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Discover: X-RL7 - A cyberpunk animated series featuring huge musician guests

Here we bring you one of the most talented and ambitious projects in recent times that deserves a whole lot of love. I have been enjoying this show not only for it's story and novel artwork, but the voice acting and songs are packed full of incredible talent. Some of the tracks in the series, especially 'Digital Deities' sung by Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection and 'Flicker' sung by Amie Evans have BLOWN ME AWAY. It is therefore your duty as a music fan to go and check this series out, subscribe, and appreciate the artistic glory on offer.


The series, created by Mike Evans of UK based electronic rock act MiXE1, chronicles the exploits of the fictional band X-RL7 in a mix of comedy, social commentary and original music.

The show follows the enigmatic X-RL7 frontman Omega as he navigates the trials and tribulations of the music industry alongside guitarist/producer PJ and flamboyant larger-than-life band manager Alfie in their journey to make it to the top of the musical foodchain.

X-RL7 facebook page: Here

Musicians whom have lent their voices to the show so far include:

Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence)

Rob "Rawrb" Kersey (Psychostick)

Daniel Graves (Aesthetic Perfection)

Lauren Babic (Red Handed Denial, Crazy Eighty Eight) Nyxx (Nyxx)

Erlend Eilertsen (Essence of Mind, Lights A.M.)

Mikey AlterRed (AlterRed)

Richard Kaltenhauser (Machine Rox)

Natasha Cox (AL1CE, Mankind Is Obsolete)

Sasha Travis (AL1CE)

Pete Crane (SHIV-R)

Craig Owens (Chiodos, D.R.U.G.S)

Roman Marisak (Professional Murder Music, Space Time)

Lawrie Bayldon (Studio-X)

Bridgette Hill (Studio-X)

Mike Evans (MiXE1)

Lee Towson (MiXE1)

Amelia Arsenic (Amelia Arsenic)

Chris Voigt (Greasy Tales, Sexual Lobster)

Michael Joseph (Rockstar Esoterica)

As I mentioned at the beginning, the track 'Digital Deities' has really stood out. Aesthetic Perfection has always been a favourite of mine and this track stands alone from the rest in that it keeps the genuine Daniel Graves signature sound but the song heads in a direction the artist has never quite gone down and I love it.

Digital Deities Lyric video:

Not only does this series provide some great entertainment and the ability to listen to the songs separate from the show, but Mike has taken a lot of time to make behind the scenes videos with interviews from the artists themselves. I genuinely enjoyed the video below with Daniel Graves telling us about his character and how he has always wanted to voice act.

In so watching I have come to appreciate just how much skill, dedication, and genuine passion for story telling and intelligence Mike has put in to the lyrical content of the show. I really look forward to seeing how this develops in future!

Backstage with Daniel Graves:

To top this all off the show has the first collection of tracks gathered in to the album 'Apotheosis music' available on all the usual digital outlets. On their patreon there is also the ability to discover tracks unreleased anywhere else!

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