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Elektro Vox Music live stream radio, episode 1. 6th May 2020

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

First twitch 'radio' ( episode Wednesday 6th May 2020 featuring news, new releases, unreleased track, and tracks I feel you all deserve to know about from bands including..

Hatari, 3TEETH + MATT HART, Auger, MENSCHDEFEKT, MASSIVE EGO, Blutengel+Hocico, Seraphim System, ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse, Chamaeleon, Pretty Addicted, Jan Doyle Band, Biomechanimal, and more!

Thank you to those who tuned in! Had a few microphone problems but that's standard with industrial shows right? (the sound is now fixed but I felt it more authentic to keep it uncut)

Elektro Vox claims no rights to the music in this video. The show is for the intention of promoting the musicians and increasing their fan base and therefore music sales. All artists have been approached for permission or given permission in the music's use.

Each episode is also to promote a charitable or good cause. This episode's charitable cause is Beat:Cancer.


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