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EVM Fest In aid of Beat:Cancer. 28th March, Elektrowerkz London. All the info!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Although Beat:Cancer is over for the foreseeable future, the fight is not. Together with Cosmic: Hard dance and other events, Elektro Vox seeks to carry on supporting the great cause; and in doing so, continuing to bring you some fantastic industrial bands. Elektro Vox Music Festival (or EVM Fest for short) will see in the first year anniversary of Elektro Vox bringing you interviews, reviews, and news!

Chamaeleon will be performing for us in their UK debut! As well as other fantastic bands who are all bringing you their music for two reasons..

1. For the love of the industrial scene and the fans.

2. Because every single one of us will be affected by cancer in our life time, be it ourselves, a family member, or a loved one / friend. it affects us all and the terrible tragedy and loss that it brings.

For many of you who may have seen some of these bands before, don't just think this is another show. The Beat:Cancer cause has always brought out the best performances from artists both from the UK and worldwide; Notto mention there will be plenty of surprises in store, including Karkasaurs catering to far more mashed up industrial than you will have experienced from them before.

Please join us, spread the word, share our event, invite your friends lists, buy advance tickets etc and Support the bands in their charitable cause.

Help us make this a success so that Elektro Vox can bring you more EVM Festivals with many more bands and keep the Beat:Cancer spirit and industrial rave alive. Thank you!

Scroll down to the end for stage times! Below is all the info about the bands, multiple YouTube videos, as well as bandcamp plugins to listen to.

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Beat:Cancer website is where you can get tickets:

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