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EVM Fest In aid of Beat:Cancer. 28th March, Elektrowerkz London. All the info!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Although Beat:Cancer is over for the foreseeable future, the fight is not. Together with Cosmic: Hard dance and other events, Elektro Vox seeks to carry on supporting the great cause; and in doing so, continuing to bring you some fantastic industrial bands. Elektro Vox Music Festival (or EVM Fest for short) will see in the first year anniversary of Elektro Vox bringing you interviews, reviews, and news!

Chamaeleon will be performing for us in their UK debut! As well as other fantastic bands who are all bringing you their music for two reasons..

1. For the love of the industrial scene and the fans.

2. Because every single one of us will be affected by cancer in our life time, be it ourselves, a family member, or a loved one / friend. it affects us all and the terrible tragedy and loss that it brings.

For many of you who may have seen some of these bands before, don't just think this is another show. The Beat:Cancer cause has always brought out the best performances from artists both from the UK and worldwide; Notto mention there will be plenty of surprises in store, including Karkasaurs catering to far more mashed up industrial than you will have experienced from them before.

Please join us, spread the word, share our event, invite your friends lists, buy advance tickets etc and Support the bands in their charitable cause.

Help us make this a success so that Elektro Vox can bring you more EVM Festivals with many more bands and keep the Beat:Cancer spirit and industrial rave alive. Thank you!

Scroll down to the end for stage times! Below is all the info about the bands, multiple YouTube videos, as well as bandcamp plugins to listen to.

Click for event page

Beat:Cancer website is where you can get tickets:

Add EVM Festr to your Songkick calendar: HERE


Having been one of the hardest working bands around in recent times, the band goes from strength to strength pulling in more and more fans wherever they go. Their sound is unique, their personality is charming, and the set will no doubt be fire.

Auger are Kyle Wilson (24)(vocals, programming and live keyboards) and Kieran Thornton (24) (Guitars and backing vocals).AUGER burst onto a unsuspecting scene in mid 2017 with their double sided debut single "My Guardian / New Life" (Rebco Records) quickly followed by their debut album "The Awakening" (Rebco). Both releases enjoyed critical acclaim and substantial air play on both scene radio shows worldwide and at club nights. For those very early plays the band will always be extremely grateful.

They perfected their stage craft with a series of high profile support slots around the UK with the likes of Cruxshadows, Gothminister, Ost + Front, Solar Fake, Massive Ego, Sulpher and Young Gods, culminating in being chosen as UK tour support for Lord Of The Lost.

As a result of all this activity they were picked up by Dark Tunes Music Group (Germany)for a three album deal. This saw their debut album' The Awakening' being remixed, re mastered and re released worldwide in mid 2018. It spent 8 weeks in the German Alternative Chart (DAC) reaching No 3.It was now time for the band to step out on the wider European stage which has seen them play in Belgium (Wave Festival), The Netherlands (with both Mesh & She Past Away), Finland (Lumous Festival), Estonia (Darkland Fire Festival), Malta (Dark Malta Festival with Lord Of The Lost), Austria (Schattenwelt Festival), and many show's in Germany (including tour supports with Stoneman & Clan of Xymox)

A new single and video was released in the run up to their second album called 'Find My Own Way Out'. This spent 8 weeks in the DAC reaching the hallowed No1 spot. Their second album was released mid 2019 entitled 'From Now On I', complete with a animated video for 'When We Are Apart'. The album reached No5 in the DAC, meaning both albums to date had now gone top five.

A new album is currently being produced (as yet untitled) for release in mid 2020.AUGER stand ready to unleash a new torrent of electro industrial beats to herald a new chapter in their journey. We trust you will join us. Its going to be a hell of a ride.

The band are looking forward to playing Elektro Vox Festival and raising money for a great cause that is very close to our hearts.

AUGER describe their unique sound as 'dynamic darkwave', being a hyper melodic amalgam of dark rock, industrial, goth, electro and metal.The band enjoy a very close relationship with their fan's who are known as AUGER 'Miner's'.

Fun fact: Kyle co produced and engineered the 'Church Of The Malfunctioned' album for Massive Ego (Out Of Line Records)

Excerpt of out interview (HERE) with Auger: Q. The music video ‘When we are apart’ is doing well and I often see my friends share it to their Facebook. Can you tell us a bit more about what we see in the video?

A. As I mentioned before it tells the story of my grandmother's battle with cancer. The video, however, we left to the artist to interpret the song as well as parts of the story into a short scene. I think that's the beauty of the song, every one has their own interpretation of it. Kieran even had his own idea of what the song was about before I told him, I think that's quite special.


'BIOMECHANIMAL /// LONDØN INDUSTRIAL KIDS /// Not taking your sh*t since 2013.. probably.'

Elektro Vox Music Festival (In aid of Beat:Cancer) is honoured to have Biomechanimal on our line-up. Bio have been pushing themselves harder and harder over the last few years and have embedded themselves firmly in the UK industrial scene's metaphorical walk of fame. Once again supporting Aesthetic Perfection soon; a new single close to release, as well as a new album on the horizon, Elektro Vox has said it before and will damn well say it again.. This is the band going places and will follow in the footsteps of the greats.

Started in 2013, and self-releasing the self-titled debut album in 2015, Bio has been a staple of the underground London alternative and industrial scene for about 5 years. If you have seen Grendel, Aesthetic Perfection, The Birthday Massacre, Covenant, Faderhead, or any of the industrial big hitters in London, Biomechanimal was probably on the bill at some point in time. With an aggressive, physical live show, they have often been touted as ‘one to watch’ of the UK dark electronic scene.

After teasing new material for some time, the Biomechanimal of 2020 is the strongest the band has ever been. With frontman and producer Matthew Simpson leading the charge, supported by Keith Kamholz (Mechanical Vein) of electro-axe fame, and Lex Liebert on live guitars, the band has numerous releases planned to drop this year including the new collaboration single with Mechanical vain titled 'Waves.'

Drawing from a diverse pool of genres Biomechanimal’s eclectic sound is dangerously catchy and by Granfalloon, you will be raising your fist with them too.

(E.V: I always ask them to play Granfalloon!)


Chamaeleon will be performing their first ever UK show! Chamaeleon were formed by Alex and Nico in 2009. The band is of Russian/Greek origins now based in the UK and Cyprus. In 2013 the band released their first album "Sick | perVerTed" with Artificial Sun Records.

In 2015 the band signed with Insane Records and released an EP called "Suppression" (See their raunchy video in the comments below, you'll recognise the tune straight away!) and their 2nd album "Evil Is Good" followed the same year.

In 2019 the band released and EP called "Fear" and is currently working on their 3rd album. The band has been included in dozens of compilations with exclusive tracks, covers, remixes or being remixed by other bands. Most notable compilations were 'Endzeit Bunkertracks act VII' and 'Endzeit Bunkertracks act VIII' as well as on various compilations of the "Terror Night" series. You can often find them on DJ Wintermute Electro-Ebm's amazing Youtube mixes.


Karkasaurus will be keeping you entertained between bands and will finish up EVM Fest with a 30 minute pulse pounding live DJ set straight after the headliners have played as the perfect way to pulverise you in to dance submission ready for Slimelight!

"Clever boys..."

DJ Kark and DJ Peewee, residents of Beat:Cancer and the alt. & LGTBTQ+ friendly Cosmic Hard Dance, joined forces to form this tyrannosaurus wreck of an act. For their dino-mite sets expect terrible costumes, too much energy to safely handle and plenty of high octane tunes; ranging from Industrial Techno, Hardstyle, Hardcore and Frenchcore.

The Jurassic Duo bring to the decks liberal lashings of off the wall covers, remixes and bootlegs along with live mashups, idiotic sampling and exclusives! They hold a host of Industrial and Hard Dance residencies alongside guest sets at Ministry of Sound, XOYO, Infest, Slimelight, and Resistanz.

Between them they have played on lineups with some of the best including Headhunterz, Keltek (ex Pskyo Punkz), Darren Styles, Kutski, Hixxy, Scott Brown, Zardonic, Lab4, Dougal, Frisky, Andy Farley, Mark Breeze, Ravine, Cally, Mark EG, Organ Donors, Sicknarf, Rob Da Rhythm and many more.


Matt Hart is one of the most active and talented members of the gothic community involved in multiple musical projects. Matt has supported some of the greats such as God Module, Grendel, and 3TEETH (DJ set). He was also a main stage act at Static Darkness Festival. Having solidified his sound and style with the recent release of TERRA 3808, (Detailed review HERE) Matt continues to become an ever growing power house in the world of industrial music. The extremley talented Jerome Badoux lends his guitar skills to the live shows adding an extra layer of impressive immersion to the hellscape future Matt's music narrates.

Matt Hart conceived the idea to write electronic/industrial music under his own name about 15 years ago and has been writing music on the side ever since. However, holding down a day job, spending some time playing guitar and bass with London industrialists, CONCRETE LUNG, and DJing at seminal London alternative club, SLIMELIGHT, held him back from focusing on his own creation.

In 2017 things changed and he decided to release a back catalogue of thirteen tracks called the ‘Anthology of Corrosion’ in January. With renewed vigour for creation he then put out a two track single ‘Judge & Punish’ in March.

Later in 2017 he released his first ‘proper’ EP, ‘Chaos Rising’ and was reviewed by a few scene magazines….

"It’s not perfect – at points it is in awe of the influences rather than being inspired by them – but this is a solid start, and I can only hope Matt will follow this up with more material in the future.” - amodelofcontrol.

More material followed in january 2018 with ’Transition01' and ‘Chaos Rising 2’ on the 14th March. On August 9th he released ‘Mercury Flow’ and b-side, ‘Better World (remastered)’. Chaos Rising 3 was released on 30th November 2018.

2018 was also the year to bring the chaos to the stage with live guitarist, Jerome Badoux of Drilling Spree. March 24th saw Matt support Mortalitech at Zigfred Von Underbelly and more recently he supported [:SITD:] at the Electrowerkz. He has since received lots of good words towards his live show and will continue to evolve the music for the stage.

2019 began with a bang supporting Sulpher and Sheep on Drugs at the Lexington, in April Matt supported Grendel and in July he supported God Module and ESA both at the Electrowerkz.

The Chaos Rising trilogy was produced, mixed and mastered by Matt himself and the artwork has been created by Vlad McNeally of kallistidesign. Moving forward and starting with the new album TERRA 3808, Matt has employed the technical services of Adi Calef of DNA Studios London for all mixing and mastering.

Matt’s music can be found at and a Spotify playlist of tracks used in the last live show can be found here -

Other links:

FaceBook: MATT HART Twitter: Instagram: @matthart3808

Still Forever

A truly unique take on the spectrum of electronic goth and the hybrid sounds of modern darkwave. An atmopspheric and emotion plucking artistry of songs that would appeal to a broad spectrum from fans of Human league, to Placebo, to current artists in the scene such as Witch of the Vale and Dreams Divide. We are very proud to have such an intreguing artist and her amalgamations of style playing at EVM fest!

Self taught producer and solo artist Still Forever, more usually known as Amy, debuted her performance of intimate, dark-wave electronica at Manchester’s Foundations Festival in 2018, and hasn’t stopped for long ever since with 2019 clocking up a healthy 15 shows across multiple cities, as well as an album and two single releases.

The sound of Still Forever is a continuous evolution, but can be broadly described as elements of eighties post-punk, electro-indie, synthesised soundscape and modern gothic intertwined beneath atmospheric, bipolar vocals.

2020 promises even more with several performances confirmed early on, plus more shows around the UK yet to announce, a second album scheduled for release in February, and a few extra surprises planned for throughout the year.

Reviews and Remarks “The lovely and very hard working [Still Forever] smashed it this year with gigs galore and this awesome little album, she rocks Siouxsie vibes and is a talented synth player and programmer. My favourites are Bleak and In The Blood, catch her soon, her live performance is fantastic.” - Tiffanie Wells on 2019’s album Atemporal“

Exquisite soundscapes topped with dream-pop vocals.” - David, St Lucifer

“In a genre where everyone sounds derivative to me, you’ve got something a little different.” - Ryan, Witch of the Vale

“This set was truly a testament to how much she’s developed and grown as an artist in such a short space of time. [She] put on a fantastic performance, the moody dark-wave tones generating an incredibly rich, mesmerising atmosphere. Sonically, it was truly gripping, and she had a strong stage presence.” - Epitome of Epic (on March 2019s Reading performance)

“It’s a bit like gothic trip hop”- Audience member at a Manchester show

Stage times

(Subject to change)

  1. 18:00 Doors

  2. 18:30-19:00 Still Forever - 30 mins

  3. 19:15-1945  Matt Hart - 30 mins

  4. 20:00-20:40 Chamealeon - 40 mins

  5. 20:55-21:35 Biomechanimal - 40 mins

  6. 21:35-21:50 Beat:Cancer raffle and announcements (Any contribution towards the raffle prizes is as ever, very much appreciated!)

  7. 21:50-22:30 Auger -40 mins

  8. 22:30-23:00 Karkasaurus -30 mins

  9. Free entry to Slimelight!

Who are Beat:Cancer?

Here are two excerpts from our in depth article on Beat:Cancer and an interview with it's founder Mark, who is also one half of Karkasaurus. Available HERE On the Beat:Cancer website you can grab a ticket to EVM fest, find out more about them, and also read a regularly updated blog written by Mark's father who is himself fighting Cancer at the moment. So again, support towards this cause is incredibly appreciated.

Also in aid of Beat:Cancer on the 22nd of Feb:


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