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Gallery: Biomechanimal's first London Headline show 5th Oct 2019

I have been known to gush over this band before and won't live review them properly again. However I have previously said.. 'Truly Biomechanimal are one of the rising stars of the industrial music scene.' In full expectation they once again blew the roof off of Slimelights in their first London headline show. A few technical diffculties seem to be had but even so this did not detract from what was another incredible show that proved once again why they have such loyal fans who attend each of their sets.

Matthew Simpson,Keith Kamholz, and Lex Liebert truly are a power house of an act together.

New to Biomechanimal? Check out the adrenaline and sample heavy tracks 'Elder Gods' and 'Granfalloon' first on their Band camp or Spotify.

Mechanical vein is the side project band of Biomechanimal's Keith Kamholz who opened the evening, showing a different aspect of talent for Keith. Ghosts performed their first live show and they did so admirably, sounding very profesional already. Ded.Pixel also did the night credit with their artfully ambient music that flows in and out of tempo in a way very few others bands could manage.

All in all it was a night to make industrial music history and I am happy that I got to be a part of that! Hopefully we will see them at some upcoming festivals, hint hint organisers!

Here are some videos and photos of Biomechanimal. Please forgive the low quality as they were filmed via Facebook live and that doesn't allow for much in the way of quality unfortunatley!


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