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Infest Festival 2023 - All the Info!

Everything you need to know, want to know, and had no idea about for Infest 2023 in one place!

(Best viewed on PC or Tablet)

What you can find here:

  1. Set List and after party times + Extra info on the Thursday warm up show, lazer quest, day themes etc.

  2. Band info

  3. A huge Infest 2023 Spotify playlist and a venue map (Both just below this)

Map Key

Red - Venues Green - Trains Blue - Some of the many hotels


After the storming success of the last two warm up parties, we are back with another awesome line up to kickstart your INFEST weekend!

This year’s headline act are one of the most popular EBM / Industrial acts to emerge in recent years, GRENDEL founded in 2000, has its roots in sharper Electronic Body Music and Industrial music and were at the forefront of the 'Hellektro' '00s movement. Since then, the band has steadily evolved beyond the genre, combining a wide range of influences and sounds while providing insight into their philosophy and often dystopian predictions of the future.

The long awaited return of METHOD CELL! They have just released an epic new album and play their debut reformation show for us. After enough time crafting their long anticipated follow up album, they have made a triumphant return in 2023 with their second album “Last One Standing”, bringing their wit, wisdom and acerbic humour to life’s trials and tragedies.

Manchester’s DEF NEON with their take on industrial electronic music meets rave up -they always get people jumping to their hi energy sets and their cheery smiles always bring everyone up with them!

VAEIN were one of last year’s Infest surprising hottest acts and return to Bradford to consolidate their deep and dark and occasionally sleazy take on electronic music! Definitely ones to watch!

CHRYSALID HOMO are a recent Flag Promotions discovery hailing from Salford, this 3 piece will bring a smile to everyone with their gallow humour and superb lo-if synth beats, imagine early Human League mixed with John Foxx and Berlin era Bowie but delivered with a deadpan John Cooper Clarke style sarcasm that’s difficult to keep a straight face to, seriously entertaining, don’t miss!

Opening act are the excellent DIMETHOXY, a dark electronic bass music project from the industrial wastelands of South Wales. An experimental blend of multiple genres reimagined in a dark new world. Frontman David has a huge impact on the Cardiff industrial and EBM scene where he runs a very successful club night.

Set Times:


St George's Hall open 19:00 - 23:00



Genevieve Pasquier


Beborn Beton



Afterparty venue 23:00 - 3:00

Entry with Infest wristband

Porno Karaoke


Al's Juke Bar

Afterparty venue 23:00 - 3:00

Entry with Infest wristband



Here’s your chance to play with some frikkin lazers! …with the chance to target some of this year's Infest artists.

This special offer gives you 3 games for the price of 2.

// Saturday Lunchtime //

Saturday lunchtime session finishing in time to get over to the venue and catch the first act, the aptly named Silent Weapon!

Limited spaces so get your order in ASAP.

What and When?

3 games Meet at 12:40hrs Games start at 13:00hrs Games end 1400hrs (60mins duration)


Although no official theme days this year, it seems many people are going to be following a Pokémon dress up theme on the Saturday; Either as Pokémon themselves, Pokémon trainers, or as team rocket etc

So feel free to join in on that!

St George's Hall open

15:00 - 23:00

Silent Weapon


Capital X









Afterparty venue

22:30 - 3:00

Entry with Infest wristband

Red meat


Al's Juke Bar

Afterparty venue

22:30 - 3:00

Entry with Infest wristband



St George's Hall open

15:00 - 23:00

Nightmare Frequency




La Rissa


Je T'aime


Choke Chain


Test Dept



Afterparty venue

22:30 - 3:00

Entry with Infest wristband



Al's Juke Bar

Afterparty venue

22:30 - 3:00

Entry with Infest wristband


Good Causes:

We (Infest) love to help raise money for worthwhile causes every year, and this year is no exception!

You can read more about our previous charity donations on our website.

This Year’s Charities:

This year we have chosen to support Bradford Samaritans and the MS Society.

The MS Society donation is in memory of Steph from University of Bradford bars, who recently passed away and was always a big supporter of the Infest family.


We raise donations from a number of sources during the event, including donations from people on the guestlist, as well as our ticket holders, and by selling entry to a prize raffle.

Prize donations come from performing artists and our event sponsors over the years, such as Storming The Base, Barr’s Soft Drinks, Jaegermeister, Ableton, Music Non Stop and others.

Typically we match the total of the collected donations to effectively double the total donation each year.

Next up:

Band info (In order of play)



Please consider donating or fundraising for Beyond Reflections who supply an essential service to so many.

Their support really does save lives!


The Bands

Click on band names to be taken to their social and music pages!

I have included MUST SEE recommendations and special mention recommendations of bands really worth making sure you see.

Band info is from the Infest website.

Under most of the bands I have included a song which most of you will no doubt recognise straight away!

(And some that I just think kick ass!)



Elektro Vox's Friday special mention artist recommendation!

A sound like Bowie joyriding a DeLorean.

Songs of sex, death, space, time and robot geishas

Backdrop of video game and film scores influenced intricate electro-industrial

Death Electro comes to Infest!



The German noise chanteuse and eccentric femme fatale brings her unique style to Infest to create an imaginary arena where avant-garde, pop and industrial ingredients intermix in the most peculiar way…

Dark electro avant-pop & neo-noir post-punk with a vulnerable and adorable voice.



Elektro Vox's Friday MUST WATCH artist recommendation!

Their new album “Darkness Falls Again” has all the ingredients that make synth pop great.

Catchy songs that make the legs twitch, a dash of melancholy, a pinch of irony, and a knife-tip of anger – music with a meaning.

Welcome back BEBORN BETON!

PORNO KARAOKE (Afterparty)



Spreading industrial filth worldwide!

A birthday party, bachelors night, wedding, babyshower, divorce celebration or funeral coming up?

Make it even worse and book PORNO KARAOKE!

You have been warned!



Silent Weapon



Silent Weapon is the solo industrial/electronic/noise project of Umair Chaudhry.

Silent Weapon started releasing music and performing in 2022. Known for intense live shows, SW has played in various venues in the South and is looking to play nationally at gigs and festivals in 2023.

Style wise the music is beat driven, with intense sub-bass, dense layers of synths/noise and distorted vocals.

Influences include Killing Joke, Techno Animal, Scorn, Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy and Author & Punisher.



Hard electronics, barbed vocal hooks and grinding leads weave through twisting bass and punchy drum loops, delivering a straight-from-the-shoulder eclectic collection for dark dancefloors everywhere.



Normoria is a safe dimension where you can freely escape from your reality.

A dimension, mysterious and beautiful, not immediately available to consciousness

A realm that one can only enter through a deep state of mind of musical dreams, where you can rest in peace.

Welcome to Your New World! Welcome to Normoria!

(Matt Hart will also be appearing and performing with Normoria)



Brothers Pierre and Jean-Marc Pauly started performing live in 1981 as one of the pioneers of Belgian Cold Wave and Electronic Body Music.

Their style has evolved from an icy radical cold wave to a more danceable sound with a dreamy visual dadaism.

They now bring their ‘choreography of chaos’ to the Infest stage

CH (Switzerland)


Elektro Vox's Saturday MUST WATCH artist recommendation!

(1 of 2)

Due to a serious eye disease Zynic was never intended as a live act but in 2019 H.P. started to play shows to get closer to his fans and we are thrilled he can perform for us at Infest.

Get ready now for the new album 'BEST BEFORE END!' full of hooks and bittersweet melodies that will make your ears and hearts bleed once again.




Elektro Vox's Saturday special mention artist recommendation!

Creator of his own sound in the days of future pop dance floor dominance…

Sometimes danceable…

Sometimes sound meshes…

He gives electronic music a soul…

We are thrilled to welcome XOTOX back to the Infest stage




Elektro Vox's Saturday MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (2 of 2)

Angry Queer Body Techno from Manchester…

Opening Salvo… Smashed StayInFest 2021…

New Mission… Infest 2023 Afteshow Domination…

Let There Be Meat!!!





A wall of noise style drones, distorted percussion, jagged synthesizer lines and terrifying vocals…

Subject matter ranges from drug overdoses and familial abuse to anger at the music industry and economics…

Expect a high energy, aggressive and unpredictable show!


!INFEST DEBUT! Elektro Vox's Sunday (and overall Infest '23) MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (1 of 2)

Influenced by early Industrial pioneers and modern dance music

Creating aggressive wall-of-sound dance floor fillers.

Carrying the torch for the next generation.


(Elektro vox - If you like heavy dance floor stompers with that techno edge and beats that make your jaw twist in bizarre shapes of satisfaction and appreciation for the OONTZ - then this is one not to miss!)

^ See what I mean? ^



Elektro Vox's Sunday special mention artist recommendation!

(1 of 2)

Tipped as ones to watch by Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, La Rissa are a dark-wave duo creating post-punk synth pop in a dim attic in Leeds. Picture a cold-wave Lana Del Rey leading Depeche Mode, covering a Joy Division album co-written by Zola Jesus.

Blew everyone away at Stay-In-Fest 2021 and back to do it again!

(Elektro Vox - Sounds like a more Gothic Lana Del Ray! <3)



Elektro Vox's Sunday special mention artist recommendation!

(2 of 2)

“Partners in crime” dBoy, Tall Bastard and Crazy Z have created a danceable hybrid of New Post-Punk and Coldwave from the misty and sinnest dark catacombs of Paris…

Not to be missed….

(Elektro Vox - Like a modern and up tempo The Cure)



Taking influences from Industrial, EBM, Dark Electro, Goth and Punk to create sinister and punishing soundscapes that never let up the intensity and aggression.

This is cacophonous industrial dance music with fiery, combustible vocals.

Do not miss!!



Sonic material handlers, investigative agitators, authentic industrialists, utilisers and recyclers of society’s debris

Legendary Industrial agitators TEST DEPT bring their manifesto to Infest.

ZARDONIC (Afterparty)

VE (Venezuela)


Elektro Vox's Sunday (and second overall Infest '23) MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (2 of 2)

He loves the Infest crowd…

He joined us at Stay-In-Fest…

He has a new album…

And a new mask…

He’s back!!!

(Elektro Vox - As with my Intsec comment, this one is for the heavy dance lovers!)


There you have it!

The full list of acts for Infest 2023

Be sure to bookmark this page for easy set time referencing and playlist access.

As always, expect many Elektro Vox video interviews with a lot of the acts after the event too, as well as a review, and lots of pictures.

Thank you!


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