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Interview: Eric Oberto - Darkness Never Lies

Herein lies one of the most interesting, funny, and genuinely engrossing interviews I have had the pleasure of doing. Eric has overcome some serious difficulties in making music and as the story below will tell you, nothing should stop you from making the great music you have rolling around in your head!


Former Tungsten Coil Artist & Actor ERIC OBERTO has just unveiled his new single, "Darkness Never Lies"

"Darkness Never Lies" is about the lies people tell and the fears that rule their lives. It's a warning to live honestly, intently, and urgently. In your final darkness, all untold truths become your last regrets.

Eric’s new song Darkness Never Lies is featured in the motion picture- Amityville Cult. His debut as a Director and Editor are spotlighted in his music video for- Darkness Never Lies, which is a bonus feature on the Amityville Cult DVD/Blu-ray national Walmart released on November 16th.

What makes Eric's composition truly unique is his ability to embrace his diagnosis of synesthesia and right ear deafness. This has created a technique for composition that is nothing short of original. Read Eric's story HERE:



Q. For those unfamiliar, how would you describe your music, and where does your inspiration come from?

I guess if I had to pick a category, then I would go with Darkwave (close enough). To describe it without a category, then I would say it’s dark electronic music that pulls its DNA from outside the standard dark/goth/synth/industrial genres, but it spins well with any of those genres in a DJ setlist.

My inspiration comes from analysis of the human condition (or it could be a disease, the jury’s still out on that one. Either way it’s curable!). It seems like most people get caught up in all the pointless societal distractions that get in the way of really living their lives (speaking from past experience). Then one day they wake up and realize that the short ride of life is over, and all that’s left is regret.

I need to write about the consequences of not living your life to the fullest right now! It’s my way of purging the darkness within me and urging others to get busy living (and stop lying to themselves). I’ve never been a “happy music” person, that kind of music makes me feel weird. I feel that there’s extreme beauty and truth within the darkness (you just have to know what to look for), my job is to create dark beauty that is sharable with anyone who will listen.

Q. Tell us about your history. Where did it all start, and what inspired you to start making music?