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Interview/Review: Sleepless Droids - 'Dust'

Aaron was kind enough to tell us about his music, all the way from Australia. Many of you may be familiar with the Sirus remix of 'All

exits are open' which was the opening track for Beat:Cancer Volume 3.



This single ‘Dust’ has a lot of energy and it’s (substance) remix even more so. Also featuring on this single release is ‘Believe’ which is very much in contrast in its slower tempo. So tell us about these tracks, the meaning, inspirations, and lyrical meaning within them; and how they fit together being fairly opposite in style?


Although they differ in style and momentum, the three tracks tie together lyrically and are part of a series.‘Dust’touches on loss and latching onto a higher entity for comfort, ‘Believe’ is about being enticed by faith and a higher power and the impact it has on its host and finally ‘Dust (Substance)’ opens up the doorway to divine intervention through substance abuse.


Tell us about Sleepless Droids and it’s members. Where did it all start for the band, who makes up the band, and what inspired you to start making industrial music?


Sleepless Droids started in late 2011 when my band (Empty) at the time had gone on an indefinite hiatus, I decided to record a handful of songs that didn’t quite fit the mood of past projects so it only felt natural to continue on under a fresh name. Sleepless Droids in the studio is just myself and our live shows comprise of a three piece band whose members vary from show to show.

I’ve always been interested in abrasive music that had a strong message and the idea of creating it has always appealed to me. Upon hearing Nine Inch Nails, Fear Factory and Front Line Assembly throughout the 90s there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to be a part of it.


Is this single release a prequel to a second album? If so will it be very different from your 2012 ‘Decision’ album or continue with the familiar sound of Sleepless Droids so far?


Dust is somewhat of a precursor to a larger project which is currently in the works and will explore various new concepts whilst still delving into familiar ‘Decision’ esque territory. The concept behind Sleepless Droids is that our sound will evolve and we must never tie ourselves down to any particular genre or be cornered into this week’s trend.


Your song ‘All exits are open’ (Sirus remix) which a lot of people will know you for, was the opening track to the album Beat:Cancer 3. Tell us about that track and how it came to be on B:C3?


I was contacted by Josh of Sirus who was interested in collaborating on a reworking of ‘All Exits Are Open’. It’s extremely flattering to have an artist as talented as Sirus reach out and completely turn your song on its head. The timing of the track happened to coincide with the Beat:Cancer 3 compilation so there was no better way to release it.


What are the plans for Sleepless Droids for the foreseeable future. Are there collaborations and future shows in the works? 


Live performances are unfortunately on hold during these unprecedented times so in between studio sessions for the new record we’ll be involved in various projects, including a collaboration with longtime friend and fellow producer Lucidstatic plus a few compilation appearances. 


Anything you’d like to say to your fans? 


Thank you for the constant support, it truly means a lot. Be safe and look out for one another.

Thank you Aaron.


Somewhat akin to a more peaceful Celldweller track whilst retaining the energy factor, Dust opens up this three track release with a lot of promise and potential from a corner of Industrial music that we don't often here. Imagine if Skillet were actually good and also decided to do EBM.

Dust has a really chilled out vibe which picks at a few internal strings as you listen to it that can't quite place a deep stomach twinge of nostalgia factor or cyberpunk joy, or even of genuine excitement to see what Sleepless droids bring with future full releases. This brew of different feelings as you listen is a real treat for the senses.

The second offering of 'Believe' is an atmosphere heavy journey suited to thriller TV shows which although doesn't exactly break any boundaries or stand out by itself, as a companion to the more energetic content of this release it is a good choice for the mid point so that it doesn't detract from 'Dust' itself.

It is in fact a really good palette cleanser as it were. You've tasted 'Dust' and up next is the remix so here's a chill and slow song to reset your sense for the remix.

'Dust' (Substance) gives many a hint towards Psy-trance and feels otherworldy in this EBM mash up as it combines elements very rarely mixed together in the alternative electronic scene and I really feel Sleepless Droids would do very well if a future album follows this powerful musical structure.

The lyrical content takes a pop at the way people view reality adding a deeper sense of importance to the already wonderful dance beats. At around 3.20 there is a beautiful drop that would be worthy of an Infected Mushroom concert. Where this track really excels is with headphones because the music becomes incredibly immersive.


Dust 04:08


'Dust' (Substance) is a damn good contender for DJ's to add to their dance floor mixes to keep the crowd going between the floor fillers everyone loves. Therefore this track even in it's opening 30 seconds, already feels well at home in any electronic playlist.

Which also means that overall, the original 'Dust' and the unexpected journey that 'Believe' brings to the table make for a great appetiser for anything released in future. I for one, am excited to see what's next.


Technicality: 7

Dance factor: 7

Energy: 7

singing: 6

Re-playability: 7

Overall score: 6.8 / 10


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