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Interview with Pretty Addicted and live review.

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Vicious Precious answers our questions.

Pretty Addicted were the headline act for Club Antichrist's 15th birthday anniversary back at the wonderful Elektrowerkz which was absolutely packed! I see two reasons for the huge crowd that night, one was that Elektrowerkz feels like the true home to club AC since it's departure from coliseum with many people not quite feeling the kinky vibe when it's set at Vauxhall's Fire club; Elektrowerkz is indeed the venue loved by all Gothic and kinky people. Secondly of course was the chance to see Vicious Precious tear up the stage once again as she always puts on a wonderfully energetic and unique show.

Vicious threw herself around that stage and put on quite the risque' show well suited to the uninhibited Club Antichrist spirit. For those of you near the front I think you know what I mean, for those who don't, you'll just have to go see her shows in future! It was after these parts in the performance that Vicious would shout that she 'Doesn't care what you think' (of her, what she does, or her music) and the like; and fair play to her. However you can really tell that she really does care for her fans and the show she is putting on for them, she goes that extra mile to make sure that what's being presented is enjoyable. When she finished with the ever incredible track 'Mania' the crowd really felt the rave vibe and sang along hard.

Truly Vicious puts on one of the most in you face, artistic, and bizarre shows around. It's chaotically wonderful.

How did you find playing Club Antichrist, you seemed very much in your element and gave the audience quite the show so it must have felt like a great set and audience?

Oh definitely in my element! We have played Club Antichrist quite a few times and both AC & Electrowerkz always feel like home! It was important to me to put on a good show because the very first Pretty Addicted gig ever was on that very stage so it meant a lot to me. I am proud of the show we did and everyone was dancing from beginning to end so I like to think they were loving it!

Near the end of your set you told the crowd about how you first played at slimelight several years ago. Can you elaborate on that a bit more and Give is an insight in to the journey it has been for Pretty Addicted from then, to now?

Haha so weird I just mentioned this in the last question ;) It was 27th November 2012 my very first Pretty Addicted gig, on that Electrowerkz/Slimelight stage, and it has been a crazy journey so far! I've chopped and changed band members like Destiny's Child but it was all about finding people who I felt belonged on that stage with me. I have come on leaps and bounds since that first show; firstly my vocals have insanely improved. Vocal practice, sure, but there's something actually performing does to make you better at vocals. Just the finality of it; that you have to nail the songs there and then. It kicks you up the ass to improve yourself all the time and I constantly improve all the time. I look back and see how our live show game has been upped and upped and I am so fucking proud of where i am right now. I will continue to be proud of myself year in, year out, because my live show really does get better every year because of that progression and confidence too.

For those who are new to pretty addicted, tell us a bit about yourselves, your music, and who are the people that join you on stage?

Pretty Addicted is musically a solo project. I make what I like to call "Dance Punk" (even though I'm not mad on labels) because it has the raw energy of Punk and the sounds of Dance. the PA message is that I don't give a FUCK! I stand for being your most authentic self in spite of anybody who opposes you and my music reflects that. It's very in your face; full of angst, attitude and harshness. I take a lot of inspiration from the early 90s and somewhere between sort of Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy I like to think we fit nicely in between that. I mean, they're my influences anyway and I take bits from both as well as my own original sound to create the Donktastic PA vibe. I like to mix things up; sometimes it's dancier, sometimes it's heavier but I do think you KNOW it's Pretty Addicted in the first bar or two when it comes on. That's something I pride myself on. I do think I have a sound nobody else has. Whether you hate it or love it, it's definitely its own style.

Can you tell us about the ‘Soul for sale’ album you have In the works right now, the campaign you have running to bring it to fruition, and the direction the songs will take?

I NEED to write this album. I have been in a dark place and the only way I know how to get out of it is to write music. I have a couple songs already written for this, very dark sounding, and I am basically now continuing that work. The campaign has been up 2 weeks now with 4 weeks left and we're at 25% so far which is great! The sound, like I said, is definitely going to be dark. More on the heavy side. The words are very "existential crisis" and so far everything is very, very raw to the bone. I called it "Soul For Sale" because I feel like I have given out my soul so many times and been constantly rejected so I'm almost at this point where I just want someone to take it from me, if that makes sense. I'm actually an incredibly lonely person and I wanted to talk about that with this album, so expect loads of emotion, even more than normal.

Click here to go to the funding page of the campaign with some INCREDIBLE funding rewards that you can choose from!

What is the symbolism behind the pig mask and the inspirations behind your unique take on alternative music with what you call rave punk?

Originally the pig mask was symbolic of the song "Piggy" and "Piggy" is a term I use for people who take from other people; money, energy etc, for their own superficial needs, and the wearing of the mask was to mock those kind of people. But now I'm attached to the newer half Pig mask because it allows me to be my ugliest self and almost lose myself in the character. So it's all still connected, really.

Crackheads is the name given to your fan base, is there an official crackhead fan club other than the Facebook group?

I think the group really is the fan club! The group is an incredibly important asset because I feel like it's the only part of the internet that isn't affected by algorithm (knock on wood!) People interact there the most and they see posts way more than on the band Facebook or Instagram. I know Crackheads have made friends with other Crackhead in that group, met up at gigs and outside of gigs, and I really love that. Makes it easier to get close to everyone and have them know and support me on a more personal level, which I think they like too!

What song of yours means the most to you and which song are you most proud of?

ooh! I love that question! The one that means the most is "Mania" which seems like the most obvious answer but it genuinely is. Purely because every time I sing it on stage and I see people sing it back to me with their hands high and their hearts up to me (which is what it feels like), I just feel so lost in those moments. I feel invincible in those moment, just like the song says. I wrote that song in the hardest part of my life and so I'm reminded every time I sing it that I am HERE and I have a purpose. The one I'm most proud of is probably "Choose Your Poison" because that song is about something really hard that I got though and I was able to perfectly articulate my feelings into that song. The song literally IS my feelings about that situation I was in and every time I hear it I go right back to that time and feel the emotions of it just as raw as they were back then. And I think that's the sign of a really good song; something that makes you FEEL and, no matter how many times you hear it, makes you feel something every time. I do think my best work is to come though, because an artist always aims to improve so I like to think my best work is yet to come.

Do you have any plans for a new music video in future?

I have plans for 3! As long as we reach the target on the crowd-funder the aim is to make 3 and release them all before the new album comes out! I'm definitely all about understanding that visuals are important and we definitely have been slacking on the video front so 3 videos for the new album is a good shout! Always improve and better yourself/progress, is what I say!

Finally, anything you would like to say to your fans?

THANK YOU for always being with me. You've stuck by me from Day ! I truly have the loyalest fans in the whole world. they have stuck by me through thick and thin and believed in me. On those days I just want to give up and throw in the towel they pull me out of it with that reminder that I am not alone and I matter to at least somebody in this world. They're fucking beautiful. Please continue to stick by me; I'm doing my best to make the next album the BEST ONE YET!

Thank you for talking to E.V Vicious!

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