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J:dead presents HAUNT (Interview+Review)

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

J:dead is the solo project from Jay Taylor, live drummer of EBM/Synthpop bands such as Tactical Sekt, Tyske Ludder and Harmjoy. For the last 16 years Jay has frequented many stages across the world performing in his own signature style of aggressive, hard hitting acoustic noise to the forefront of electronic acts. Now, with the creation of J:dead, there is an opportunity to show his ability in developing music which is at the core and drive behind his musical ambitions.

J:dead is whatever it needs to be: without labels, stereotypes, scene driven boxes or goals other than to inspire others. J:dead’s ambition is to make others feel alive by listening and feeling the creation of someone losing themselves.

The first release from J:dead (HAUNT), is a reflection on how we can try to push our own thoughts, actions and emotions down. However, we all know these never rot in the ground; they always come back to HAUNT you.

HAUNT is available for free download. Bancamp page here

Expect to hear and see from J:dead more as the first album is expected to be released in Spring 2020


This track has a very addictive quality to it. The metronomic nature of the beat is both enticing and enticing as it almost brings around a sense of dissociation as you continue to listen. This is ironically a strangely euphoric feeling in contrast to its dark meaning and ambience. Several times I have found myself singing this out of nowhere, or listening to it on repeat without realising how fast the time is going. There is indeed the personal turmoil and almost supernatural element to the tone it creates and is one hell of an impressive opening for Jay to introduce J:dead with. Though a slow tempo song, it would never go amiss on a more chilled vibe dance floor amongst the older, slower goth classics. It is a perfect balance between old and new synthetic crafts that will bend your ear to its enthralling melody time and again.


Q: You’ve described HAUNT as hidden thoughts and actions coming back to haunt people. How is that reflected in what we see in the video and i s there more meaning to it beyond this as there is obviously a form of covetous conflict between the two characters?

A: Yes the video is strongly linked to the song and I particularly didnt want to release a video of me/a band playing for this track. The item in which the characters are searching for within the video is representing the thought, emotion, behaviour etc that you have tried to hide away without actually dealing with it. The conflict within the video represents greed, as I strongly believe that sometimes we dont know what we truly want hence why we bury these things. The symbol that moves from the item to the characters is the final evolution and represents that when these things come back to Haunt us they either come in different forms or become part of us. In this instance this is shown as the tattoo on my wrist.

Q: J:Dead already sounds like a project that wont have one set sound of style is that right? And if so, what kind of an album can we expect to hear?

A: You are right the album wont follow the same line as Haunt. Im 3/4 of the way through the album and at the moment Haunt is probably one of the darker tracks. There are quite a few which are more upbeat in their feel and others which are more emotional. Don't get me wrong, all will sound like what i want J:dead to be but it will be a mixture of what inspires me within the music style I want to portray. The album will be 8 tracks long and released in Spring next year all being well.

Q: What was the inspiration and desire behind forming this project?

A: The inspiration has always been there as i have been making music and composing songs since I was 13. Alot of it is situational as I now have the space, (limited) time and drive to do it personally. I have had the pleasure in playing with touring bands for 17 years and I have been eternally grateful for that, but now I want something i can call my own. Something I can be proud of, and someplace where i can store/bank my own songs.

Q: What do you hope to get from this new branch of music and what do you hope to bring to your existing fans of the other bands you are in?

A: Firstly this project is kinda a selfish journey. This project is for me, and I'm making the music that i want to hear and doing it in a way that makes me feel the emotions when listening back to them. I am very lucky to have so much support from friends that I have met along my musical journey and without them i wouldn't be able to release J:dead in the way i want. I know there will be a alot of fans of my other projects that wont like what im doing in J:dead and others that will, as i cant say that it mirrors anything im doing at the moment - however it of course inspires what i want to achieve.

Q: Is there a particular band or album that has helped inspire you?

A: Half of the songs so far are segments of songs which I composed from many years ago so my inspiration doesn't follow I guess what is popular in what is "new" at the moment. Im a music fan through and through and my taste in music is varied. An easy and stereotypical way to sum up my sound is that I want to make music that makes people feel the way i do when I listen to NIN, combined with how i want to dance round my studio when I listen to Depeche Mode. There are plenty of scene bands which I listen to daily which of course effect what im making but there isn't a desire to sound like anything else. Its more about how a track can make you feel and forget your surroundings.

Q: Is it yourself we can hear singing in HAUNT and is there anyone else involved in J:Dead or is it strictly solo?

A: Yes it is me singing on the track and at present J:dead is a solo project (hence the overly selfish name! haha). Most of my vocals have been used within harsh electro or metal bands and i really wanted to push myself with my singing voice. I wanted to try something new so I could explore what i am able to achieve (or not) - that challenge for me is inspiration in itself. Who knows what will happen in the future as the project will continue to evolve but for now this is my outlet?

Thank you for your time Jay! I look forward to hearing the full album.

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