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Live review: Gary Numan and Kanga. London Roundhouse 24th October 2019

The opening night gig at the London Roundhouse of Gary Numan’s tour of REVOLUTION was the penultimate night of him celebrating 40 years of touring, being made penultimate by the huge demand to see him allowing for a Friday night showing to go on sale as well. This set the night up perfectly with an energetic atmosphere for his signature synth pop style with the supporting act, Kanga.

The concert hall was filled with starry eyed fans from across all age, gender and social demographics which demonstrates just how far reaching this eclectic, long standing powerhouse of music has become. Tension was built wonderfully throughout the opening act with Kanga, whose ethereal synths and lingering vocals paired with intense bass made for a truly atmospheric and beautifully haunting experience. It is no wonder that Gary had chosen her as the supporting act.

The intense satisfaction from the audience was felt to the bones when Numan took to the stage. The engagement from Numan with the fans and crowd was good to see, in a way that only the most talented and experienced of artists could do so with the empathy they have built with their fan base over so many years. There was even acknowledgement of how it is the fans who have enabled him to keep touring all these years, it was touching and met by the crowd enthusiastically.

A thick cocktail of showmanship, loyal fans and an intense and emotional performance of ‘Absolution’ made for a memorable night. The audience were also treated to a sneak peak of the new track 'Intruder' from Numan’s forthcoming album.

Numan has been known to use incredible light shows in his performances and this time was no different. Although not quite as intense and dramatic as his show in the Shepherds Bush Academy last year, this would be more down to the fact that the Roundhouse is a little less forgiving in its design when it comes to light shows. However they set the mood incredibly well in concert with the songs being played and the way the sets flowed, and the large screens were put to good use.