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Live Review: Infest Festival 2022

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

When I was asked to officially be part of Infest 2022, how on Earth could I say no? A free, access all areas, AAA pass to have my own space for interviews and meet some of my industrial idols, scene legends, and discover new artists? Slap me side ways and call that heaven; of course I said yes!

(Interviews to be released on the Infest YouTube soon!)

It was a wonderful return to Bradford, having first attended in 2019 before Elektro Vox started, full of flaws as I was then; This return was a wonderful chance not only to grow Elektro Vox in the scene but also to prove to myself how much I had grown as an individual since then.

I was unsure whether to write a review as I didn't catch half of the bands having been busy interviewing but I certainly now feel that I should share my personal highlights of the weekend now that it has had time to sink in.


First and foremost, a huge thank you to everyone involved in putting Infest together! It is insane how much work is required and involved behind the scenes and this is the ultimate A team. Everyone in the team just KNEW what needed to be done and everyone hit the ground running. It was like watching a colony of ants just instinctively knowing exactly what their role and mission was. I am truly in awe of how amazing these Goth ants in the guise of humans are!

It could be seen as the ultimate power of hyper focus when people are doing something they truly care about and enjoy.

These are some of friendliest and accommodating people around and the bands kept commenting to me about how well looked after and well treated they were, and that they had rarely experienced anything like it. Sadly not pictured, is Autumn who was still running Infest TV and a big well done to her for making the incredible mascot for this year.. Clem Rivet!

So well done Infest crew'22. You're all legends!

Autumn, Clem, and I introducing Attrition with a saxaboom solo