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Live Review: STaY SiCK UK Tour, The Warehouse, 13/8/21

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

STaY SiCK Tour and She’s in Bauhaus UK Tour – Teenage Werewolves and She’s in Bauhaus The Warehouse, Friday 13th August 2021

Jack Atlantis – quite the man. Is he a talented genius or a slightly deranged genius? A master of deception? Who really knows. But, when you go to see a live show of him as Peter Murphy, you won’t see Jack – only Peter. When you go to see Jack as Lux Interior you’ll not see Peter Murphy at all – and Jack is no where to be seen either. Jack Atlantis is perfect at being Peter, and perfect at being Lux. All in one night. Each performance is unique, wild, sexy and totally and utterly convincing. Backed by a group of performing artists of equally deranged, talented genius – this isn’t a regular tribute band experience. It’s a unique combination of cloning and interpretation – theatre at its finest.

The Warehouse needs no introduction and is a legendry music venue. Opened in 1979, it’s been here for so many underground, alternative music and fashion scenes. The Hacienda might have the more mainstream recognition, but The Warehouse was the ground-breaker and the original venue in the North of England.

The evening starts with a solo burlesque performance from Kitten de Ville – the original from the New Burlesque movement. The crowd is unlike any I have seen post-covid, The Warehouse is packed, the atmosphere is definitely pre-covid and Kitten knows how to work a crowd! To the point someone throws their drink over the crowd and onto Kitten and the stage. Of course Kitten is unflustered and takes it in her stride – but if the culprit is reading this, it’s not big and it’s not clever.


She’s in Bauhaus arrive shortly after, opening with ‘A Strange Kind of Love’ (Peter Murphy solo track) leading into ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’. I almost can’t bring myself to say Jack wore a…… Ok, I’ll do it….. Peter had a short black cape, exactly how I saw him looking the last time I saw Bauhaus play live. Of course that was the real Bauhaus and the real Peter Murphy. But tonight I am transported into the alternative reality world of Jack Atlantis – if you’ve experienced this show you will know what I mean. The senses are confused in your brain, you will constantly question who you are watching and listening too. The vocals, the look, the mannerisms – you are in the presence of Peter Murphy. Or are you? Hmmm, confusing – in a good way. Every track, every scintillating moment – pure excellence. Yes you will hear your favourite songs, you’ll have the tribute band good night out. But this is more, much more. Don’t listen to me, listen to the members of Bauhaus who have witnessed this show – they also questioned their senses. That’s Peter performing, isn’t it?

Oh, and the band are very good too!