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Massive Ego Interview at Static Darkness Festival 2/11/19 Elektrowerkz Slimelight

Massive Ego played a wonderful set at the first Static Darkness festival on Sunday. The night before we joined them for an interview using a brand new microphone (Which I didn't connect properly!) I have had little success in subtitling the video but it seemed such a shame to write it off completley; So please enjoy what parts you can and appologies for the awful audio quality but most of it can be heard. There were a lot of people coming in and out of that room! Sometimes these things just can't be helped.

More countries + dates T.B.A


Elektro vox presents a celebration of it's first successful year of industrial journalism with E.V.M Fest in aid of the Beat:Cancer charity, now that Beat:Cancer festival has played it's last.

Join us in our first music event as a perfect warm up before Resistanz festival.

More details, line up, and ticket announcements to follow shortly.

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