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EP Review: Mari Kattman - Swallow

Mari Kattman is the brilliant solo work of Mari who many of you may know from Helix which is her and husband Tom's (Assemblage 23) other project.

We were treated to the first ever UK performance of Helix at Resistanz Festival 2023 and what a fantastic show that was! Mari is a firework of energy and joy when singing on stage and I was luck enough to interview her and Tom there:

This latest release from Mari on the 2nd of June is a unique and beautiful release that I had to review from the second I heard it!


Vocals characterized by moments of lush harmonies with strategic vocal/musical syncopation resembling that of the hip hop genre. Music can be described as having a good balance of ambient pads cut up by ticking high hats with deep and boomy kicks. The bass lines are moody and dark with a low end presence that’s sure to shake your speakers.

Mari Kattman takes a daring leap into uncharted musical territory with her latest masterpiece, "Swallow." Merging her signature Trap percussion with a fresh infusion of Bass Music, she unleashes a powerful and exhilarating evolution of her sound. Mari Kattman, the ultimate musical chameleon, fearlessly embraces this new sonic landscape, showcasing her unrivaled talent for reinvention. With complete control over every aspect of the song and vocal composition, she stands tall as a true powerhouse, once again proving that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Mari talks about the new release:




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'Swallow' leads straight in to a dark yet smoothly enticing beat and rhythm that sets a cyberpunk like scene in my mind of a night club in slow motion. The chorus vocals of 'It's a bitter pill' remind me of enchanting nu-metal voices we grew up loving like Lacuna Coil or Within Temptation.

The combination of electronics and trip drumming interlaced throughout give it some really entertaining and fresh little parts throughout that add to the replay factor as each time one catches your ear, it makes you want to go back and get another good listen to it before new ones appear in the melody.

It's really difficult to get atmospheric music right but what Mari has created here is one of the most fascinating atmosphere tracks I've heard which even feels a little therapeutic to listen to. A fantastic piece in essence with poignant lyrics that needs to be listened to multiple times to fully appreciate.

Quite interestingly Mari has provided videos on her YouTube channels going in to detail about the making of these tracks, which is great!

'You Can Show Yourself Out' brings a bit more of that cyberpunk spark via the electronics used but it also presents us with an angry message that is sung and spoken in a brilliantly palatable way that often angry lyrics don't usually accommodate.

The BABY MAGICK remix of this track slows the piece down a bit, adding a little more of a trap hop edge but also adds in more industrial sounds with metallic clanging beats.

Nearing the end of the track there is a great mix of genres playing around with the track from hip hop to just a touch of gabber, and even some ambience experimentation that really ends the track on a bit of a jaw drop!

Lastly the MKUHLTRA mix of 'Swallow' adds both a bit of EDM but more importantly a retrowave edge to the song that makes it all a little less edgy, and packs in a smoother, dancier vibe that even turns the lyrics in to more of a sense of acceptance and hopefulness.


Mari has created an incredibly enjoyable release which is genuinely refreshing and brings a new energy and vibe to alternative electronic music. There is a pinch of everything that makes the scene great here, from the gritty and dark, the poignant and the brave, to the fun and smooth joy of dance.

Mari has definitely made me a fan of her music with this release and I look forward to now going back through her previous releases to see what gems I discover!

Thank you!


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