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Pretty addicted single release: 'Tones & Whiskey + Video interview

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Vicious Precious has been busy releasing the third and raunchiest music video so far for the album 'Soul for Sale' in the form of 'Tones & Whiskey', the 'Tones standing for Deftones of course. Elektro Vox was lucky enough to be part of this video and interview Vicious straight after. Give them a watch and see below for the other music video releases.


I know you hate the angle on this interview Vish, Im so sorry!

(Our camera man was passing out from a long day so it was filmed from the floor!)


Soul for sale:

Also check out the great T-shirt design by another one of the Elektro Vox team, Rhea aka.. @_sketchy.spacegoth_ HERE

This and other cool Pretty addicted merchandise can be found on:


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