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Review: Haksal (학살) - Biomechanimal single

First of all, I need to know if anyone would be willing to make Biomechanimal jackets as seen in the art work (based Original Japanese anime film Akira).. Because damn, that would be amazing!

Biomechanimal have until now been known for some hard hitting, heavy tracks that lean a lot more towards the metal side of industrial but with Dubstep hints to keep the dance energy flowing. Here the band present a mid-tempo modular synthetic offering that feels more at home in the shadowy places of synthetic music. Haksal still retains those Dubstep hooks whilst flirting EDM hints, pulling away from their traditional sound; even more so as this track has no vocals for a change.


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As a track it's like a modular (pardon the pun) tactical bag. It has depth, power, style, but most importantly utility. As seen with the two remixes by E.S.A and Social Kid, Haksal can be chopped, changed, adjusted, added to, re-worked and made to fit almost any adaptation of musical need. In this case, less is indeed more.



Haksal is a very different offering but not unexpected as Biomechanimal continue to push themselves technically. Where it excels is in the two remixes as it pulls the track in two very different directions. Electronic Substance abuse has added the aggressive, heavier industrial beats they are known for to make any rivet or noise head happy. Social Kid however has taken it to the other extreme found in Haksal going further in to the land of Dubstep and popularised styles. All in all, an impressive glimpse of things to come possibly but I am glad that 'Enter the animal' which is their other new track in the pipeline sticks more faithfully to the heavy spine ripping Biomechanimal we know and love.


Technicality: 7.5

Dance factor: 6

Energy: 6.5 Satisfaction: 7

Re-playability: 7

Overall score: 6.8/ 10


BIOMECHANIMAL /// LONDØN INDUSTRIAL KIDS /// Not taking your sh*t since 2013 probably.

Started in 2013, and self-releasing the self-titled debut album in 2015, Bio has been a staple of the underground London alternative and industrial scene for about 5 years. If you have seen Grendel, Aesthetic Perfection, The Birthday Massacre, Covenant, Faderhead, or any of the industrial big hitters in London, Biomechanimal was probably on the bill at some point in time. With an aggressive, physical live show, they have often been touted as ‘one to watch’ of the UK dark electronic scene.

After teasing new material for some time, the Biomechanimal of 2020 is the strongest the band has ever been. With frontman and producer Matt Simpson leading the charge, supported by Keith Kamholz (Mechanical Vein) of electro-axe fame, and Lex Liebert on live guitars, the band has numerous releases planned to drop this year, starting with a single at the end of February. Drawing from a diverse pool of genres, Biomechanimal’s eclectic sound is dangerously catchy, and by Granfalloon, you will be raising your fist with them too.


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