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Review: 'HOLYWRATH' EP by Dav Dralleon.

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Dav Dralleon is a composer of darksynth electronic music, from Nevers (58) France who recently sent me his EP album for review and even on the first track, I knew this was going to be a little jewel of an album.

Who is Dav Dralleon? Always having an ear interested in electro synth music, he is inspired by cyberpunk culture by bringing his dark touch and release his first Darksynth EP 'D E P T H S' on November 11, 2017 under PLAYMAKER label which proposes to make audio cassettes limited edition of 50 copies and later the label ELECTRONIC PURIFICATION RECORDS offered him to make Vyniles limited edition.

In the course of 2018 he released 'A L T E R E D E A T H' and 'W O L V E S Q U A D', two singles announcing the production of the new 7-track EP in September, entitled.. 'H O LY W R A T H'.

The art work for the two singles.

Also check out his other great tracks on bandcamp such as 'Mortal Kombat' and 'The revenge of the Shinobi.' HOLYWRATH is available on Spotify also.

Dav on Holywrath story: From the depths, the fallen souls emerge from the otherworld and discover the hypra massive structure of domination. The dimension of technology is such that its origin gradually becomes a myth, giving rise to new divinities. Among these sects, some dive through the mysteries of life and death, and scan the cybernetic heavens to find answers about the infinite and the afterlife. Others meet in the vaults of doom to invoke the dark spirits of darkness... Nobody has ever seen the face of domination. Who are these spirits who decide our fate? Is it our faith in our infinite beliefs, or is it our omniscient science that will save our souls?



As many of us are aware, darkwave, synthwave, and retrostep have been exploding in popularity over the last year having many industrial influences that make all of the genres easily likable for anyone in to electronic and alternative music. With HOLYWRATH almost all the bases of taste are covered even though it is a sinister and overall very dramatic compilation that is a perfect example to point to should anyone ask "What is dark synthetic music?" It is also a good exploration in to more popular formats of synthwave, having been picked up by 'The Prime Thanatos' who alongside 'Synth Wave City' put out the best synthwave, retrowave, and dark synths compilations on YouTube.

There are many influences here and of course it is easy to say that this whole album oozes the retro classic sound of sci-fi and 80's computer games, as is the style and influence of such music; We find Vinyls everywhere again now and Dav has gone so far as to produce 50 red shelled cassettes of the EP, further adding to the retro vibe of his work. However it is more than just those basic criteria. This EP has a lot of industrial dance vibe to it, on top of gothic macabre, almost like a far more electronic Cradle of Filth.

To put it simply, this is almost a selection box of sweets only with no card to tell you what the flavours are, leaving it up to your own interpretations as to the different flavours of synthetic sounds blending together in a masterfully harmonious way. You could relax to this album, you could dance to it, or you could use it as the supporting music to a horror film, that is how diverese this album is.

Wolvesquad and Vaultovdoom are good pieces to dance to with their upbeat and strong tempo appealing to the more industrial amongst us; Whilst Helraider and Mekazaryon are great ambience pieces for those preffering a calmer aspect to electronic music. This is a brilliantly done piece of work and I hope Dav finds well deserved success with this album and that he continues to make this high standard of music in future!


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