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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In their own words: The first single from Zeitgeist Zero’s highly anticipated 4th album. ‘Satanic Sex Witch’ will enthral with its sleazy bass and bewitching vocals.

This is a classic menage-a-trois of heavy guitars, entrancing haunting vocals and industrial electronics. Coming together to cast a seductive spell to evoke the senses.

This song is about setting the mood, getting caught up in the moment and tuning into your darkest desires.

From left to right: Corin Zero, Teresa Dead, Bex Noire

If deep bass lines and dirty lyrics get you in the mood then this is the track for you. It hits a deep part of your core as you listen bringing about a sudden need for satisfaction and energetic action in equal measures.

Released last week, this track is an ideal stay in and get busy soundtrack for the spooky season and I look forward to reviewing the full album release in future properly.


Music video:

The band's singer Teresa Dead has been interviewing bands that played Stay-Infest. Below is the most recent with Jamie of ESA.


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