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Single review: Aesthetic Perfection - Pet Sematary

On October 1st Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection releases a Halloween inspired single. Many of you may know that 'Pet Sematary' is a Ramones track which was used as part of the Steven King film's soundtrack. The original has over 35 million listens on Spotify! Yet I'm not afraid to say that Daniel has absolutely done this track justice and even outclassed the original in every way.

At the moment pre-saving any artists' upcoming releases is incredibly important at the moment for labels to understand realistic fan levels. Please go pre-save the single here:

Daniel has also released some incredible covers in his 'Cellar sessions' on YouTube recently.

Billie Eilish - When the Party's over:

Lanna Del Ray - Gods and Monsters:

Orville Peck - Dead of night:


Occasionally a cover comes along that you just can't get out of your head. Much Like 3TEETH's 'Pumped up kicks'... That heavy dose of nostalgia from the original is brought to the forefront of the addictive novelty in the new and altered version that hits you in just that right place, really giving meaning to the term 'food for the soul'.

There is so much energy in Daniel's version and his voice inflections are so spot on in enthusiasm (which was almost missing in the original) that even though I have only had the private link for a couple of days, I have found myself singing this over and over again out loud whilst going about my usual activities.

I really do think this cover encapsulates all of the best bits of Aesthetic Perfection in it's industrial pop energy but also in its sheer charisma, and majestic vocal talent that sounds like golden honey.

As this is only a single, I won't give it my usual list of numbered scores but I will give this a solid..


(And that's only because I wish it was longer!)


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