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Single Review: pMAD - Who Am I

Listen to one of the smoothest and instantly lovable tracks that I have heard in my whole time reviewing with Elektro Vox! This track is an instant Gothic classic and it deserves to be heard.


December 3, 2021 - Irish gothic rock act, pMAD has just unveiled their debut single and video, "Who Am I".

Taking the free time granted by the pandemic and a new approach to life, Paul Dillon aka pMad got his act together and finally made a full album. These tracks, with help from friends in Latvia, Germany, Ireland and Brazil are now fully mixed, mastered and ready for release on Zedakube Records.

The debut single ‘Who Am I’ is an emotional mix of pMad’s haunted, gloomy voice, choir and guest voices in addition to dramatic keys, neat bass lines, guitars all tied together with a pulsating drum groove.

‘Who Am I’ is an audio and visual emotional rollercoaster. Firstly, seeing the coroner examining a body, we are to decide if it is the perpetrator or the victim. The song is asking, "Am I the perpetrator? Am I the victim? Am I the survivor? Am I good or evil? Which one are you? Who Am I?"

pMad is a survivor using hope as the medicine while being amazed by the horror we can perpetrate on each other and our environment.



There's an almost Halo (The FPS game) ring to the opening choir-esque sample rounded off by some beautifully tender female notes. The piece instantly puts you in the mind of a late night post drama like drive in the 80's, much like the aftermath car scene in Pulp Fiction.

There is a real chilled aspect to the song whilst keeping it's dark and Gothic tones very strong throughout. So chilled, that YouTube will most likely take you to a nice chill out play list each time you make it through the music video! My point here? The whole track flows like dark, luxurious honey in your ears but keeps that sharp and classy absinthe aesthetic edge to the taste of the overall piece.

It certainly makes me wish I could listen to the other two tracks that will be on the 'Medicine' EP. Lyrically it makes for an easy listening track but still poignant in it's want to push in to the listeners' own self reflections. Even so this song would go down incredibly at a fetish night or strip club as it still has a fairly consistent tempo of beat that keeps it catchy enough to keep tapping your feet away to but also to relax and get caught up in the melody. In a sense, an ideal song to be playing whilst someone is coming up on their peak enjoyment of an evening..

It seems to leave something indescribable in my mind, the track itself seems very low tech but the layers of complex enjoyment are like that of one of a musical stage show's greatest hits. In that aspect it feels like something I have heard a thousand times before, but it is also strikingly fresh. So that is to say, it's an instant Goth / Darkwave classic for me and I love it!

Overall score: 9.5 / 10


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